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[YesAuto Smart Car Link Evaluation] For a long time, high-quality materials, rich functional configuration, and spacious and large space are the three essential elements of luxury vehicles. With the advent of the Internet era, cars are increasingly becoming network terminals. In part, the introduction of networking and cloud services has also become one of the measures for more and more luxury brands to attract young users. The Lincoln brand has been selling in the Chinese market as an imported car before, and the Adventurer has become the first domestically produced model, and has also introduced a more suitable local SYNC+ intelligent connection system, which is the protagonist of our test today.

The Adventurer is positioned as a compact SUV, which is currently the most entry-level SUV model of the Lincoln brand, as well as the first domestically produced model. All previous Lincoln products were imported, and the system it carried was also the SYNC 3 system that met the needs of the global market. Although the SYNC 3 system also has certain networking functions, compared with the rapid development of the Chinese Internet, SYNC 3 is still a bit outdated, especially because it lacks many local pan-life functions. The SYNC+ jointly developed by Ford and Baidu is It can make up for the shortcomings of SYNC 3.

Previously, we tested the SYNC+ system carried by Ford Ruiji, and its final score exceeded 70 points, reaching the mainstream level of the intelligent connection system. The adventurer's system has no big differences in interface design, internal functions, and Ruiji, so its final result is closer to Ruiji. However, with a larger screen size and HUD head-up display and other technological features, its final score is also higher than that of Ruiji.

Human-vehicle interaction

The most noticeable thing in the adventurer's entire cockpit is the 12.8-inch large screen located in the center of the center console. The entire screen is not only large in area, but also located almost at the top of the center console. It is impossible to ignore its existence, but it is too conspicuous. On the contrary, there is a sense of abruptness in the position. Because of its high position, some people worry about whether the screen will block the front line of sight, but in fact, as long as the driver can maintain a normal sitting posture, it has almost no effect on the line of sight.

Like many luxury cars of other brands, the Adventurer also retains a large number of physical buttons and integrates most of the buttons for gear switching, multimedia control and air conditioning control on the bottom panel of the center console. Compared with the touch screen on the top, the control panel is located at a lower position, coupled with the centralized arrangement of various physical buttons, although there is a sense of integrity in the visual sense, it is not conducive to the blind operation of the driver when driving, but fortunately this The problem can be solved by the voice control system.

Although the adventurer provides three background styles to choose from, the background colors are all cool, which looks very cool visually. You can view different functions by sliding the screen horizontally. Common functions such as navigation, multimedia playback, and Bluetooth phone are all located on the initial interface for users to quickly click to enter. In terms of instrumentation, the Zunyao version with the highest configuration is the only model with a 12.3-inch full LCD instrument and HUD head-up display as standard. It has a strong sense of technology.

The default wake-up word of the voice control system is “Hello Lincoln”, of course, users can also customize the wake-up word. You can also wake up by pressing the button on the outer ring of the steering wheel or using the “small degree” command. The voice assistant has a certain ability to understand natural semantics. In addition, when the driver is bored, the voice assistant can also interact with the driver and play some small games such as idiom solitaire to keep the driver awake.

SYNC+ is very smart in all intelligent connected systems. The system has a strong understanding of natural semantics. It can provide users with certain assistance as an “assistant” during daily travel, reducing the driver’s need to touch the screen or adjust the physical buttons when driving. Frequency helps to improve driving safety. The large-size central control screen and full LCD instrument are not absent from the adventurer. The HUD head-up display further enhances the sense of science and technology of the adventurer's cockpit. Combined with the high-end interior materials and rich internal functions, the creation of a sense of luxury is also very good. In place.

Other hardware and software equipment

All adventurers come standard with automatic zoned air conditioners with rear exhaust outlets. The temperature and air volume can be adjusted through the physical button panel, touch screen and voice commands. The PM2.5 air evolution device is also standard for the entire system, and its “Smart Breeze” supports remote opening of the mobile phone App. It can purify the air in the car before getting on the car to meet the travel needs of local users.

Other configurations worth mentioning in the car include 7-color ambient lights, Revel premium audio and mobile phone wireless charging. Revel audio has a total of 14 speakers (including 1 subwoofer) arranged in the car, which achieves an acoustic texture. The level of luxury brands should be. In terms of charging, in addition to the conventional 12V, USB, and Type-C three interfaces, the top-equipped version of the adventurer also set up a mobile phone wireless charging stand in the central armrest box.

