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[YesAuto Model PK] The competition in the domestic self-owned brand compact car market has been very fierce. As long as the self-owned brand you want, there will be corresponding products in this level. Zotye is still a young opponent in the compact class in the face of brands such as Great Wall, BYD, Chery and Geely. If you want to stand firm on your own products, it will definitely not work without any hard work. Zotye Z300 was born under this situation. It is also the first time that Zotye has set foot in the compact class.

After several previous contacts with Zotye Z300, our editors have a high evaluation of it. Consumers can buy its hand-mounted top models for more than 70,000 yuan. In the same price range, the Great Wall C30 is a well-matched opponent. Today we invited them together.

● Appearance

Zotye Z300 2012 1.5L manual distinguished type

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7.20 million

Great Wall C30 2013 Model 1.5L Manual Elite Type

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In terms of styling design, it is undeniable that Zotye has borrowed from Toyota's ALLION, but if you look at the style of the car itself, Zotye Z300 is more attractive, while Great Wall C30 is somewhat ordinary. On the whole, these two cars are both mature and stable. As a latecomer, the Zotye Z300 is more fashionable in design and is basically expected.

The design styles of the middle grid of the two cars are very similar. Both adopt double chrome-plated decorative strips. However, in terms of the style of the car lights, the Zotye Z300 is more fashionable, and all the Zotye Z300 series are equipped with a lens structure as standard. The Great Wall C30 is inferior to the Zotye Z300.

In terms of body size, the Zotye Z300 is almost a circle larger than the Great Wall C30. Visually, this performance is very obvious, especially in the width. In addition, the Zotye Z300's lights are more slender, so it feels that it is much wider than the Great Wall C30. .

Both cars use 15-inch aluminum alloy wheels, but the tires of the Zotye Z300 are wider. The styles of the wheels have their own characteristics, and the tires are all self-owned brands. In order to control costs, this performance is understandable.

In the shape of the rear of the car, the difference between the two cars is more obvious. The Zotye Z300 is more luxurious in many details, while the Great Wall C30 is somewhat ordinary. There is also a certain gap between the two cars in the lights. The width of the Zotye Z300 uses an LED light source, while the Great Wall C30 all uses an ordinary halogen bulb. If the former can also change the brake light to an LED light source, it would be better.

● Interior

The interior styles of the two cars have their own advantages and disadvantages. It is difficult to judge who is better and who is inferior from the styling design alone. However, in terms of materials, they are quite different. The Zotye Z300 uses a relatively soft material. The reason for this is because its performance is harder than many soft material center consoles, but compared with the Great Wall C30, it still feels much better.

As a top model with manual transmission, a leather-wrapped multifunctional steering wheel is still normal for independent brands. The steering wheels of both cars provide a good feel, and the thickness and size are excellent in this level. In terms of use, the multi-function buttons of Zotye Z300 are larger, and it is easier to use than the multi-function buttons of Great Wall C30.

The performance of the sunroof can be easily distinguished by its size. The sunroof of Zotye Z300 surpasses the Great Wall C30 in width and length. Fortunately, the utilization rate of the sunroof of these two models is quite good, and the lighting area and the open area are exactly the same, and there is no phenomenon that the sunroof glass cannot be fully integrated into the roof.

The four-door windows of the Zotye Z300 all have a one-button down function, while the Great Wall C30 only has one-button down function for the main driver, and none of the other windows have one-button down function. In terms of functional configuration, the performance of Zotye Z300 should be more kind.

● Ride space

In terms of riding space, Zotye Z300 brings a more spacious experience to passengers in the car with a longer wheelbase, and the head space performance of the rear row is also stronger than that of the Great Wall C30. Although the front head space of the two cars is the same, the Great Wall C30 we experienced is not equipped with a sunroof. If it is equipped with a sunroof, the head space may not be so spacious. Therefore, in the ride space comparison section, the ride of the Zotye Z300 The feeling is significantly better than the Great Wall C30.

The floor in the middle of the rear of the two cars is very flat, and the distance between the front and rear is also very wide, but the head space in the middle of the rear of the Great Wall C30 is too small, which has affected the sitting posture of the rear passengers. In contrast, it is still the feeling of the Zotye Z300. More comfortable.

