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[YesAuto Factory Secret] As for the article about Auto House's visit to the car factory, I must have read many issues, especially the passenger car factory. Then, there may not be much known about commercial vehicle factories that produce large bodies and many models of complex structures. Today, we walked into the Wuxi factory of SAIC Maxus to explore the production process of light passenger products SAIC Maxus V80 and MPV models SAIC Maxus G10.

Summary of stamping/welding workshop:

This time, we first came to the stamping and welding workshop of SAIC Maxus Wuxi factory, and learned about the stamping of each panel and the process of welding each panel and assembly into a white body. There are 5 production lines in the stamping workshop, of which the fully automatic C and D lines are the main production lines, and the D line named after the big punching line has a total pressure of 5,000 tons, and is equipped with ABB's most advanced 7-axis high-speed robot. The production process of the welding workshop is still mainly spot welding and resistance welding. The automatic gluing-piping robot and repair welding robot are all from FANUC in Japan. ABB Gate Franer modular body assembly positioning mechanism is also used in the assembly station of the side wall inner panel, the side wall outer panel and the floor, which ensures the precise structure and rapid production of the body assembly. In the next episode, we will enter the painting and final assembly workshop to understand the process of putting on the “coat” of the vehicle and finally assembling it off the assembly line.