Function realization

In terms of functions, let's start with the entertainment system. Basic radio and local music playback must be standard features. SYNC+ has built-in online audio resources such as QQ music, Himalaya FM, and video resources such as iQiyi. It can be said that the content is relatively rich. It should be noted that not all resources of iQiyi are free. Some popular movies and TV series require users to purchase VIP members of iQiyi by themselves, and then they can watch them after binding their account on the car and machine.

The SYNC+ system is equipped with Baidu online navigation. In addition to common functions such as avoiding congestion and teaming based on real-time road conditions, manual input of license plates can also realize functions such as avoiding restricted areas. In addition to voice commands and touch screens, mobile apps can also be used to search for navigation destinations and send them to the car. Almost most intelligent connected systems have the function of sending destinations to the mobile app.

The 360-degree panoramic image system is also standard with only the top version. The front and rear camera images of the image system can be displayed independently, and the camera images have high resolution, which makes it easy to see the license plate of a vehicle 2 meters away. In addition, the Zunyao version is also equipped with front and rear parking sensors, reversing side warning, automatic parking and other auxiliary functions, parking and parking are very convenient.

Download the “Lincoln Way” App, complete the real-name authentication and bind the vehicle to realize the remote control function of the vehicle. The commonly used remote start, door lock/unlock and other functions are all complete. In addition, functions such as maintenance appointment, road rescue, and navigation destination delivery can also be realized through the mobile phone App, which basically covers most of the daily travel scenarios.

Service ecology

SYNC+ Zhilian system introduces payment functions, covering functions such as buying movie tickets, Meituan takeaways, and paying parking fees without feeling. The payment channels support WeChat, Alipay and Baidu Wallet. The SYNC+ system for remote home control is also not absent, and the function is roughly similar to other intelligent connected systems developed based on the Xiaodu car OS.

Communication Favorability

The voice interaction function of the SYNC+ intelligent connection system performs fairly well in terms of comprehension ability and communication friendliness. There are basically no problems with normal questioning and communication. At the same time, the system is also diverse and rich in query, shopping, translation and other services. Basically, I can give a certain answer, so I can give a good score in the logical algorithm. However, because the SYNC+ system still uses the large screen as the main communication medium, and the car does not provide any virtual characters, it is impossible to score in the form of communication.

● Article summary:

Auto Home Smart Car Association Evaluation
Rank Model Human-computer interaction Function realization Service ecology Communication Favorability Total score

Roewe RX5

(Zebra 3.0)

83.6 81.2 66.0 50.0 78.1

Star Way LX

(Lion 3.0)

83.7 91.7 36.0 30.0 77.9
3 NIO ES6 102.7 78.9 22.0 60.0 76.6
4 WEY VV6 88.5 84.2 42.0 20.0 76.0
5 Changan CS95 92.0 82.8 22.0 40.0 74.0
6 Hongqi HS-5 88.5 79.5 40.0 30.0 73.8



(Zebra 2.0)

95.3 77.9 32.0 30.0 73.8
8 Pentium T77 84.2 83.0 26.0 60.0 73.7

GAC New Energy

Aion LX

(Ayan LX)

70.4 95.4 20.0 60.0 73.7
10 Star Way-TXL 85.0 80.2 44.0 20.0 73.2

Lincoln Adventurer

77.0 78.7 52.0 30.0 71.8

After evaluating dozens of intelligent connected systems, we found that more and more in-vehicle systems are doing well in terms of feature richness, such as online audio and video, mobile phone remote control, and voice recognition systems are basically standard configurations. Networking ecology is an important part of widening the gap. For example, the SYNC+ system supports ticket purchase and ordering, and remote interconnection of small smart home devices is also its advantage in service ecology. Localization is in a leading position among luxury brands. As far as other overseas brands are concerned, their final scores are also among the best. In the future, the SYNC+ system will push more functions to users through OTA upgrades. I hope that other Lincoln models can also “abandon” SYNC 3, which is not so catering to Chinese users, and embrace a smarter interconnected era as soon as possible.

Special thanks to the following dealers for providing shooting vehicles:

Polyd Songjiang Lincoln Experience Center Tel: 400-868-2191
Address: No. 6656, Beisong Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai