[YesAuto Professional Evaluation] The barrel effect principle was proposed by American management scientist Peter. I’m talking about a bucket made up of multiple wooden boards. Its value lies in the amount of water it holds. However, the key factor that determines the amount of water in the bucket is not its longest section, but its shortest section. The inferior part often determines the overall organization. Level, our purpose today is to verify whether the barrel effect phenomenon will also occur on the Grand Cherokee.

The prospects of this article: The 2014 Grand Cherokee 3.6L top-fitting and 5.7L models are equipped with 265/50 R20 Kumho tires. At that time, due to the grip problem, they dragged the Grand Cherokee in the “Million-Class SUV Hengping” There are many hind legs. In this test session, we have added a wheel comparison link. We prepared four 265/60 R18 Michelin LATITUDE Tour HP tires and 3.6L top and 5.7 tyres used on 3.6L mid-to-low models. The 265/50 R20 Kumho Solus KL21 tires on the L model were tested for comparison.

★★★★ Note: Since the two sets of tires have different aspect ratios, patterns and the weight of the wheels that they are matched with, the Kumho tires and Michelin tires mentioned in the article include their matched wheels, so I don’t comment separately on how the tires are. We can't draw conclusions about which tire is better, we can only say which set of wheels is more suitable for Grand Cherokee.

We collectively refer to 18-inch wheels with Michelin tires as 18-inch wheel sets, and 20-inch wheels with Kumho tires as 20-inch wheel sets.

Participated in the test model: Grand Cherokee (import) 2014 3.6L flagship Zunyue version (hereinafter referred to as: Grand Cherokee)

Grand Cherokee (import) 2014 3.6L flagship Zunyue version

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The model participating in the test is the Grand Cherokee (imported) 2014 3.6L flagship Zunyue version, 3.6L Pentastar naturally aspirated engine, Ward's top ten engine list, can be regarded as a dazzling star, with a maximum power of 286 horsepower /6300rpm, peak torque 347 N·m/4300rpm, coupled with ZF8-speed automatic manual gearbox, the fuel consumption performance is very eye-catching, in the process of our long test, the average fuel consumption of this Grand Cherokee can be controlled at about 13L/100km, very commendable.

Two sets of original wheels are prepared

The 3.6L top-mounted model is equipped with Kumho Solus KL21, which belongs to SUV tires, the size is 265/50 R20, with M+S logo (can be used in mud and snow environments), which looks particularly in line with the momentum .

The other set of wheels is the Michelin LATITUDE Tour HP equipped on the 3.6L low- and medium-range models, and the size is 265/60 R18. They are also special SUV tires with M+S logo and very small grooves in the pattern. Improve the tire grip, the larger aspect ratio also makes it a higher safety factor in non-paved road conditions.

Grand Cherokee tire comparison
Michelin Kumho
265/60 R18 265/50 R20

In order to ensure the true reliability of the test, the test is carried out on the same site and under the same environment, and the tire pressure will be adjusted to the standard tire pressure required by the manufacturer every time the wheels are changed, so as to ensure the unity of objective factors. In order for you to distinguish the difference between the two sets of wheels more intuitively, I will add an evaluation standard after each test item, as follows:

Level 3 (obvious gap)
Level 2 (different, smaller)
Level 1 (not obvious)

● 0-100km/h acceleration test

First enter the acceleration test. The gap between the two sets of wheels is about 0.3 seconds. I think a large part of this gap is due to the heavier unsprung mass brought by the 20-inch wheels and the different rolling resistance of the two sets of tires. Due to the full-time four-wheel drive system, the tires did not slip, and the starting G value reached 0.82g. The feeling of sitting in the car is a headshot. With one push, the 3.6L engine can output 90% between 1600rpm and 6500rpm. Peak torque, so the entire acceleration process power output is tight and compact, and the back feel is full.

The fastest result was 8.13 seconds, breaking the official record of 8.3 seconds. It is rare for such a big car to run for 8 seconds. I think it is also inseparable from the performance of the gearbox. Every shift is fast and smooth. ,commendable.

The difference between the two sets of wheels: the 18-inch wheel combination is better than the 20-inch wheel combination by level 2, there is a difference, and it is smaller.

100-0km/h brake test

The braking link is very interesting. The final results of the two sets of wheel combinations are within the excellent range. The Kumho tire combination defeated the Michelin tire combination by more than half a meter, and the results of 10 consecutive braking were very stable, and the final average score Won the victory in this link with 40.63 meters; the Michelin tire combination performed slightly inferior to the Kumho tire combination, and the final score was 41.29 meters.

