[YesAuto original test drive] In 2009, China’s auto market was quite anomalous, and it seemed that there was one missing figure in the fight among many brands, that is, Dongfeng Peugeot, especially in the mainstream compact car market. There was no successor after that. In 2010, Dongfeng Peugeot introduced a brand-new product in Peugeot's entire model system, Peugeot 408, to the Chinese market in order to change the situation of unreliability.

Because of the emergence of half-generation models like the 207 before, you might think that the 408 may only be the “Chinese version” of the previous foreign 407 model. But this time Peugeot did not let us down. The 408 is the first model of French Peugeot in the Chinese market. It is not from overseas, but a brand-new product that was born and raised in China and developed entirely in China. Our Chinese users are also the first to come into contact with this new model in the world. The product group, after this model will be fully sold in the Asian and European markets.

408's unique birth arouses the interest of all of us. What makes this French gentleman born in China different? Can it really meet the needs of domestic users? Today I will take everyone to experience the Peugeot 408 test drive together.

●The body line is full and the size is large enough

When I first saw 408, my only feeling was one word: big! Although it is a product launched for the compact car-level market, its size is far beyond the standard: length 4680mm, width 1815mm, height 1525mm, and the wheelbase reaches 2710mm, which is completely medium-sized car level, or it is. A medium-sized car, it is a bit wronged to put it in a compact car…

The 408 still retains the characteristics of the Peugeot family in the exterior design. The slender headlights, the huge lion logo, and the grinning mouth grille all seem to be atmospheric enough. In particular, the design of the front fog lights is well-intentioned, and they are specially installed on both sides of the bumper to make the visual effect of the body look wider. In addition, a lot of chrome-plated decorations are also applied to the body, which is a method used by the French to make the whole car look more advanced.

The length, width, and height of the body are much larger than those of the same level. Length and width can make the body look more atmospheric, but if the height of the body is too high, it looks uncoordinated. 408 is especially added in the middle. A clear waistline is used to balance the visual center of gravity, so that the body proportions look more coordinated.

The angle of inclination of 408's A is very large, so the most direct thing is to increase the area of the windshield, and this can bring better lighting effects, and the driving feeling in the car is better. I personally like this design style. .

Peugeot’s products have always been accustomed to making fuss about the head, and the design of the tail is slightly low-key. It does not have the rich lines of the front and the taillights are not exaggerated. However, a small upturned spoiler gives the tail For some layering, the same method was used on the previous 307.

This time, the 408 did not do much about the wheel style. The simple five-spoke wheel has no characteristics, but it is also simple. In terms of size, the whole series are equipped with 215 tires, but the 1.6L model is equipped with 16-inch wheels, while the 2.0L model is equipped with 17-inch wheels.

Interior style has changed, texture and workmanship are good

The designers of European car manufacturers like to maintain their uniform style in the design of car interiors, especially the French are even more “conventional”. In the past, many products of Peugeot could not be distinguished even when sitting in the car. Models. I may be a bit exaggerated, but its interior design is indeed unchanged, but this time 408 let us see a different Peugeot product.

The design of the three air outlets is very special. Different from the Peugeot products we have seen before, the adjustable range has also increased a lot, and the air outlets with chrome-plated metal trim look very delicate. In addition, The top of the console is all made of soft material, which feels very good.

Our test drive vehicle this time is the top model of 2.0. It has a GPS navigation system. A foldable LCD screen is located at the top of the center console. The angle of the screen can be adjusted arbitrarily. It can be controlled by pressing the left button. It is a rare configuration among cars of the same level.

The control areas of the central control panel are clearly divided, and the design of the air-conditioning system is different from the past. The dual-zone automatic air-conditioning has only three knobs and four buttons, and the operation is very simple.

There are two control keys at the bottom left of the steering wheel. One is for headlight height adjustment (lower models do not have this configuration), and the other is the trunk opening button. Of course, this is the only one besides the trunk opening function of the key itself. The trunk can be opened, but the trunk cannot be opened directly outside the car, which is not comprehensive enough.

Storage space fully meets household needs

408 is completely designed for home use, so in addition to the appearance and interior design to meet the requirements, the most important thing is of course the space and humanized design. Let's take a look at how it performs in these aspects.

Whether it’s the front door or the back door, a large storage tank is provided. Basically, it is not a problem to put a few bottles of drinks and some magazines in, especially the back row, which is as large as the storage tank in the front row. It can be seen that it is right. Special care for the rear passengers.

There are two storage slots on the center control panel, one in the middle and one below it. The feature is that the two storage slots are inclined backwards like the center control panel, so that the things placed inside will not It slides out easily, but the only downside is that the storage slot below will conflict with the blocking lever.

