[YesAuto Professional Evaluation] The recently released “Pacific Rim” tells us that in people's minds, only such a burly and powerful man can be a hero to save the world. However, in the automotive industry, the appearance of small steel guns often subverts this view. Compared with those big sports cars, they usually highlight a “small” character, and their combat effectiveness is still strong, such as today's Carnival ST.

To be honest, I have been paying attention to this car recently. When I was notified to test it, I felt as excited as a child. Step on the clutch, press the start button, and move slowly. I drove into the morning rush hour of the 3rd ring. At this time, the Carnival ST was more willing to show me its side as a “Carnival”, and could even catch a few more. Friends traveling.

Carnival (import) 2013 1.6T ST

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18.59 million

I can hardly put on the 3rd gear here, go stop and go, the clutch is a bit heavy, but the engagement point is very easy to grasp, and the Carnival ST has a good temper and will not stall easily; in addition, it can be easily controlled by the accelerator. The speed is well-behaved, smooth, and friendly to people and cars.

Holding this sturdy steering wheel, its heavy steering feel seems to secretly hint to me: I can do my current job, but don't use me as a means of transportation! Pressing over the joints of the road, the rigid suspension seemed to tease my eager heart, but the road conditions ahead were not optimistic, and the feeling of depression was a little frustrating.

The car gradually drove to the suburbs and onto the highway. I could not bear it for a long time. I stepped on the accelerator pedal, and my ears were filled with deep sound. The Carnival ST uses a pressure exhaust valve, which automatically opens and closes according to the depth of the accelerator. , With active sound waves, it can very well render the driving atmosphere at that time. Regarding the voice, this little guy can't lose to those large-displacement sports cars at all. It is loud but not cruel. This feeling is very special. For the driver, it seems to be more than a share of excitement.

Obviously I was bewildered by this “extra stimulus”. I kept pressing the speed indicator to the red line, and the speed indicator rose firmly and quickly. As a driver, I actually began to envy its chassis with such a perfect sense of balance. The entire vehicle “sucked” to the ground like a track. It was surprisingly stable and even a little jealous.

The acceleration is continuous, and the clear coupling points of the clutch and the short shifting stroke will immediately transform into the mechanical joy of manipulation. You will feel very busy driving the ST, especially when you need to drain every horsepower, but I am very happy to take on the extra work, because when driving this car you will inadvertently try to change every time Blocks are done more neatly and quickly.

I tried to explore the corner limit of Carnival ST. I threw the car into the corner, but it was like a fish in water. The curve drawn in the corner was as graceful as the figure of a dancer, and the whole set of coherent movements was as precise as a top hunter. Quickly, and never fail. The Carnival ST is the most flexible car I have ever drove. I even oversteer. When entering a curve, the rear will first swing to the outside, and then the front of the car will be sent into the curve. It is a little nervous and sweaty in my palms. At this moment, I Just want to say, this feeling is simply amazing.

Compared to listening to me talking about driving experience, I think that many people are more interested in the test results of this car. After all, this is the thing that Carnival ST is most willing to take out, rather than a bunch of impractical exterior kits. Wait.

Let’s take a look at the hardware level of the Carnival ST. It is equipped with a 1.6-liter EcoBoost turbocharged engine with direct injection technology, which can squeeze out 182 horsepower (134 kilowatts) at 5700 rpm and a peak torque of 240 N·m/ 1600-5000rpm, matched with it is a 6-speed manual gearbox with very dense gear ratio.

0-100km/h acceleration

The start of the Carnival ST is very interesting. It can’t start off with a clutch like other manual gear models. Excessive torque will cause too much slippage of the 205mm wide tires, and the power is basically wasted. So the results are tested several times. Both are not ideal, about 7.8 seconds.

It is impossible for it to be able to withstand this point, I said to myself, and then we changed the number of tests, gradually reduced the starting speed, and tried not to let the front wheels spin too much. After trying again and again, trying to make every gear change very perfect, in the end this little guy broke through 100km/h in 7.28 seconds, which is considered a satisfactory answer.

In addition, Carnival ST will replace Peugeot 207CC 1.6T to occupy the fourth place in the small car acceleration ranking. You must know that this result has not been broken in 4 years, and it is only 0.08 seconds away from the third place MINI COOPER S.

0-400m linear acceleration

Carnival ST 0-400m acceleration
acceleration time Line speed
15.52 seconds 145.93km/h

We can see from the curve that the Carnival ST's momentum was very strong in the first 300 meters, and the acceleration curve began to slow down after reaching 4th gear. In the end, the Carnival ST crossed the finish line in 15.52 seconds with a tail speed of 145.93km/h.

0-400m acceleration at the same level
Model Acceleration time (seconds) Speed of rushing line (km/h)
(190 horsepower) Tiida 1.6T CVT 16.43 144.81
(184 horsepower) Yinglang 1.6T AT 16.12 140.25
(182 horsepower) Carnival ST 6MT 15.52 145.93

I looked at the test results of models with similar power, and found the results of the Tiida and Yinglang in the article “Treat All Dissatisfaction 4 Tiida 1.6T Challenge Yinglang XT”. As a result, I can see that they are both. It was done by Carnival ST. Although they are all automatic, the horsepower is above the Carnival ST, so please refer to it, don't worry too much.

100-0km/h brake test

Carnival ST still performed very well during the continuous braking test. The brake pedal feels full and full. The harder suspension system can support the body well. The results of multiple tests are stable, basically maintaining around 38 meters. As for a product that focuses on sports, we think this is its proper performance and is in line with its market positioning.

Noise test

Regarding the sound, I think Carnival ST is noisier than its brother (Fox ST), and the actual test results are in line with our judgment, like a grumpy boy. The Carnival ST is really not quiet, and the engine and exhaust sounds are much more pronounced than ordinary cars when driving at high speeds.

Fuel consumption

The fuel consumption test drove a total of 111.7 kilometers with an average speed of 28km/h. The road conditions were medium, and the congested roads accounted for about 30%. In the end, the car consumed 10.26 liters of gasoline, with an average fuel consumption of 9.19 liters/100 kilometers. For a small car with a 1.6T manual transmission, such fuel consumption is not too optimistic, but in terms of its purpose and positioning, we understand that, don't care too much.

in conclusion

Speaking of the last, I think everyone should be able to understand the approximate strength of Carnival ST. Perhaps you will say that its price of 185,900 is too expensive. According to the normal way of thinking, it is indeed the case, but within 200,000. , Can you find a faster and purer small steel cannon?

Some people will say that the domestic POLO GTI may be used for comparison, just like the previous “POLO GTI, be careful!” Really shot Ford Fiesta ST, but in the eyes of Fiesta ST, it is just a 1.4T single supercharged POLO, and you don’t have to be careful. My arrival does not have any intersection with you, and it will not match your opponent.

In the subconscious, everyone will think that it is ridiculous to buy a 1.6-liter manual transmission car for 180,000, but please take off your tinted glasses. Everyone has a temper, and a car has defects. It is only if you have a temper. Personality, the car is like a wife. It’s good to see her right. If you like it, you can tolerate her temper and flaws. In our lives, not everyone can stick to their most primitive choices, but will compromise due to various factors. So please respect the choices of others. Generally speaking, this kind of personalized car will not satisfy the general public's pickiness, and the owners who buy the car are often more emotional than rational. Perhaps this is the dream in the hearts of boys, an inexplicable love, and there is no need to explain it to others. (Text/Picture/Photography Zhang Yuda, Car House)

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