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[Interview with the owner of YesAuto] For a family car, one hundred and sixty thousand yuan seems to be a problem. Take the class as an example. For this budget, you can buy a high-end compact car, or you can buy a low-end mid-sized car. Buying a compact car seems a bit “losing”, buy a medium-sized car, you need to add more money, and the configuration will not be too good, no matter how you choose, there seems to be unsatisfactory. Buick Weilang is the representative of this “150,000-60,000” compact car. In this class, it is superior in workmanship, driving texture, and space, but the price is too high. Having said that, what is the actual use of the car? It is up to the car owner to decide. Today we invited three Weilang car owners. They bought the car early and used the car for more than a year. Let’s listen. Listen to what they say about Weilang this car.

●Mr. Li and its 20T dual-clutch elite type

Mr. Li's Weilang was purchased in October 2015. The model is a sedan 20T dual-clutch elite type. It belongs to the middle part of the 20T model. Its official guide price is 172,900 yuan. At the time of purchase, Mr. Li got a discount of 15,000 yuan, and this is the market after Weilang was only listed for three months. It can be seen that the price acceptance of Weilang was really not high at that time, and the sales situation was not ideal, which contributed to this. Big discount.

Car purchase experience:

Before buying this Weilang, Mr. Li had three cars and he had some experience in using them. When changing cars, he considered repeatedly. Mr. Li still didn't want to buy a Japanese car, and he didn't feel much about domestically produced cars, so the target models were only German and American cars. After screening, Mr. Li fell in love with Buick Regal and Volkswagen Lingdu. In fact, Mr. Li is more inclined to Regal. After all, it is a medium-sized car and the discount is relatively large. But why choose Weilang instead of Regal? According to his own description, the sales staff of 4S stores “buy new, not old” sales Played a decisive role. Because the space of Lingdu's car was too small, Mr. Li passed it after sitting down.

Car experience:

Mr. Li is very satisfied with the appearance of Weilang, especially the waistline on the side of the car. However, he thinks it would be better if the front of the car can be a little more domineering. Compared to the current new Buick, he still prefers the old “stalwart” front. When it comes to this, he compares his Weilang with Regal. ratio……

Editor's comment: Weilang's appearance is very atmospheric and beautiful in the same level, and you can choose it again.

In terms of appearance, Mr. Li feels that Weilang can still improve. For example, the lighting configuration of the headlights, which are all 170,000 cars, is still a halogen light source. Not only the lighting effect is not ideal, but the look is not decent; the configuration of the wheels and tires is also conservative, and the size is only 205/55R16, which is really a bit Significantly small.

Editor's comment: The headlights actually make sense. In the same price range, the Sagitar 230TSI luxury and above are equipped with xenon headlights. Only the top and the second top of the Civic are equipped with LED headlights. However, the rim can be larger, and 17 inches is more reasonable.

Editor's comment: Weilang's length, width and height are 4718/1802/1466mm, and the wheelbase is 2700mm. The body size is relatively large in this level, and the space performance is naturally good.

When it comes to Weilang's interior, Mr. Li gave a high evaluation. He likes the layout, workmanship and texture of the center console very much. This is also the main reason why Mr. Li loves Weilang.

Editor's comment: Weilang's interior may not be the most beautiful in the same price model, but it is definitely one of the best textures. The style and atmosphere of the central control, the use of many soft materials and the exquisite workmanship make it easy for consumption The reader has a good impression score.

Mr. Li is a car lover. He not only keeps the car clean, but also the details in daily use. His Weilang's left front door glass will make a creaking sound when it rises to the top. This is not a big problem, but if you drive such a new car that has only ran 12,000 kilometers, you will hear this sound every day. , That kind of mood should not be difficult to understand.

Editor's comment: The problem of abnormal car window noise is understandable for some Chinese brands or brands with lower positioning, but SAIC Buick is also a large manufacturer, and it is also a relatively decent brand. The bad feelings brought about by this kind of details are actually very bad. If the brand image is damaged, the manufacturer is expected to improve it.