● Storage space

In terms of storage space in the car, the front row of the Zotye Z300 performs well, but there is no storage space in the rear row. If you look at the front row alone, Zotye Z300 has more storage space, and the glove box has damping, which is very kind on the inside. The front of the Great Wall C30 excludes the door storage compartment, and there is no cup holder. The storage performance in the back row is not bad, but the cup holder on the center armrest does not support the water bottle well, but it is better than nothing.

The trunks of Zotye Z300 and Great Wall C30 have little difference in regularity, but the internal height of the trunk of the former is lower, so the storage space is less than that of Great Wall C30. The backrests of the rear seats can be down in proportion, and the performance in terms of expansion is good.

Configuration comparison

The prices of the two cars are very close, with a difference of only 1,500 yuan. Let's take a look at how these two very competitive models perform in terms of configuration.

In terms of configuration, the passive safety configuration of Zotye Z300 is more comprehensive. The navigation and reversing images included in the multimedia system bring more convenience to our daily use, while the Great Wall has more comfortable configurations, especially seat heating. The practicality in winter is still very high. In terms of configuration, the two of them show different orientations. From a practical point of view, the Zotye Z300 with higher security configuration is more attractive.

● Power system

In terms of power, the engine displacement of the two cars is 1.5L. The Zotye Z300 uses the 4A91S engine from Mitsubishi, which is slightly higher than the Great Wall C30's GW4G15 engine in terms of parameters.

In the actual performance of the two cars, it is not as shown by the parameters. In our 0-100km/h acceleration test, the Great Wall C30 with a slightly weaker power is better. This is due to the comparison of the Great Wall C30. Light vehicle weight, but in terms of braking performance, Zotye Z300 performance is even better. Of course, the difference between them is not that big. The difference in acceleration results is within 0.5 seconds, and the difference in braking results is within 0.5 meters. It can be said that the overall performance is comparable. The performance of the two cars in braking performance is already excellent among many independent brand models of the same level. Although there is a certain gap, they are both worthy of recognition.

In actual driving, both cars performed very well, and the suspension also adopted the front and rear torsion beam structure, which absorbs road bumps well, and the overall body roll is not large when turning. When driving at high speeds, the noise performance of the two cars is similar. When driving within 100km/h, there is basically no problem with normal conversation in the car.

On paved roads, the performance of the two cars is very similar. The big difference lies in the strength of the steering wheel. The steering of the Zotye Z300 is heavy and fatigues easily when driving at low speeds, while the steering of the Great Wall C30 is lighter. For women Drivers, I think the Great Wall C30 is more suitable.

In daily driving, the power performance of the two cars is basically satisfactory. For the family, the power performance is not strong, but if you turn on the air conditioner and bring three or four people, you will not feel too fleshy. Both cars are manual transmission models. In contrast, the gearbox of the Zotye Z300 is clearer and has a certain sense of inhalation.

● Summary:

After some comparison, Zotye Z300 has surpassed the Great Wall C30 in many places. In fact, I think it’s not surprising that there is such a change. After all, the Great Wall C30 has been on the market for many years. Opponents, who has the advantage is naturally obvious. Of course, for independent brands, this kind of confrontation is still very meaningful. It is the real meaning of comparison to let oneself understand one's own advantages while being in the PK of the opponent, and to improve the lack of improvement. In today’s comparison, Zotye Z300 undoubtedly won the PK match, but the performance of the Great Wall C30 can be regarded as a very powerful player in the autonomous compact. It can only be said that it is not a loss in ability but a loss. In time. However, the various advantages are not unique to the Zotye Z300. After all, consumers are not buying a car at a one-off deal. They must also consider future maintenance issues. Taking Beijing as an example, Zotye has only one 4S shop, which can provide repairs. There are two 4S shops in the maintenance area, which really brings a lot of trouble to consumers in the future. The Great Wall has been developing in the market for many years, and there are 7 4S shops in big cities like Beijing. At present, the discount rate of Great Wall C30 is about three or four thousand, which means that the price of this 1.5L manual elite version we compared has entered the range of 60,000 yuan, so the performance of the Great Wall C30 is not better than the Zotye Z300. There is too much difference, but from the perspective of the car itself, the performance of the Zotye Z300 is indeed better.