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[YesAuto Interview with Owner] Who would you think of a 400,000 SUV? Want size or brand? I am afraid that a hundred people can have a hundred answers. However, if you tell you that you can buy a Land Rover brand for 400,000 yuan, the size is not small, the power is good, the appearance is very beautiful, and there is even a 7-seater version of an SUV, do you like it? This is the domestically produced Land Rover Discovery Action (hereinafter referred to as Discovery Action). Since its official listing in November last year, it has been one year since Shenxing went public. This time we invited three car owners who found the car to have a chat with us.

The first owner: Mr. Meng

Mr. Meng’s Discovery Shenxing was purchased in December 2015, and the model is SE. It is found that there are two types of Shenxing, five seats and seven seats. Each has only two configurations. The SE is a high-end configuration with five seats. Its price is 408,000 yuan. Since it was just launched on the market when it was purchased, there is no discount. For nearly a year, the car drove more than 15,000 kilometers. After talking about this, Mr. Meng's face was full of smiles. It seems that the new car is still fresh.

Car purchase experience:

Mr. Meng’s car purchase target is mainly an SUV worth about 400,000 yuan. Of course, those few cars cannot be avoided: Mercedes-Benz GLC, BMW X3, Audi Q5. A sense of quality is necessary, and occasionally can deal with bad roads, so the protagonist of this article finds that Shenxing is almost the first choice of Mr. Meng. In addition, he also pays attention to the two models of Ford Sharp and Roadshaker. As for Japanese cars, He didn't think about it. The BMW X3 is an imported car with a lower price/performance ratio; the Audi Q5 is too much on the road and the model is too old; the two Ford cars failed to impress Mr. Meng after seeing the actual car; the only GLC that I liked was because it was just launched at the time. There is no test drive to experience, Mr. Meng, who is anxious to buy a car, had to give up the Mercedes-Benz GLC. In this way, Mr. Meng locked up and found God's action.

Car experience:

Mr. Meng is a very emotional and easy-going person. He does not even require the size and space of the vehicle. Only the appearance is what he values. I found that as soon as Shenxing went on the market, he attracted Mr. Meng, and his words also revealed his love for this car, which should be regarded as love at first sight.

Mr. Meng is very satisfied with the appearance of the discovery of Shenxing, but some small details such as the front grille and wheels are not “wild” enough. Mr. Cui, who will be mentioned later in the article, made some decorations to the car. The owners also learned about each other's car during the exchange. Mr. Meng seems to be inspired and wants to make some upgrades in the future.

Mr. Meng often travels between urban and suburban areas, and urban road conditions, ring roads, and highways are involved. Therefore, Mr. Meng’s discovery of the power performance and fuel consumption performance of Shenxing is quite convincing. Mr. Meng's driving style is more radical. He said that the power of this 2.0T engine can fully meet the needs, and the most satisfactory is the mid-stage acceleration ability. After checking, it was found that the historical fuel consumption of Shenxing was 11.4L/100km. Combined with Mr. Meng's driving method, this fuel consumption performance is reasonable. In addition, Mr. Meng said that the mileage of this car after filling up is only 500km. It is said that the 70L mailbox is not so low. This situation remains to be seen.

Mr. Meng feels that the material of the central control part is not very high-grade, but it could be better. After all, it is a luxury brand. In addition, the spectacle case on the top of this car used to make abnormal noises, which was resolved after replacement. It seems that the quality of the craftsmanship of Shenxing needs to be improved.

Mr. Meng is a typical good husband. His love for his car is beyond words. He does not regret his choice and scored 90 points for the discovery of God's action. When asked him about the dissatisfaction of the vehicle, he summed it up and thought that the deficiencies were mainly concentrated in the interior part, and there was a lot of room for improvement in craftsmanship, materials and humanized design. In terms of maintenance, Mr. Meng found that the Shenxing vehicle had been maintained twice. He felt that the maintenance price was a bit high, nearly 2,000 yuan each time. The service attitude of a 4S store along Chang'an Avenue, the East Fourth Ring Road, was frequently visited by Mr. Meng. It's also very unsatisfactory. He doesn't care about it. There is no service quality that luxury brands should have. These are his unsatisfactory points.

●The second owner: Mr. Cui

Mr. Cui's discovery of Shenxing is also SE type, and the purchase time is March of this year. At this time, the price is a little loose. On the basis of the original price of 408,000 yuan, a discount of 20,000 yuan is given. Because of work needs, Mr. Cui usually uses more cars and has ran 14,700 kilometers in half a year.

Car selection experience:

Mr. Cui had been driving a car before, and this time he wanted to change to an SUV. Through chatting, I found that Mr. Cui is a person who knows cars very well. He is already familiar with some target models on the market, such as Audi Q5, Volvo XC60 and other models. His goal is to find Shenxing and Mercedes-Benz GLC. Omnipotence. Through the test drive, Mr. Cui thought that the GLC was also very good, and he hesitated for a while between the two cars. In the end, due to the lack of space in the back of the GLC and the unsuitable price, Mr. Cui chose to discover the magic.

