[YesAuto in-depth experience] With the development of China's economy in recent years, the domestic commercial market has gradually become an important market for domestic and foreign automakers. If the Audi A6L model has always been outstanding in the domestic high-end commercial market, then it is in the mainstream mid-size market. The car business market is full of flowers. There are not only old star models such as Passat, Camry, and Accord, but also rising stars such as Teana, Magotan, and Lacrosse. SAIC Roewe has also seen the huge potential of this market and launched a comparison model. The previous Roewe 750 is more suitable for the domestic mid-to-high-end business model-Roewe 950.

Compared with the short experience (click to read) and test drive (click to read) of our Shanghai colleagues before, we conducted a comprehensive static and dynamic test of the car this time. Today, we will first take you to experience the static part of this car. As for the content of the dynamic part, please be patient. We will release the dynamic test article of this car as soon as possible.

■ The appearance is more stable and powerful, originated from Lacrosse but better than Lacrosse

The Roewe 950 is a medium-sized car designed and developed independently by SAIC Group and positioned in the mid-to-high-end business market. Although it has a lot of connections with Buick LaCrosse, after the digestion and innovation of SAIC Roewe engineers, the appearance of Roewe 950 looks more coordinated and stable. And the atmosphere, and then also logically succeeded the Roewe 750 as the brand's flagship model.

Comparison of body data of competing models at the same level
Model/size Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Wheelbase (mm)
Roewe 950 4996 1857 1502 2837
Buick Lacrosse 5000 1858 1497 2837
Hao Rui 4838 1817 1462 2761
Camry 2.5L 4825 1825 148 0 2775
Tian Lai 4850 1795 1475 2775
Riich G6 4968 1845 1526 2820

Although the wheelbase of the Roewe 950 is slightly shorter than that of its own Roewe 750, it is similar in size to that of the LaCrosse. In particular, its length of close to 5 meters is basically ahead of the same level models, and it is almost about to catch up with some medium and large cars. It seems that manufacturers have grasped the habit of buying large cars rather than small ones in domestic car consumption, and try to make the body size as large as possible.

For the front, the Roewe family's inverted trapezoidal chrome grille is quite conspicuous. The design of the three grille also inherits the family characteristics of the Roewe brand. Together with the sharp-shaped automatic xenon headlights, it can look at the same time without losing stability. Going up is more energetic and leaves a deep impression on people. And this also coincides with the idea that shines in the eyes of people in business occasions. After all, it is very important to make a good first impression.

The side lines of the Roewe 950 body are simple and elegant, and the visual effect of the side of the body is stretched by the waist line that runs through the whole car, making the whole car look more slender, like a business style. The rearview mirror of the 2.4L luxury executive model we experienced is also quite complete, with a series of advanced driving configurations such as LED turn signals, floor lights, electric heating, electric folding, and anti-glare.

Not only that, the 2.4L luxury executive version we experienced is also equipped with Bridgestone Terrance EL400 tires, and the size has reached the specifications of 245/45 R18. It seems that for the Roewe 950 to have a good outfit, SAIC is still quite costly.

For the rear of the car, Roewe 950 still adopts the design concept of “stable”. Although the shape of the rear light does not have many highlights, it is well integrated with the rear of the car, making it look quite coordinated.

In contrast, the design of the exhaust hood is a bit exaggerated. After all, the displacement of the 2.4L engine is not enough to be equipped with double-sided four-out exhaust pipes, and this approach takes more consideration of the design needs to increase the luxury of the rear. .

In addition, this luxury executive version of our model is also equipped with a 4-probe radar reversing image function, which also relieves the owner of the worries of stopping this big guy. In actual use, when reverse gear is engaged, not only the central LCD screen will display the rear view of the car, but the exterior rearview lens will also be adjusted downwards, allowing the driver to understand the situation on both sides of the car more clearly.