Editor’s comment: Mr. Li’s concept is actually not surprising. Everyone seems to want the rear row to be bigger and bigger. As for how the manufacturer balances the rear space and the trunk space, I think the manufacturer must do it when designing Comprehensive consideration after sufficient market research.

Editor's comment: Once upon a time, dual-clutch gearboxes were usually seen as selling points in advertisements, but as consumers became more aware of cars, words such as “stunned”, “smooth”, and “linear” began to be regarded as some of the car evaluations. Common terms.

The Weilang 20T model is equipped with a 1.5T turbocharged engine, 169 horsepower is more than enough for a 1.3-ton compact car, but the common setback problem of dual-clutch gearboxes can also be spared on Weilang. This is Mr. Li is most dissatisfied with his car. Mr. Li's car environment is mainly urban roads, loops and congestion are mostly, and he rarely runs high-speed. According to Mr. Li, the fuel consumption displayed by the trip computer is often between 9.2L-9.5L/100km.

Editor's comment: Today's Buick is no longer synonymous with fuel consumption. Combined with Mr. Li's car environment, this fuel consumption performance is not excellent, but it is definitely not a fuel consumption. By consulting the car home word-of-mouth system, the average fuel consumption of the Weilang 20T model is 8.3L/100km, and the most fuel-efficient in the same class are the Sagitar 230TSI and the Octavia 280TSI, which are 1L/100km less than the Weilang.

In the course of more than a year of use, Mr. Li was still satisfied with the overall car and gave an evaluation of 80 points. However, I am more dissatisfied with the maintenance policy of the 4S shop. The reason is that in addition to the maintenance in the shop during the warranty period (otherwise no warranty), if the vehicle has been replaced or repaired in a place other than the 4S shop, then the 4S shop There is no warranty for the tire pressure monitoring configuration, which makes Mr. Li very unhappy. As consumers become more aware of cars and know how to use cars, we encourage businesses to formulate more reasonable maintenance policies. After all, after-sales service is also a key to choosing a car.

Ms. Li and its 15S automatic leading type

    Ms. Li's Weilang is a 15S automatic leading type. It was purchased in December 2015 and has traveled 20,000 kilometers so far. It is mainly used for commuting to and from get off work. Weilang is Ms. Li's first car. The red body matches Ms. Li's dignified and generous temperament.

Car purchase experience:

As the first car, Ms. Li still has certain requirements for the quality of the car, that is to say, it must be a big brand and don't make troubles all the time. Ms. Li’s favorite model is also the Buick Regal, but, similar to the situation of the first owner, Mr. Li, the salesperson strongly recommends Weilang, a new platform, and a new powertrain… Ms. Li just mentioned a Weilang. Ms. Li also considered the Volkswagen Tiguan before, but finally gave up due to the older models and “it is said that there are many minor problems”.

Car experience:

Buick's biggest feature is the large-scale waterfall-style China grid and the big mark nailed in the center of the China grid. The latest generation of Buick models has more aura on the original basis, and it is easier to be used by young consumers and female consumers. Accepted, Ms. Li liked the front part of Weilang very much.

Due to the height limitation of female drivers, the field of vision during driving is usually inferior to that of men. When driving a car over 4.7 meters, the rear reversing radar alone is definitely not enough. Ms. Li added front radar and reversing images to the original car. Daily driving and parking are better guaranteed.

Editor's comment: Many new cars now sacrifice some vision when pursuing the body line. Many cars are “invisible” even if a person who is not short sits in, so the front radar is very useful; the reversing image is even more important. It is necessary. I think even if the original car is not installed with this configuration, it is best to install it if we buy it ourselves.

I don’t know if it’s an example. Ms. Li’s front windshield cleaning nozzle of Weilang always fails to spray glass water to the right place. It is difficult to clean the glass when the weather is bad. You can’t adjust it by yourself. Ask about 4S. The store later learned that she needed to go to the store for adjustment, which made Ms. Li feel very inconvenient.

Editor's comment: This problem is relatively rare. Since it can only be adjusted in the store, it must be because the design is not humane enough.

Male car owners may think more about the dynamic driving experience of the vehicle, while the keyless entry, keyless start and rearview mirror folding comfort features are more important for women. It can be seen that Ms. Li’s Weilang has a choice of configuration options. Low.

