[Auto House Race] On September 18, the 8th stop of the 2011 DTM German Touring Car Masters (10 stops in total) was held at the Oschersleben circuit in Germany. The victory of this race weekend belonged to the Audi Legion. In bad weather conditions, Ekstrom defeated his Audi teammates Tom Zick and Motala to win the championship.

The lap length of the Oschersleben race was 3.696 kilometers. During the race, the car had to overcome the understeer problem in long, high-speed corners and had to take into account the stability in the S-turn. In the qualifying on the 17th, Motala gave people a surprise. When Spengler and Tom Zick competed for the championship, Motala won the shot with a time of 0.001 seconds ahead of Spengler. On the contrary, Tom Zick’s qualifying was very unsatisfactory. He suffered understeer and missed Q2.

Audi driver Ekstrom, the 2004 and 2007 DTM world champion, won again. After winning the Nürburgring, the Swede (Extrom) won the second game of the season in Oschersleben. This is the third consecutive victory of the Audi Legion in the DTM. It has a very special significance for the brand from Ingolstadt (Audi headquarters).

After a strong recovery from the rain battle, Ekstrom's Audi teammates crossed the finish line from Tom Zick on the 14th start and finally crossed the finish line in second place. At the same time, his lead in the drivers standings expanded to 9 Minute. Parfit (Mercedes) came in fourth, leading Viatorius (Mercedes) across the finish line. His main opponent Spengler (Benz) retired on lap 42. Rockenfeller (Audi), Engel (Benz) and Molina (Audi) occupy sixth to eighth places.