It is worth mentioning that the workmanship of Roewe 950 is basically not much different from that of domestic joint venture brands. Details such as the conventional spray painting process, body sheet metal joints and the tightness of the decorative parts are basically no need to worry, after all, it Products from mature technology platforms. The processing of the engine cover and door shows the sincerity of the manufacturer, especially the use of three-layer sealing strips and double-layer glass at the door, which provides a hardware guarantee for the quiet riding environment in the car. We also hope that manufacturers can continue to maintain this kind of behavior.

■ Body interior: fine workmanship, rich configuration

In the car, the integrated center console design of the Roewe 950 feels very beautiful. Although it is equipped with solid wood decoration, the matte texture not only does not reduce the grade of the interior, but makes it look luxurious.

In terms of materials, Roewe 950 uses soft materials and imitation leather materials as covers in the center console and door. Although the hand feels hard, the excellent craftsmanship makes it look quite luxurious, especially the imitation of stitching. Leather material, its lifelike effect can be fake.

The Roewe 950 leather multi-function steering wheel feels good. The shape, size and grip are all comfortable. The shape and position of the multi-function buttons are also very suitable, and the buttons are tight and not loose. The only uncomfortable thing is that the chrome trim under the steering wheel is easy to leave fingerprints, which affects some aesthetics.

Although the shape of the instrument panel is quite satisfactory, the display effect is excellent. The white backlight and red pointer are quite eye-catching. In the trip computer, a series of intimate driving data information such as tire pressure monitoring, oil check and speeding alarm have also been added to facilitate The car owner keeps track of the status of the car in time.

In addition, the Roewe 950 luxury executive version we experienced is also equipped with recently popular configurations such as one-button start, electronic handbrake, dual-zone automatic air conditioning with air purification function, and rear car power supply, and these configurations are used in business occasions. Middle is definitely one of the main factors that add points to customers’ impressions of vehicles.

As a mid-to-high-end business model, a powerful on-board multimedia system is naturally indispensable, and Roewe 950 has also worked hard in this regard. The 8-inch high-resolution central LCD touch screen integrates GPS navigation, multimedia playback, Bluetooth phone, and voice control. And other mainstream configurations. The deluxe executive version is also equipped with an 11-speaker Yanfei Lishi 5.1-channel audio system from Harman in the United States, providing higher-quality listening enjoyment for the occupants in the car.

After the actual experience, I feel that the overall performance of this system is still good, but the touch screen has a general touch. It takes a little bit of force to click on the screen, which is slightly different from the touch of the mobile phone we usually use.

In terms of other configurations, it is a pity that Roewe 950 is not equipped with a panoramic sunroof. After all, its big brother, LaCrosse, is standard equipment for all systems. I hope that manufacturers will consider launching this attractive model when changing models in the future. Configuration. In addition, the Roewe 950 luxury executive version we experienced is also equipped with a series of comfort configurations such as front and rear seat heating and rear windshield electric sunshade, which has a slight advantage over competing models of the same level.

The safety configuration of Roewe 950 is also unambiguous. The whole system comes standard with VSC body stabilization system. Not only that, the system also includes CBC steering brake control, TCS traction control, MSR acceleration and anti-skid, EBA electronic brake assist, HA hill assist, etc. Many functions provide various protection measures for daily driving. In addition, in terms of passive safety, Roewe 950 is also readily available. The luxurious executive version we experienced also provides tire pressure monitoring, ANF four-way safety pillows, front side airbags, front and rear side air curtains and other configurations to further improve the vehicle’s interior The protection capabilities of the occupants.

■ Ride space experience

In terms of seating space in the car, the Roewe 950 has left a good impression on us thanks to its huge body size and wheelbase. In particular, this luxury executive version also provides an additional “boss button” (that is, the rear row adjusts the front row vice Driver's seat function) to further improve the riding experience of the rear passengers.

The front and rear space of the Roewe 950 has performed quite well under normal conditions. The 180cm-height experiencer gets 1 punch of head space in the front row; when it comes to the back row, the experiencer gets better head space. Actual measurement It can reach the level of close to one and a half punches, while the leg space is more generous, and the actual measurement has reached about two and a half punches. This has obvious advantages in the same level, and it is more in line with the needs of the business market.

