[YesAuto Evaluation] When I was writing this article, many people had doubts about the topic. They asked me how to run and called “random”. My answer was: choose Dynamic mode, turn off traction control, and step on at the same time. Hold the accelerator and brake, the engine speed quickly climbed above 5000rpm, release the brake pedal at this time, the vehicle ran all the way, easily breaking the official acceleration record of 4.5 seconds…This is how the Audi RS 5 Coupe launches, it's casual! Chimpanzees can all learn.

Audi has finally officially introduced RS high-performance models to the country. This decision is really late. At first I thought that due to the lack of a mass base, RS 5 Coupe's popularity would not be very high, but the actual situation exceeded my expectations. People recognized it at a glance and started talking immediately. I am very satisfied with this effect. It seems that there is always a group of people in the world who know the goods.

Part of the eyes are attracted by the two-door shape, which is why the manufacturer prefers to introduce the RS 5-it looks like a standard sports car. Think about the other ones, RS 4 or RS 6, either a four-door sedan or a station wagon, which is far from traditional concepts. TT RS is indeed pure, but it is too extreme. In fact, today's wealthy people in China like to accept new things, but Audi does not want to take risks.

Regarding the appearance, the evaluation on the official website is very interesting. They describe the front of the RS 5 as “a picture that fans of sports cars will never tire of”. It seems that the manufacturer also knows this face. We have seen this face in various other Audi cars. Hundreds of times, the patience of sports car fans is also limited, right?

In any case, the detailed design has formed a distinct visual effect. It is equipped with a sports aerodynamic kit, inlaid with the RS logo on the front and rear, and four huge 20-inch wheels (optional). Men are particularly sensitive to these.

The center console area maintains its original tone. Some people say it is calm, while others say it is sporty. There are several interior trim strips of different materials for customers to choose from. Don't worry about it too much. No matter what decoration you choose, it is the typical Audi style, and the overall difference is not big.

There are two highlights in the car worth mentioning. First of all, the optional racing seat adds a lot of color to the dark interior space of the car. Each stitching line of it is very stylish, and it is excellent to sit on and wrap. If you like it, you can also spend 40,000 yuan for personalized customization, and spray the back of the seat back into the same color as the body, but I don't know who is showing the colorful spray on the back of the seat.

Another impressive design is the steering wheel, which is moderately sized and has a great tactile feel. I have to admire the wisdom of the Audi designers: the seat and the steering wheel are always in contact with the human body and the vehicle. To grasp these two links is equivalent to grasping the driver's heart.

In actual driving, all places are familiar to us. Its MMI multimedia system has a set of driving mode control options that are the same as other Audi cars. In “comfort” mode, the steering wheel is particularly light, the throttle response is deliberately slow, and the suspension is not adjustable. Although it is somewhat hard, it is at the same level. It's already very comfortable in China.

Driving this car in and out every day is much lower-key than a Mercedes-Benz C63 or BMW M3 with four large exhaust pipes. Its interior space can meet certain household needs, and the back seat can also take adults when needed, which is good as a means of transportation.

However, Audi is always a car with a split personality! It must make you feel like you have spent the money for one car and got the experience of two cars to be considered a success. So in the “dynamic” dynamic mode, everything is completely different: the engine speed is increased to about 3000rpm, and it is still ready to downshift at any time; the steering assistance seems to disappear suddenly, and it is like playing “wrist-wrestling” when cornering sharply; The valve at the end of the tube opened, and a strong sound was immediately transmitted into the carriage, and the whole car entered a state of motion.

The 4.2-liter V8 engine can output 450 horsepower. The naturally aspirated form limits its maximum torque. 430 Nm does not seem to be so powerful in the current supercharged era (the 3.0-liter supercharged engine of the Audi S5 has a torque of 440 Nm ), fortunately, the 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox uses a violent combination to strengthen the power transmission, so that people can easily enjoy the thrill of being kicked every time after pressing the accelerator vigorously.

Compared with the competition, RS 5 is unique in that it is a four-wheel drive. The core of the new generation quattro system is the crown gear differential, which maintains a purely mechanical structure. The default front and rear axle transmission ratio is 40:60, and it can be steplessly adjusted from 15:85 to 70:30. In addition, electronic differential lock (EDL) will apply braking force to the inner wheels when turning, and distribute the torque to the outer wheels.

This is like playing a certain racing computer game. When you are drifting, you can clearly see that the front wheel is hitting backwards, and you don't need to press the turn button frequently. Many tedious fine-tuning work computers can do it for you. Similarly, the Audi RS 5 is easy to take a graceful and precise trajectory in the corners, even if the skills are slightly rough.

The body is flexible and compact. It is hard to imagine that its curb weight exceeds 1.8 tons. A complete set of mechanical and electronic systems are working hard to help you keep track. In theory, this is an advanced technological achievement. Maybe you have found the problem: the control is programmed.

There is no doubt that the four-wheel drive guarantees you faster and safer, but it is a pity that it lacks the unruly personality of a high-horsepower rear drive. In fact, if the way is right, it can also slide through corners, but in the final analysis, it is still too stable. , Weaken the pleasure of driving. My colleague Hu Zhengyang interpreted this in a positive manner during the track test drive (click to view the RS5 track test drive). It seems that everyone has a different understanding of fun. Let’s continue to discuss this topic in the editor’s blog. .

For other high-performance cars, I may prefer to focus on the feeling of driving. For the RS 5, to be honest, I prefer to watch the performance test part because the results are very interesting.

◆ 0-100km/h acceleration test:

As simple as stated at the beginning of the article, the measured acceleration time is 4.28 seconds, making it into the top 5 of the car home ranking (click to view the ranking). At the start, the gearbox was combined with a rapid combination, the wheels did not slip, and the acceleration g value was 1.36. The momentum was actually stronger than the previously tested Nissan GT-R (click to view the GT-R test), and the sensory stimulation was extremely strong.

◆ 0-200km/h acceleration test:

The reason why the RS 5 can run fast is that in addition to the efficient power system, it is also inseparable from the quattro system. So what impact does the four-wheel drive have on the power? The 0-200km/h acceleration test can clarify the problem vividly. Make it clear in advance that the test is carried out on a closed airport runway. Please do not try it on open roads.

What is the concept of 15.97 seconds? Make a simple comparison with another model that has been tested 0-200km/h-Mercedes-Benz CLS 63 AMG. We can see that the RS 5 directly surpassed the Mercedes-Benz CLS 63 AMG with 525 horsepower at the start. It was 0.2 seconds ahead of the line at 100km/h, but after 60 kilometers per hour, Audi’s advantage was no longer obvious, and it was gradually overtaken by Mercedes-Benz. Due to the huge power gap, the acceleration to 200km/h is nearly 2.8 seconds slower than the CLS 63 AMG.

We are not letting the two cars do a direct PK. The 4.2L naturally aspirated is definitely not as good as the 5.5-liter twin-turbo, so the Audi RS 5 should be slower than the CLS 63 AMG. It is a miracle that it can win at 0-100km/h acceleration. What I want to explain is that the four-wheel drive system mainly plays a role in the low-speed range. The most obvious is the early stage of the start. The power is transmitted to the ground through four wheels, and the speed is much faster than that of the two-wheel drive. As the speed increases, the effect of quattro gradually weakens. , The relatively complex transmission structure will even increase the mechanical loss and become a burden for acceleration.

To understand the technology and history of quattro, please click