This set of upgraded tires and rims is undoubtedly the biggest highlight of Mr. Cui's car. The whole car has a lot of energy at once, and the other two owners also watched it with gusto. What is gratifying is that Mr. Meng is not just for improving the visual effect, maneuverability is also his consideration. It is understood that if this set of tires and rims are replaced in a 4S shop, it will cost more than 30,000. Mr. Meng has tossed it by himself, and it only cost more than 10,000. Mr. Meng said that after changing the tires, the steering texture and braking performance have been greatly improved, which is worth the extra 10,000.

Mr. Cui said that because there are often people in the back row, the reason why the Mercedes-Benz GLC was abandoned was because its rear space could not meet the needs. Seven seats are not necessary, but five seats must meet basic comfort.

Regarding fuel consumption, Mr. Cui said that he drove a lot when he was in traffic jams, and that he also used fuel to drive himself. He found that the fuel consumption of about 12L per 100 kilometers was satisfactory, but there were no surprises. In terms of cruising range, Mr. Cui’s car showed that the cruising range was not as low as that of Mr. Meng’s car, and its performance was normal.  

    It can be seen that Mr. Cui is a person who pays attention to quality. He will find shortcomings. He will solve the problems immediately, and he is willing to make improvements by himself when he is unsatisfied. This car, Mr. Cui, also gave a high score of 85. He who loves to drive is very satisfied with the road performance and overall performance of the discovery of Shenxing. The main points deducted are the abnormal noise of the vehicle and the service quality of the 4S shop. The abnormal noise of the C-pillar ran five times before it was completely resolved. It was a bit of a loss to appear in such a luxury brand, and the service attitude of the 4S clerk was also unsatisfactory. Mr. Cui also knows about other brands, and he is full of praise for the service quality of some American luxury brand 4S stores. The service attitude and quality of the Land Rover brand have always been criticized. Although it may only be the case for individual stores, it is enough for customers to envy the service quality of other brands. This point is still hoped to be improved.

●The third owner: Mr. Wu

It's a coincidence. Mr. Wu's discovery of Shenxing is also SE. Today, all three cars are all the same configuration. Mr. Wu bought this car in May this year. It ran 13,800 kilometers, which is quite a lot. We only knew when we talked about careers. Mr. Wu and Mr. Cui had known each other before. They met in a WeChat group of Che Youhui who discovered God.

Car selection experience:

Mr. Wu's previous car was a Roewe. He said that this car was dedicated to its work and made great contributions during the rising period of its career. Now that the conditions are good, it can be driven by a good car. Mr. Wu's budget is also around 400,000 yuan, mainly focusing on Mercedes-Benz GLC, Audi Q5, Volvo XC60 and other models. He said that it was the Land Rover brand that impressed him in the end. Land Rover's car has both on-road performance and off-road performance. It is suitable for frequent self-driving. Mr. Wu was very satisfied to be able to buy a Land Rover brand mid-size SUV at a price of about 400,000 yuan.

Mr. Wu is slightly older among the three car owners, and he looks at the problems more rationally. Even so, he was still attracted by the brand and appearance of Discovery. Like the first two, Mr. Wu was full of praise for the appearance of Discovery.

When he came to the interior, Mr. Wu's rationality was revealed. First of all, he was not satisfied with the sight of the gods. Mr. Wu felt that the SUV should have a great view, but he couldn't see the front of the car when he sat inside Discovery God. This really made him distressed for a while. Although there is a lot of storage space near the armrest box and the gearbox knob, none of them are big and not easy to use. There is even no place to put the mobile phone. This is a headache for Mr. Wu. Land Rover should make some improvements in humanized design while shaping the brand's high-level sense. This is what most Japanese models do well.

There is a storage compartment on the front of the gear knob, but in daily use, Mr. Wu found that this place is close to the gearbox, so there will be heat. He is more worried that the phone will be affected by the temperature when it is placed here.

Mr. Wu’s car is also a five-seater car. On the one hand, five seats are enough for daily use; on the other hand, in his words, the car itself is not big. If you put another seven seats, there is no place to put things. . The humorous words also just pointed out the characteristics of the seat layout of the Discovery God.

Compared with the first two, Mr. Wu drove much more gentle, his car's average fuel consumption was less than 11L/100km, and the cruising range did not appear to be short. He is still satisfied with the overall discovery of this car. If you score it, you can get 85 points. The point of deduction is obviously in the storage space and practicality of the interior.

to sum up:

The three car owners have different personalities, but they have a lot of similarities in the car selection. They all subjectively like to discover the brand and appearance of Shenxing, and they are also tolerant of some minor shortcomings. I found that the brand of Shenxing is indeed very attractive, and there is no doubt about its comprehensiveness: it has enough space, excellent on-road performance, and off-road performance. If you buy such a car for 400,000 yuan, whether you are emotional or rational, you can't go wrong. Recently, we also happened to have a station that found the leader of Shenyang to test the car. If you want to know more about the car, you can refer to it. Click here to enter the long test article.

Discovery of God