Editor's comment: The top equipped with Weilang priced at 199,000 yuan only has keyless entry, keyless start and folding rearview mirror. For example, the keyless entry/start is already equipped on the 138,800 Sagitar 1.6L Comfort Edition, and the Civic with a starting price of 129,900 yuan is the standard equipment of the whole series. Weilang is obviously behind at this point. As for the folding of the rearview mirror, it is not the mainstream configuration of compact cars for the time being.

Considering the overall configuration level of Weilang, there is no keyless entry/start, but it is equipped with front seat heating, which is also a small surprise. The winter in Beijing is very cold, and seat heating may not be necessary for men. , For women, it's quite necessary.

Ms. Li thinks that Weilang's engine start-stop function is very unintelligent, some are too sensitive, and always turn off when “I don't want to turn off yet”. It failed once a few days ago. The situation was when the brake pedal was released when it needed to be started, but the fire did not start, so I had to turn the key to start the fire again. Later, I went to the 4S shop and brushed the program once, and the problem was solved.

Editor's comment: Some people like the engine start-stop function, and some people keep it off. As this function becomes more and more popular, I believe it will become more and more intelligent in the future.

Ms. Li’s Weilang usually only has 1-2 passengers, so space is not a problem. Regarding the storage space in the front row, Ms. Li said she was very satisfied. There is a place for everything she usually uses, and it is easy to pick up.

Editor's comment: For owners who usually have only themselves or a small number of passengers in the car, riding space may not be the first appeal. The storage space around the driver's seat and the degree of humanity may be more important.

This Weilang is Ms. Li’s first car, and she didn’t think about the power issue when she bought the car. However, after using it for a period of time, Ms. Li felt that the power of this 1.5L naturally aspirated engine was still weak. Some, when you need power, you always have to step on the accelerator, and you are not very confident. If you choose the 20T model at that time, it would be fine. The car environment of this car is mainly urban roads, and the comprehensive fuel consumption is 7.5L-8.0L/100km, which is still satisfactory.

Editor's comment: A 1.5L naturally aspirated engine is used on a Weilang with a body over 4.7 meters, and the power is obviously not too good. When buying a car, you must test drive whether the power is enough for your own use, and other configurations It's easy to upgrade, but this is no way. As for the fuel consumption of this Weilang, it is also well verified: the small horse-drawn cart will certainly not be too fuel-efficient.

This red Weilang basically meets Ms. Li’s daily car needs. After having a car, it also adds a lot of fun. After more than a year of use, Ms. Li gave herself a high score of 90 for this car. Next time When changing cars, she will focus on power and configuration. Ms. Li’s Weilang has been maintained 5 times. According to her, the service attitude of the 4S shop is good. The first 3 maintenances are free, and no maintenance items are imposed after self-pay. This is obviously better than the first owner, Mr. Li. The situation is much better.

● Mr. Yang and its 20T dual-clutch leading type

The third owner of the car today is Mr. Yang. His Weilang is a 20T dual-clutch lead type, priced at 162,900 yuan. This car was purchased in October 2015, and it ran a lot, reaching 36,000 kilometers. Mr. Yang is quite experienced in buying a car, and he doesn't accept decoration, maintenance, etc., and only talks about the strength of cash discounts. After shopping around, the transaction price of this Weilang was 144,900 yuan, a discount of 18,000 yuan on the basis of the guide price.

Car purchase experience:

When Mr. Yang buys a car, his main target is a “better” compact car or a lower-priced mid-sized car. His previous car was a Hyundai Tucson. When changing cars, he first looked at the modern famous image of the same brand. However, Mr. Yang considered that the driving quality of his Tucson had decreased significantly after using it for many years, so the famous image just wanted to give up. Sagitar is also within his range, but although Sagitar is balanced, there is still no point that impresses Mr. Yang until he sees Weilang before giving up Sagitar.