Conclusion: In the braking process, the 20-inch wheel supports better and the harder sidewalls work together, and the deformation is smaller during emergency braking, which has the advantage.

Vehicle experience: When braking at full force, due to the long-stroke suspension, the phenomenon of nodding of the head is more obvious. I remember that I almost looked at the ground every time until I stopped. The whole process would continue to fluctuate like a boat. , Will have some influence on tire grip.

The difference between the two sets of wheels: the 20-inch wheel combination is better than the 18-inch wheel combination by level 2, and the difference is small.

● Noise

For noise control, I think this should be of great significance to the Grand Cherokee. Riding comfort and noise suppression are both very important factors in the luxury SUV market. The final result is very satisfactory. No matter which set of wheels, the Grand Cherokee can keep the noise within the excellent range. The 8-speed automatic transmission can control the speed in a very low working area. This result has been met. The level that a car of this class should have.

The difference between the two sets of wheels: the difference between the two is level 1, which is not obvious.

Field test

The field test started directly from the three open pulley blocks, which means that the vehicle will climb with only one left rear wheel with adhesion, which is the most difficult. The 3.6L Big Cut rear axle is an open differential, which is slightly inferior to the 5.7L Big Cut in theory.

The four-wheel drive system of the 3.6L model of Daqie is Quadra-Trac II full-time four-wheel drive. It adopts a multi-disc clutch-type central limited-slip differential. The rear axle is an open differential, so each wheel is implemented with electronic assistance. Locked, the transfer case has a torque amplification gear. The four-wheel drive system used on the 5.7L model is called the Quadra-Drive II full-time four-wheel drive system. Compared with the 3.6L model, the difference is that the open differential on the rear axle is replaced with a multi-plate clutch type limited slip. The speed controller can be manually locked, and theoretically, the ability to escape the trap is better in extreme situations.

Conclusion: Overall, the Grand Cherokee 3.6L has a very powerful four-wheel drive system, with low-speed torque amplification and the Select-terrain road mode optional system, which can complete the cross-shaft relief task very well. When the electronic system detects that there is a tire idling At the same time, it can decisively contain the slippery wheels and transfer the power to the side with adhesion. There is no problem with the hardware facilities. With normal tire pressure, the 18-inch Michelin wheel combination and the 20-inch Kumho wheel combination performed satisfactorily on the ground with good friction, and the climb can be completed.

The difference between the two sets of tires: 18-inch wheel combination is better than 20-inch wheel combination, level 2, there is a difference, and it is smaller.

● Field climbing test

The test of the equipment with good friction just now is just a small test. After all, there is no such good ground condition in the actual environment. Only the complex and changeable road conditions in the actual off-road road can explore the comprehensive performance of the big cut.

The test site is in a dry river in the suburbs of Beijing. The naturally formed ramp is an excellent experience site. The top is a layer of soft and thin sand, and the bottom is a solid sand pavement. In addition, the pavement is not completely smooth. A good study of the reasonable torque distribution capability, power output and tire adhesion of the vehicle's four-wheel drive system.

When equipped with an 18-inch Michelin wheel combination, Daqie will have a certain amount of slipping and idling during the climbing process. After the joint efforts of the four-wheel drive system and electronic auxiliary devices, it still climbs to the top of the slope smoothly. I think this performance is in line The positioning of the Grand Cherokee.

The big cut equipped with 20-inch wheels encountered many difficulties during the climbing process. The tires had insufficient grip and could not control the body. During the climbing process, the body would shake obviously from side to side, and the phenomenon that the four tires were idling together was extremely obvious. , It is easy to dig a small hole in the ground, and then the car is stuck.

Conclusion: The four-wheel drive system and electronic auxiliary device of Daqie can fully cope with this test. The power distribution of the four-wheel drive system is reasonable, and the electronic auxiliary brake limits the slippery wheels quickly and decisively. The two sets of wheels have a large difference in grip on the road in this off-road environment. The Michelin wheel combination of 265/60 R18 is more suitable for driving on off-road road conditions than the Kumho wheel combination of 265/50 R20.

The difference between the two sets of wheels: 18-inch wheel combination is better than 20-inch wheel combination, level 3, the difference is obvious.

