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[YesAuto Design Decoding] On September 13 this year, Apple announced three new products at the autumn product launch conference: the three new mobile phones are not only full screens, but the smallest screen size has reached 5.8 inches, the iPhone XS Max screen It even reached 6.5 inches. If you have any impressions, Apple’s “godfather” Jobs once said before his death that 3.5 inches is the “golden size” of mobile phone screens, but now we can only feel that the times have changed so fast.

Now in the automotive field, the same trend is also showing: under the leadership of Tesla, more and more car manufacturers have begun to put one or even several screens into their products, and the size is also getting bigger and bigger. the trend of. So, will big screens really become the mainstream of car interiors? What will the big screen in the car of the future look like? Today, we have reduced the time scale to look at the changes that have taken place in the interior of the car since its birth.

In the design world, form follows function is a famous saying by Louis Sullivan, a leader of the Chicago architectural school, when he summarized design principles in 1907. And this is also regarded as truth by most designers today. The development and changes of vehicle interior design perfectly interpret the famous saying “form obeys function”.

In the English context, the word “Dashboard” appeared about 100 years earlier than the car-it first described a baffle installed on the front of a carriage to block sand and dirt from the hoof. . This also explains why the word “Dashboard” center console appears with the root “Dash”.

The car that first appeared as a substitute for the horse-drawn carriage has naturally adopted the term horse-drawn carriage for many of its parts. Therefore, the term “Dashboard” is still used today.

Different from the interior, the appearance of the car has undergone drastic changes during this period: As there are no restrictions on safety regulations and other restrictions, the designer has no restrictions to exert his talents.

In the more than half a century since the introduction of the car, the communication between the vehicle and the person was limited to the steering wheel, pedals, shift lever, and even the car radio was a luxurious configuration. Although the car shape A hundred flowers bloom, but there are few innovations in the interior.

The first major change in interior design stems from the advancement of electronics to automobiles: With the popularization of on-board electrical systems and the injection of various fresh functions, the communication between people and the car has doubled. Therefore, many switches and buttons appeared in the car, and how to place these small parts has become another stage for designers to develop inspiration.

As a representative of the technology and performance of the automotive industry, the interior design of the flagship models of luxury car companies often has far-reaching influence-the addition of more functions, how to arrange these control switches and buttons in an orderly manner, is both a challenge for designers and provides Space for innovation.

Once upon a time, the “T”-shaped center console with a bunch of buttons was a symbol of a premium car. However, in the era of “technology explosion”, the design of vehicle interiors will also undergo unprecedented changes.

Nowadays, the Internet has penetrated into all aspects of people's food, clothing, housing and transportation, and the iPhone launched by Jobs makes people turn touch into their own operating habits. Therefore, the emergence of touch-sensitive cars equipped with networked functions has become a matter of course.

So, will the big screen dominate the trend of car interior design in the future? Is it possible that a 55-inch TV will appear in the car in the future? From an editor’s point of view, “form follows function” is still an indisputable basic principle-how big a screen is needed depends on whether the car owner has a specific demand scenario for a big screen, which can make driving a life more convenient And comfort, in other words, can a larger screen bring a better user experience.

But in contrast to the large screens on some new cars today, its existence has become a gimmick for attracting customers in more sense. In view of the popularity of liquid crystal display technology today, in fact, the cost of installing a large screen in the car is not high, but how to improve the user experience is obviously a challenge on another level.

So in the future, what is the development trend of vehicle interiors? Is there any possibility of further “upgrading” the size of the car screen?

Edit summary:

For everyone, design is definitely a multifaceted matter. However, a good product has the same characteristics, that is, practical and easy to use. On the one hand, it tests the product's satisfaction with user needs, and on the other hand reflects the excellent degree of product user experience. For car interiors, how to be both practical and easy to use is still an esoteric knowledge that tests the design and engineering capabilities of manufacturers.