Car experience:

Weilang's overall configuration level is indeed not high. Although Mr. Yang's car is only a 20T entry model, the price has reached more than 160,000, but there is no keyless entry into this configuration. That’s not to mention, Mr. Yang’s Weilang remote control key is not very easy to use. It fails every three to five and cannot lock the car. Later, Mr. Yang had to use the key every time he opened and locked the door.

Editor's comment: Mr. Yang's car key is not very easy to use. It may be an example. Just go to the 4S shop to check or replace it in time.

A total of two exhausts on both sides are rare in compact cars. Coupled with Weilang's simple and atmospheric rear design, Weilang has an aura that is not inferior to that of a medium-sized car.

Editor's comment: In the same price model, a total of two exhausts on both sides are still rare. This can be regarded as the bright spot of Weilang in appearance.

Regarding the interior part, the two previous owners have talked about the same thing, and there is nothing to say when I get to Mr. Yang. In short, Weilang's interior design is very impressive and the audience's acceptance is very high.

Editor's comment: Many cars of Buick brand, if you press the temperature knob or wind direction control when turning on the fan, the air conditioner will start at this time. When you don't want to start the air conditioner, you have to manually press the A/C button every time Turn off. The solution is to use the ON/OFF key to start the fan only when you only want to start the fan; if it is a manual air conditioner, use the air volume knob to start it.

Mr. Yang's left front door glass also has the same condition as Mr. Li. This “squeaking” noise is not only when the glass rises to the top, but also when it encounters bumps when driving. These details are a very important part of the quality of the vehicle. Two of the three owners have this problem. Manufacturers should pay attention to it.

Editor's comment: The same problem as the first owner, Mr. Li, seems to be a design flaw.

Mr. Yang is very satisfied with Weilang's space. In addition to driving by yourself, there are also times when you are pulling family and friends. Although there are not many opportunities to be fully loaded, Weilang is still very calm when it comes to using it. Its rear floor is not raised high, and the distance between the front center armrest and the top of the rear seat is large enough, and the middle seat of the rear seat is easier to put your feet on.

Editor's comment: Weilang's trunk opening button is only set on the left front door and the car key. There is no opening button near the trunk cover, so if you have to open the trunk in advance after getting off the car, it is not convenient to use.

Mr. Yang usually uses more cars, but the road conditions are relatively smooth, coupled with frequent high-speed running, more than 30,000 kilometers down, the average fuel consumption is only 6.8L/100km. Regarding the power performance of Weilang, Mr. Yang and Mr. Li have basically the same feelings: the power is completely okay, but the frustration of the gearbox at low and medium speeds is too obvious, “Volkswagen's DSG is much better.”

Editor's comment: It seems that the dual-clutch gearbox is a big problem for the Weilang 20T model. Mr. Yang often runs smooth roads, and the fuel consumption of 6.8L per 100 kilometers can be said to be very good.

In terms of maintenance, since Mr. Yang only requires cash discounts when buying a car, there is no maintenance coupon, etc., except for the first warranty and the second warranty, which are free, and Mr. Yang has to pay the price on the list for subsequent maintenance. This Weilang has been maintained 6 times in total, and each time is more than 1,000 yuan. The 4S shop often “recommends” to do oil circuit cleaning, etc. Mr. Yang has repeatedly asked whether it is not clean, and the answer is “No.” . There is no need to do these projects for a new car in about a year. Therefore, Mr. Yang, like Mr. Li, is very dissatisfied with the service of the 4S shop. Coincidentally, the two car owners went to the same Buick 4S store to pick up and maintain the car. I hope this first-ever Buick 4S store located in the Charity West Bridge of the South Fourth Ring Road can be improved.


    Choosing the same car, the starting point is largely the same, and this owner interview is no exception. All three owners were impressed by the appearance and interior of Buick Weilang. Even if the price/performance ratio is severely low, the three are still I was willing to dig out my pockets and chose Weilang without regret. I think this is a perceptual choice. In the later use, Weilang did not have major flaws, but in some details, whether it is design or quality, we have found a lot of problems, which obviously still have room for improvement. But objectively speaking, given the qualities of some medium-sized cars on compact cars, coupled with good brand recognition, Weilang does have dry goods. What you like is the best, I wish them a happy car!