● Field cross-axis test

Then we found a place where we can conduct field cross-shaft testing. The left front wheel and the right rear wheel are suspended in the air. The ground material is hard soil and covered with hay. The adhesion is good and it is not difficult. In such an environment, there is almost no difference between the two sets of wheels, and both can help Daqie get out of trouble through the cross shaft.

The difference between the two sets of wheels: Level 1, not obvious.

Finally, I would like to briefly talk to you about my feelings about the driving of this Dache. In fact, I am no stranger to this Dache. I am responsible for the half-year long test. We have a deep understanding of some of its details.

The workmanship of the interior is particularly delicate, the stitching of various parts, and the leather feel have been greatly improved. It is completely in the style of a luxury SUV. Holding this sturdy steering wheel, I prefer to cut it open and cruise on the highway. Within the reasonable speed limit, this car is quiet and comfortable. This is very important for domestic consumers. In the afternoon, let the sun shine in the car at will, enjoying the freedom and scenery. This feeling is very compatible with Dache. Adjusted.

The 3.6L naturally aspirated engine and the industrious 8-speed automatic manual gearbox have ample power reserves and a very positive working attitude. They seem to listen carefully to the driver's voice and strive to do their best. The steering wheel needs to get used to it slowly. The hand feels great, the grip feels thick, but the directivity is not precise, and the steering ratio is large, full 3.6 laps, taking care of the needs of off-road conditions, driving in the city will be a bit difficult.

The adjustment of the air suspension is very popular, and it improves the performance of Daqie on the road. The hardness is moderate, and most of the bumps can be filtered out very simply, without much information feedback, and it is comfortable enough. The overall sense of control is tighter than Prado. The suspension ground clearance is 221mm in automatic mode. If it is in sport mode or when the speed is higher than 90km/h, the suspension will drop another 15mm to improve stability.

● Conclusion

After some tests, everyone must have a clear understanding of the true strength of Dache and the difference between the two sets of wheels. The daily performance of Daqie can provide excellent driving and riding comfort, and the performance of the four-wheel drive system is enough to match the “Jeep” “The sign, coupled with the domineering appearance can indeed attract some consumers.

The following link brings us back to the core part at the beginning of the article. Will the wheel become a shortcoming in the “cask”? Let me summarize what I mentioned today:

Test items 18-inch Michelin wheel combination 20 inch Kumho wheel combination General comment
0-100km/h acceleration 8.13 seconds 8.44 seconds Small difference
100-0km/h brake 41.29 m 40.63 m 20 inch Kumho is better than 18 inch Michelin / small difference
Three open pulley blocks by by 18 inch Michelin is better than 20 inch Kumho / small difference
Field climbing test by Did not pass 18 inch Michelin is better than 20 inch Kumho / big difference
Field cross-axis test by by Equally good
Noise test excellent excellent Equally good

It can be seen from the table that there is no obvious difference between the two sets of wheels on the road with good adhesion, which ensures that there is no problem with the overall strength; and the combination of 20-inch Kumho wheels will exist when climbing on the ground with poor adhesion. Obviously insufficient, there is a big gap between the performance when combined with 18-inch Michelin wheels. Therefore, the performance of the 18-inch Michelin wheel combination on non-paved roads is better than the 20-inch Kumho wheel combination. On roads with better adhesion, both can complete the task well. In summary, this set of 20 The combination of inch Kumho wheels cannot be a major shortcoming.

There are currently five types of Daqie sold on the market. Among them, the 3.6L top-fitting and 5.7L top-fitting models are equipped with 265/50 R20 Kumho tires. The remaining models include 3.0L Shuxiang Navigation Edition and 3.6L Both the Elite Navigation Edition and 3.6L Comfort Navigation Edition are 265/60 R18 Michelin tires. Therefore, if your usual car environment is purely urban road conditions, then the wheel combination of which model you choose can ensure the overall performance of the vehicle; if you choose the top model, you usually like to participate in some low-intensity off-road The project needs to take into account the comfort of daily use, so it is recommended that you replace it with an 18-inch Michelin wheel combination.

If you are interested in the Grand Cherokee, it is recommended that you buy the new 3.0L comfortable navigation version. If you have a certain pursuit of off-roading, then the extra air suspension of the 3.6L elite navigation version will definitely help you. As for Nearly 900,000 5.7L tops are equipped with big cuts. If you are not an admirer of HEMI engines, I don't think it is necessary at all.