Although the front armrest box is only a single-layer design, the height can be adjusted up and down, but it is not comfortable after being adjusted to the highest level, because it is too short. As for the storage space, it is not a strong point, and basically can't put too many things.

For the 408, I think many of my friends are more concerned about its riding space. We also had a practical experience. In order to verify its long body length and wheelbase, we deliberately found a big man to be a “model”. A 188cm-tall experiencer can have a punch on the head after adjusting the proper sitting position in the front row, while keeping the front seat still, he comes to the back row, and at this time there is still a punch in the leg. , The space is really big enough, even more than many medium-sized cars.

The long wheelbase and long body bring not only the improvement of the seating space, but also the improvement of the trunk space. The volume of the rear seat can reach 526L without falling down, but unfortunately the seat It cannot be completely flat, which also affects the trunk space after the rear seats are down.

●There are no surprises in the power system, driving is based on comfort

We have experienced the design and space of the 408 before, which really gave us some gains, so how do you feel about driving? Let’s take a look…

First, let's look at the powertrain of the 408. Peugeot did not surprise us in this regard. It still uses the 1.6L and 2.0L engines that have been used in the past, and the engine parameters are the same as in the past. And our test drive this time is mainly based on 2.0L. This engine has been experienced on the 307 and Citroen’s Sega in the past. The high-revving engine can still bring some sense of power.

Not only the engine, but also the gearbox has not adopted new products. It is still a 4-speed automatic manual and 5-speed manual gearbox. Although the manufacturer's introduction of the gearbox and engine has been re-tuned, but from the actual experience There is no particularly obvious difference, but the manual gearbox has a more delicate feel when entering the gear, and the vibration of the gear lever has been basically eliminated during driving.

Just now we said that the maximum power of this 2.0L engine with a maximum of 147 horsepower can achieve good results on the 307 or Sega, but now we have encountered such a big man as the 408, and the increased weight greatly limits the performance of the engine. Too much feeling of passion, or that this engine is just right for the 408, daily driving can be done without rush, without feeling lack of power, standard home style.

For manual transmission models, the clutch of the 408 is a bit heavy. If it is in a traffic jam, it will be more uncomfortable for your left foot. And if you want to increase the speed quickly, you must step on the speed above 3000 rpm, otherwise the engine can only be That calm look.

The French invented this unique rear suspension structure, and it has been used today. You can say that it is conservative, but its existence is reasonable. It also shows from one side that this suspension structure does have its advantages, and from the actual experience In terms of the 408's suspension, it still provides good comfort, full of toughness, good support for the body, and the filtering of road vibration is very good, not as soft as we expected before.

The leather steering wheel of the 408 feels good and feels comfortable to hold. The steering ratio is not very direct. It allows you to make your steering movements easily and without a real sense of road transmission. This may not be able to talk about controllability. But it will not make you nervous because of the rapid changes in the road during driving. It is a standard manifestation of domestication.

In addition, the noise control in the 408 car is also at the upper-middle level. The two people in the car can still talk easily at the speed of 140km/h. This is one of the more profound impressions. As for the fuel consumption performance, we are limited by the tight schedule of our test drive activity and we did not conduct the test. In the future, we will give you an accurate figure in the test article of the unit test vehicle.


After seeing the 408, I don’t know how you feel. At least I think it’s localized research and development is still rewarding. Atmospheric and face are an important criterion for many people when buying a car. The size of the 408 makes it look Already has enough momentum, maybe you don't like its slightly individual shape design, but I think it can still meet most people's aesthetic standards.

Of course, the big head brings more than just visual impact. Large space is the real affordable content. The Chinese people have always pursued large space for a long time. The French have also captured the user’s psychology this time and made the space the ultimate. , A body with the largest body size in its class, comparable to the interior space of a mid-size car, I believe it can attract the attention of many people.

As for the power, although the system we already know is used, it is enough for a model that meets the needs of family cars. However, it is recommended that you choose 2.0L models and 1.6L power as much as possible. It is still not suitable for such a “monster”.

Another very important point is the price. This is the most sensitive factor for Chinese users. The price range of 120,000 to 170,000 is basically similar to that of compact cars of the same level. It is considered a cost-effective product.

Maybe you can say that 408 has no obvious personality and is a relatively mediocre product, but as a middle-aged person who has already established a family, such a product can just meet their needs. If you are a member of this group of people, Don't pursue a unique driving experience, you can consider this product.

Peugeot 408 detailed body parameter configuration table