In terms of ride comfort, the leather seats of Roewe 950 perform quite well, soft and comfortable but without loss of wrapping, and both the main and co-pilot seats can be electrically adjusted, and the main driver’s seat also provides a seat memory function. , The design of the central armrest box has some flaws. Although the front and back movement adjustment is provided, the experiencer still feels that it is a bit short, and it feels a little uncomfortable in actual use.

In contrast, the rear center armrest is designed to be very comfortable and can be connected to the trunk, making it convenient for rear passengers to take things from the trunk. Not only that, the “Boss Button” that was once equipped in medium and large luxury cars also appeared on the Roewe 950 luxury executive version we experienced.

As the saying goes, there is no pure gold. Even though the rear seat space of Roewe 950 performs well, we still found some shortcomings. The rear seats of Roewe 950 are not designed with central headrest and the middle of the rear floor is raised. High, and these two shortcomings also directly affect the comfort and safety of the third passenger in the rear row.

■ Storage space experience

In terms of storage, the storage function of Roewe 950 performs well, especially the glove box also provides air-conditioning outlets, which can heat and cool drinks or food, and provide more considerate services to the people in the car.

In addition, Roewe 950 did not improve the storage problems such as narrow storage compartments on the front and rear door panels and no sunglasses box on the old LaCrosse, which also left a place for the car to be improved when it was changed. It is hoped that manufacturers can give relevant attention and solve them as soon as possible.

■ Trunk

The size of the trunk of the Roewe 950 is relatively large, but the rear speaker is a bit in the way, especially when placing taller and larger items, it may be unable to fit it, which greatly reduces the practicality.

In addition, Roewe 950 also provides a trunk escape switch. It seems that Roewe is still very confident in its trunk space. After actual experience, this trunk escape switch is very useful. Pull it here and the trunk door can quickly pop up. Open, and the wide trunk entrance opening also ensures that the detained personnel can quickly evacuate the vehicle scene.

■ Power system and suspension: The product is mature and the technology is advanced.

The Roewe 950 luxury executive version we experienced is the flagship model of the 2.4L model. The engine is equipped with SAIC GM’s ECOTEC 2.4L naturally aspirated direct injection engine with a maximum power of 186 horsepower and a maximum torque of 240 Nm. The performance of the power data in the displacement is quite outstanding. Not only that, the fuel adaptability of the engine is also good, can be filled with 93 gasoline, after all, for business users who often need to travel or run long distances, good fuel adaptability can indeed save a lot of trouble.

It is equipped with the second-generation 6-speed automated manual gearbox from General Technology. Compared with the first-generation product, its shifting speed and smoothness are further improved.

In terms of suspension, the chassis of the Roewe 950 looks very neat, which can reduce part of the driving noise while reducing wind resistance, and the biggest advantage is that it brings good passability. In terms of structure, the Roewe 950 adopts a four-wheel independent suspension structure with front and rear Macpherson and rear multi-links, which is common in medium-sized cars, to maximize the stability and comfort of the vehicle during driving.

■ Competitive product analysis:

As a medium-sized car that focuses on the business market, Roewe 950 still has quite a few competitors in the market. Although we think its quality is good, it is still difficult to shake things like the New Passat, New Magotan, Lacrosse, etc. in a short period of time. The leading model in the official market. On the contrary, models such as Tianlai and Haorui that have not been upgraded for many years, or models that have not been approved by the market after the new Camry have been upgraded and modified, can become their most direct sales competition targets. After all, in terms of body size, seating space and comfort Roewe 950 still has certain advantages in configuration. Even so, I think Roewe 950 still has a lot of difficulty if it wants to defeat its opponents. After all, the smoothness of the Teana CVT gearbox, the fuel economy of the Camry engine and the strong power of the Haorui 1.8T/2.0T are all things Roewe 950 needs. The cruel facts.

