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[YesAuto Wonderful Car Life] In the domestic beauty car calendars of the 1980s and 1990s, there will always be several super sports cars such as Ferrari F40, Testarossa and Porsche 959. The protagonist of today's topic is Porsche's flagship sports car 959. This kind of sky-high price supercar is supposed to be a great deal. The Arab tyrants who spend money like money buy seven cars as soon as they buy it, or a custom car…

Let’s talk briefly about the 959. Porsche welcomed the new CEO Peter Schutz in 1981. At that time, Porsche’s chief engineer Helmuth Bott was confident in the rear-drive layout and wanted to develop a model that would make Porsche invincible in the next few years. Model. In addition, the Group B rally event in the 1980s was booming. After the boss gave Helmuth Bott's R&D plan the green light, the chief engineer decided to develop a four-wheel drive model and participate in the Group B event. The R&D project was called Gruppe B. .

The Porsche Group B prototype was unveiled at the 1983 Frankfurt Motor Show. The production version was exhibited at the 1985 Frankfurt Motor Show. The first production car was delivered to customers in 1987. At that time, the Porsche 959 was sold for 431,500 German marks (approximately US$225,000), even so it was still less than half of the cost of each car. The 959 is equipped with a 2.8L twin-turbocharged horizontally opposed six-cylinder engine with a maximum power of 450 horsepower and a maximum torque of 500N·m. It is equipped with a 6-speed manual gearbox, with an acceleration time of 3.6 seconds from 0-100km/h and a maximum speed of 319km/h. The fastest mass-produced model in the world at that time.

At the time, the 959’s biggest competitors, Lamborghini Countach and Ferrari Testarossa, used a tube frame body to reduce weight, while Porsche used a monocoque for the 959. In order to further reduce weight and strengthen the body, aluminum alloy and Kevlar composite materials were used. Used on the body and chassis. In order to improve the driving stability, the 959 has conducted a lot of tests in the wind, and finally the 959 has a powerful aerodynamic kit to set its drag coefficient at 0.31. To say that the most powerful of the 959 is the PSK four-wheel drive system, which can change the torque distribution between the front and rear wheels. When the vehicle accelerates rapidly, the PSK four-wheel drive system can output 80% of the power to the rear wheels. The grip changes the dynamic deviation.

We have finished talking about the background of the Porsche 959. Now let’s return to today’s topic. Production of the 959 was discontinued in 1988. A total of 292 959 and 29 959S were delivered to users, and there were 37 additional 959s including prototypes and trial cars. The Porsche 959 is already perfect, but in the eyes of some customers, it is still not special enough. With the vigorous development of the modification industry in the 1980s, Porsche also aimed at the customization business, a development direction for high-end users. Porsche established Porsche in 1986. Exclusive accessories special department (Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur). At that time, an Arab prince placed an order for 7 Porsche 959s with special needs to the department.

Recently, the Porsche Museum has displayed several of the 7 customized 959s on its official Facebook. The paintings of these customized Porsche 959s are quite special. The main customization items are the body color and the exquisite interior materials. One of the dark gold 959 has made several public appearances. The body has three-color stripes, the wheels are the same dark gold as the body, the interior uses a lot of solid wood and leather materials, and the steering wheel and the top of the gear lever have unique logos. , The interior color matching and the stripes on the seats echo the body painting.

Unfortunately, the Porsche Museum only displays the interior of another red customized 959. The dark red interior of the Porsche 959 is similar in style to the dark gold 959 in front. The interior also uses a lot of solid wood and leather materials. The unique logo can be seen on the steering wheel and gear lever of the same model, with the word PORSCHE on one side of the steering wheel. How much gold it is to customize 7 Porsche flagship sports cars of the year in one breath! However, the Porsche Museum did not disclose more details about these 7 customized 959s. When it comes to customized luxury cars and supercars, I can only think of the Sultan of Brunei…