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[YesAuto Wonderful Car Life] Recently, a Mazda RX-7 (FD) produced in 1994 that only traveled 4,600 miles (about 7,403 kilometers) was sold by an American dealer on an online platform in the form of auction. A few hours after the auction started The car was auctioned for $40,000 by bidders. The auction is not yet over. Judging from the current heat, the sale price of this “brand new” RX-7 is expected to exceed $100,000.

It is reported that this Mazda RX-7 with Mongo blue metallic paint and light brown interior was originally registered in Virginia and was purchased by the dealer about a year ago. Since it was purchased by the first car owner in 1994, it had only driven 4548 miles as of September 2007, and it has since been well preserved by the car owner.

This RX-7 car is in excellent condition and has been thoroughly tested without any accident records. A very small number of minor paint damages left during daily use are reflected in the test report. When the car owner bought the car that year, the travel bag was installed as an option, which included front fog lights, electric sunroof and rear wiper. This RX-7 is equipped with BOSE sound system, rear spoiler, 16-inch wheels, leather steering wheel, cruise control and other configurations.

The reason why this car is so popular is due to the careful maintenance and preservation of the first owner. Of course, it also has a high degree of originality. It is difficult to find the original color of this classic Japanese sports car in the 90s. The factory car, this popular Japanese sports car will be more or less modified by the owner.

This RX-7 is equipped with a 1.3L twin-rotor twin-turbocharged engine code-named 13B (with a capacity of 654cc per rotor), a maximum power of 255 horsepower (188kW), a maximum torque of 294N·m, and a 5-speed manual transmission with limited Slip differential. According to the dealer, this car has been in use for 13 years. After purchasing the car from the first owner, the dealer often maintains the car. The oil, engine filter, and spark plugs were replaced shortly before the auction. With the new battery, the fuel tank has already been emptied and was filled with gasoline just before the auction.

Since the Mazda RX-7 codenamed FD was launched at the end of 1991, it has become one of Japan’s most representative sports cars in the 90s due to its outstanding design and Mazda’s iconic rotary engine. Will not look outdated. The RX-7 adopts all-aluminum front and rear double wishbone suspension. Its engine cover, spare tires and even jacks are made of aluminum alloy. Therefore, the weight of the RX-7 is only 1200kg, and the height of the rotary engine is lower than that of the previous generation model. After 50mm, its body weight has reached a perfect ratio of 50:50.

With the popularity of movies such as “Fast and Furious” in recent years, many classic Japanese sports cars in the 1990s have once again become the coveted cars of car fans. Because of this, many “new cars” with extremely low mileage have appeared on the market. The staggering transaction price found a new owner. For example, in the early years, the AE86 Corolla Sport Coupe, which only drove 48 kilometers, the R32 GT-R, which was 11 kilometers away, and the EVO which was sold for about 930,000 yuan and only 9 miles in the past… I don’t know how many such surprises await their new ones. the host. (Li Haopeng, home of the car)