“Teana” “Camry”

“Hao Rui” “Rich G6”

“If you want to know the actual performance of these cars, you don't need to check the webpage, just click on the pictures.

Although its own brand of Ruiqi G6 does not perform well in the market, its inherent quality is still good. The reason is that the product positioning and price issues on the one hand, on the other hand, it takes time for the Chinese people to trust their own brands. It is verified that if the Roewe 950 wants to avoid repeating the rut of the self-owned brand mid-size car market such as Riich G6, I think we must work hard on price, body quality and after-sales service. For now, the body quality of the Roewe brand And after-sales service has been relatively stable, so the price has become the most concerned factor for consumers. Therefore, Roewe 950 should be soberly aware of its position and launch models with more competitive prices. At this point, I think it should learn from the low-cost approach of Chevrolet Malibu, which belongs to the SAIC Group, to enter the market at a low price. Since it is difficult to compete with similar models, it is better to directly cross-class to grab the market for the same broad compact car market. After all, the consumption habits of Chinese people who like large spaces are still more advantageous for big guys like Roewe 950.

■ Full text summary:

In general, the Roewe 950 2.4L Deluxe Executive Edition we are experiencing today is in line with its product positioning in both appearance and interior, especially the 18-inch wheels and Bridgestone 245 tires. There are only a handful of the first-class models; the Roewe 950 performs well in the interior, exquisite workmanship, rich configuration, and such as the American Yanfei Lishi 5.1-channel high-end audio, independent heating of the rear seats, boss button, electric opening Rear windshield sunshade curtains and other common luxury and comfort configuration of some executive-level models, the only shortcoming is that it is not equipped with a panoramic sunroof.

In addition, I think that the price of this model is 264,900 yuan. It lacks certain competitiveness, especially when facing traditional business star models such as New Passat, New Magotan, LaCrosse, etc., it is sometimes difficult to impress the brand as a brand only by the appearance and configuration. For heavy domestic business customers, it is more important to have an exciting price. After all, business talents are the most careful in budgeting. In this regard, Roewe 950 is obviously not brave enough. I hope that manufacturers can continue to improve product integration in the future. At the same time of strength, it will further introduce more competitive models. Only in this way can it gain a place in the fierce mid-size car business market. If you are interested in Roewe 950, this 2.4L luxury executive model, you can click here “I want to make an inquiry” and a 4S shop specialist will contact you; or you can directly click here to inquire more dealer information And market preferential conditions to improve the efficiency of your car selection and purchase.

■ For more information about Roewe 950, please click——

The article is not over yet, the last page also has the specific parameter configuration table of the main models of the car, interested readers can compare it in detail.

[YesAuto Evaluation] In the previous article, we have conducted a detailed experience of the appearance, interior and space configuration of the Roewe 950. If you look at it as an independent brand, the performance of the Roewe 950 can be said to be quite outstanding. However, thanks to the relationship between SAIC and GM, the Roewe 950 has a strong joint venture background, so it is not surprising that it can have such a performance. As another new force in the autonomous mid-size car market following the Riich G6 and Emgrand EC8, can the overall performance of the Roewe 950 meet the standards of a joint venture car?

Derived from GM's EpsilonII precursor platform, I believe everyone should know the life experience of Roewe 950, and the high price has attracted a lot of criticism since its listing. But let us put aside the prejudice for the time being, and look at the product level, what kind of performance the Roewe 950 can perform.

For the detailed experience of the static part, please refer to the following article

Power system

We are very familiar with the combination of 2.4L TGI smart in-cylinder direct injection engine and 6AT. It comes from General Motors. You can see this powertrain on Malibu, Regal and LaCrosse. From the engine hood, we can also clearly see the SIDI smart in-cylinder direct injection technology logo, the engine code is LAF, adopts DVVT intake and exhaust variable valve timing technology, the maximum power is 137kW (186 horsepower)/6200rpm, the maximum Torque 240N·m/4800rpm.

The gearbox is also from GM's 6AT automatic gearbox. Although this gearbox has not received high evaluations in our previous evaluation articles, after several improvements, it should be said that the actual performance is still very responsible. And this 2.4L+6AT combination is also a big seller of the Roewe 950. After all, the 2.0L engine is too weak for the Roewe 950's close to 5 meters size, and the 3.0L V6 engine is a bit too luxurious.

Being big and stylish is undoubtedly the main selling point of the Roewe 950. It is similar in size to the LaCrosse, and the weight of the 950 is obviously not a fuel-efficient lamp. Although the 2.4SIDI engine parameters are very good, the weight of close to 1.8 tons and the four 245mm wide tires are a heavy burden. In order to overcome these resistances, the Roewe 950 must be equipped with a larger torque engine to be able to do well in power. . The 2.4L engine is just right for those consumers who do not require high power.

Gentleness is the biggest impression of Roewe 950. It has light direction, light throttle and light brakes. Start with a lighter throttle. The engine responds quickly and the speed quickly climbs above 2500rpm. There is no such thing as a small horse-drawn cart. It feels laborious, the engine is smooth and quiet, and the accelerator brake hardly needs time to adapt, so it is very easy to get started.

Because the engine's low torque is not sufficient, the gearbox must work hard at any time to keep the Roewe 950 at a brisk pace. If you are not slow, the gearbox will be happy to control the engine speed below 3000 rpm to save fuel consumption to the greatest extent. But if you are impatient, as long as you step on the accelerator a little deeper, the gearbox will move down two gears empathetically, raising the speed to more than 4000. At this time, speeding up really becomes easier, but the sound of the engine will also disturb your elegance, and if you always keep this state, the fuel consumption will also look good for you.

This 6AT gearbox is officially called the Sirou 6-speed automatic manual gearbox in SAIC. The name of the mouth sounds a bit funny, but its shift logic is indeed improved compared with the earliest 6AT of LaCrosse, and the frustration is no longer so. Obviously, downshifts no longer require that long reaction time, but the speed of downshifts is still not fast, and the performance is quite satisfactory.

Chassis adjustment

The Roewe 950 chassis uses the general Epsilon II front-wheel drive platform with a front and rear McPherson multi-link structure. The mature adjustment is quite skillful. The balance between control and comfort is very accurate. It is comfortable enough and still under extreme conditions. It retains good controllability. This degree is also difficult to grasp for the slightly immature independent brands. This is also the biggest selling point of the Roewe 950 itself.

In daily driving, the overall sense of the chassis is very strong. While the suspension is very flexible, it retains good toughness at the end, and it handles all kinds of bumps cleanly, even though the flatness ratio of the four Bridgestone tires is only 45. However, due to the soft suspension at the beginning, the flicker during merging is inevitable. However, it still retains the peculiar heaviness of European cars. It is very successful in creating a sense of luxury, which seems to be the positioning of its official car. Just right.

Fuel consumption

The fuel consumption test was conducted for a total of one and a half days, with a total mileage of 153km, of which 40% of the congested road conditions below 30km/h, and the remaining 60% were unobstructed loops with a speed of 60-80km per hour plus a small amount of high-speed, loaded two people with full air conditioning . The final fuel consumption is 19.18L, and the comprehensive fuel consumption is 12.5L. The result is slightly higher than that of the LaCrosse, and it also exceeds the standard of our medium-sized car's excellent fuel consumption.

Since the 2.4L Roewe 950 is just enough for power, as long as the accelerator is stepped on a little bit anxiously, the engine speed will often be pulled up to about 4000rpm. Frequently increasing the speed will obviously bring higher fuel consumption. And wide tires are also the main factor causing high fuel consumption. However, after using the more fuel-efficient direct injection technology, the fuel consumption of the Roewe 950 has not been well controlled. This performance is a bit regrettable.

Finally, we take a look at the Roewe 950 performance test results.

