[YesAuto Featured Race] Last weekend, the editors watched an endurance race held at Fuji Speedway in Japan, the Asian Le Mans series in Japan, and watched the LMP2 group car and famous drivers in the Pit room. Unlike the usual touring car races that only have more than a dozen laps, the 3-hour endurance race is a stable and winning race. Below, please follow the edited lens to enjoy this wonderful event.

● LMP2 racing car viewing

● Watch the pre-match drill

● Race report (1)

● Race report (2)

Although I did not watch the entire 3-hour race, watching the race on the spot still got more information than from TV. The most impressive thing is the stable performance of the drivers throughout the race. Just like Dong Hebin mentioned before, one The two fastest laps are not as good as a stable full run. It's a pity that due to limited resources, we were not able to shoot a video related to the game, but I still hope you enjoy this game-watching note. This month, the first Formula E electric competition will be held in Beijing, China. I hope that the first-hand information can be posted by then, so stay tuned.