[YesAuto Test Drive] As Volkswagen’s first compact city SUV, Tiguan’s success in the European market is obvious to all. In the domestic market, many users are also very concerned about the newest member of the Volkswagen family, and just yesterday imported the Volkswagen Tiguan. It has already entered the Chinese market in advance.

In the past two years, the urban SUV market has developed rapidly in China, and many manufacturers have also rushed to the beach. However, Volkswagen, which has a pivotal position in the domestic market, has not had a corresponding product. Therefore, the appearance of Tiguan will inevitably get everyone's attention. Maybe everyone has seen the real shot article of this new car not long ago, and I think everyone is not too addicted. So in today's test drive activity, I will take you to carefully taste this legendary new car.

Because we already have real shot articles about imported Tiguan before, then we will not describe these superficial things more. Friends who want to know can refer to our previous real shot article “Volkswagen's first compact SUV Real shot imported Volkswagen Tiguan” (click to enter)

Tiguan's bodywork is specially designed for off-road performance. The approach angle and departure angle are higher than those of ordinary urban SUVs, which gives it a good passability, and the off-road capability seems to be good, of course it is good or bad. It still needs to be verified in practice.

Although there is a more detailed introduction before, I still want to mention a few features of Tiguan here. First of all, its compact appearance looks very solid, and the latest Volkswagen small mouth style makes it look fierce enough, and the approach angle and departure angle angle designed for off-road design greatly enhance its passability and sufficient The chassis and suspension height also make us look forward to its off-road capabilities. In addition, I personally feel that the 18-inch multi-spoke wheel style of the Tiguan luxury model is quite good.

The Tiguan's interior looks basically the same as other Volkswagen models at first glance, but there are still some differences in many details. The most characteristic and eye-catching thing is its air-conditioning vent, this double-row round The design of the mouth looks more fashionable and more in line with the tastes of young people. In addition to the Tiguan that we are all familiar with, the all-black and black-and-white interior color combinations, the models we tested this time have some red and black combinations. I personally think that this color is more attractive and more attractive than traditional interior colors. Younger, fully in line with its model positioning.

Tiguan’s workmanship in the details is indeed commendable, including leather stitching, plastic interfaces, etc. are quite level, and we can see that Tiguan also adopts a door panel design similar to the Golf 6 style, which is more in line with it. The driver's needs, like the design of the window buttons on the slope, make it easier to operate. The only pity is that there is no rearview mirror folding function.

In our various articles before, I have always been very concerned about the sun visor vanity mirror, but as an imported model Tiguan, although it has a vanity mirror installed, it has no lights. Compared with many models of 100,000 or tens of thousands, they already have everything. , This is a small mistake of Tiguan.

All currently imported Tiguan models use a panoramic sunroof design, which is very important for an urban SUV. Many friends who like to outing can fully enjoy the sunshine in the suburbs.

Among the two currently imported Tiguan models, the high-end luxury model adds a “one-button off-road” system and an “automatic parking” system in terms of configuration. I think everyone is familiar with the automatic parking system. “One-click off-road” seems to be a new thing, but it's not complicated. In simple terms, pressing this button turns on the steep slope descent and uphill assist system, which is indeed very useful for some simple off-road roads. help.

After briefly talking about some features of the appearance and interior, let's now take a look at the performance of Tiguan in terms of storage space.

First of all, the red leather looks very eye-catching, very durable, and the material is soft, the ride feels very comfortable, and the angle is also in line with the body curve, and you will not feel very tired after driving for more than 1 hour.

The rear space can be said to give me a small surprise. Although the Tiguan wheelbase is not long, the rear passenger’s leg space is still sufficient. Passengers with a height of 180cm can reach the distance of two punches in the rear legs. , But the head space is a bit insufficient.

Tiguan is still in place in terms of some humanized design. The rear seats can move back and forth within a range of 16cm, and the backrest can also be adjusted to a certain angle, so that the rear passengers can also find a comfortable sitting posture. In addition, there is a small table version in the back row, which is very similar to Touran. A hook is also designed under the small table plate, which is very detailed.

In addition, the seat combination is also a highlight of Tiguan, especially its seat tilting operation is very simple, just pull it gently, which is very useful for many female drivers. When the rear seats are tilted down, the volume of the trunk can reach 1510L. If you need to put longer objects, you can also tilt the front passenger seat forward. The operation is also simple and practical.

Next, let's take a look at the Tiguan's driving experience. The first thing that attracted me was the engine it is equipped with, the 2.0TSI turbocharged direct-injection engine, which is the same engine as the current domestic Magotan.

Although the engine is the same, the tuning is different. The maximum power of the Magotan 2.0TSI is 147kW (200 hp), while the power of the 2.0TSI engine on the Tiguan is adjusted to 125kW (170 hp), although it is 30 hp lower. , But its maximum power burst point has been advanced to 4300 rpm, the torque is also 280N·m, and also began to explode as early as 1700, and continued until 4200 rpm. It can be seen that the public is to make the Tiguan pay more attention to the low-speed explosive power.

Perhaps due to cost or market planning reasons, Volkswagen did not equip the Tiguan with a DSG dual-clutch transmission. Instead, it uses an ordinary 6-speed automatic manual gearbox. Although the efficiency is not as high as that of the DSG, it is smooth in the actual experience. The speed of convergence with power can also be accepted by me.

In daily driving, the D gear can already meet the demand. Under normal circumstances, the gearbox will shift at about 3000 revolutions, and this is the peak of the maximum torque output. At this time, the gear shift can ensure that the power connection is closer, and it will not be changed. After the gear, the speed drops too fast and the power output is insufficient, of course, the fuel consumption will inevitably be higher.

All imported Tiguans are equipped with a 4MOTION full-time four-wheel drive system. The system uses a wet multi-disc clutch type central differential produced by Haldex, Sweden. The clutch itself is designed in the rear axle, and the torque distribution of the front/rear axle during normal driving It is 90/10, which means that in most cases Tiguan still prefers a front-wheel drive car. Once the speed difference between the front and rear axles occurs, the four-wheel drive system will distribute more torque to the rear wheels according to the situation. In extreme cases, 100% of the torque can be distributed to the rear wheels.

The four-wheel drive system similar to this multi-disc clutch structure is currently used by most urban SUVs, and it is more biased towards highway performance and simple off-road roads. Of course, as for the Tiguan's off-road capabilities, we cannot make a final conclusion here, and due to objective conditions, we have not experienced its off-road performance, but in the future, we will definitely conduct detailed off-road performance tests in our test articles.

Tiguan is very stable when driving on mountain roads. The entire body and chassis feel very compact. Although it is an SUV, its suspension tuning is still a bit stiff, which has enough support for the body, plus the help of the 4MOTION four-wheel drive system. And the compact body, driving the SUV on the mountain road has also become a kind of fun!

After a long day's journey, this small SUV from the original German factory still left a good impression on me. As the newest member of the Volkswagen family, it seems to have a different appearance from the past. There are not too many predecessors in it. Although the interior design still follows the usual popular style, it can give a score of 90 points in terms of workmanship and humanized design. Of course, it is not surprising if you consider its price of more than 300,000.

As for the power performance, the 2.0TSI engine is definitely the strongest among the current urban SUVs. Coupled with the 4MOTION four-wheel drive system, it can be said that Tiguan's road performance is unquestionable. As for the off-road performance, wait until the test article to judge it.

Imported Volkswagen Tiguan detailed parameter configuration table