Speed up

Four Bridgestone Terran tires with a width of 245mm and a dead weight close to 1.8 tons are a big burden for this 2.4L naturally aspirated engine, so when the engine is suffocated and started at 2500rpm, the tires are almost There is no slippage, and the overall acceleration is very flat. In addition, the gearbox still took a lot of time to change gears, and the best result of 10.7 seconds in the end was no surprise.

Subject to the relationship between body size and curb quality, the 10.7 second result is expected. This result is even faster than the LaCrosse 2.4SIDI (measured 10.99), but it is slightly inferior to the same-level joint venture medium-sized car. As a commercial vehicle, such a dynamic performance is acceptable.


Considering that the Roewe 950 is equipped with four 245/45R18 wide tires, we thought it could have a good braking performance. But the actual situation made us a little disappointed. In the test field and the car condition is very good, the average score of 41.9 meters can only be said to be qualified, not excellent. The only thing worth mentioning is that the stability of several braking tests is good, and all the results are always floating around 42 meters.

Circumferential pile

The circumnavigation test is obviously not the strength of the Roewe 950, and its actual performance is very much in line with the positioning of its official car. The end of the suspension is very tough, and the damping is relatively linear. It can actively help the body to return to normal during intense driving. The steering ratio is not large, it is delicate and easy to use, and the overall posture is not cumbersome when it shuttles between the piles. Of course, its huge body brings a lot of inertia, and the limit came out earlier. The four wide tires are equipped with more noise reduction considerations. The grip is not strong, and there is no fun to drive. But it's still easy to control under extreme conditions. Considering his status as an official car, this kind of control performance is still satisfactory.

to sum up:

First of all, I will make a simple test conclusion for the Roewe 950: the atmospheric and stable appearance is durable and high-end, the finely crafted interior is not inferior to the joint venture model, and the power and chassis are derived from a mature and reliable general platform. The final test results are satisfactory and accelerating. The brakes are expected, the sound insulation level is outstanding, and the fuel consumption performance is slightly higher, but it is also normal. From the product level, the Roewe 950 is really good. It meets the requirements of being an official car in all aspects. This is indeed well-deserved.

In recent years, the voice of official car reform has become higher and higher. In the future, the tilt of the official car policy to independent brands is almost a certainty, and the Roewe 950 is aimed at this sweet pastry. Although the price is not low, compared with Emgrand EC8 and Riich G6, the advantages of Roewe 950 in quality and workmanship are undoubtedly the most powerful weapon in the hand.

Of course, Roewe will not completely abandon the private consumer market. From our statistical data, for non-official car consumers, there is only one biggest competition for the Roewe 950, and that is the LaCrosse from GM Buick. For those private consumers who are concerned about the Roewe 950, they are most concerned about whether they can spend less money to buy a commercial car that is as luxurious and comfortable as the LaCrosse.

There is no doubt that the two brothers are equally equal in every aspect. After all, the platforms and power are exactly the same, only the details of the design and configuration are slightly different: the panoramic sunroof, variable suspension and Anjixing of LaCrosse are all Roewe 950. No, but for the same grade, the Roewe 950 takes care of the rear passengers more thoughtfully, with more rear seat heating, rear side airbags and other configurations. Similarly, they did not widen the gap in price. Compared with the configuration grade of Roewe 950, LaCrosse is only about 10,000 cheaper in the guide price. In addition, the Roewe 950 has a selling point that LaCrosse does not have: its entry-level model has a displacement of 2.0L, and the price threshold is much lower than that of the LaCrosse.

Considering that the current price discount of LaCrosse is stable at around 30,000, if Roewe 950 does not give a huge discount on the terminal price, it is obviously not attractive, because even if the brand factor is not considered, it will win a lot more than the cost-effective LaCrosse. . Therefore, when the preferential margin of Roewe 950 reaches or exceeds the level of LaCrosse, for ordinary people, it is worth buying. (Photo/Text/Photo: Li Yi, Car Home)