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[YesAuto Car Race] The McLaren F1 team confirmed this week that its F1 car will use a brand new black paint for the Barcelona Grand Prix in Spain and subsequent races.

Except for the orange garland and the white sponsor logo, the new racing car paint is almost completely black. The spokesperson of the McLaren F1 Team explained the new car paint: “The new paint is used to make the car visually adapt to the all-day race, especially the more and more races at dusk and night. Painting can well solve the problem of chrome-plated coating reflecting light under strong light.”

Of course, many foreign media have made a different interpretation of this change: “The new paint will eliminate the original chrome elements in order to clarify the previous relationship with the Mercedes engine supplier, so as to The new engine supplier Honda has established stronger confidence in cooperation.”

Regardless of the purpose of the new paint, the car after the change does look cooler than the previous one. However, for these “superficial skills”, I believe that what fans want to see is that the McLaren F1 car can have a more stable power system, sweep the decline, and come up with its due strength. (Compilation/Auto House Guo Feng)