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[YesAuto Factory Secret] This is my first time to Italy, and found that everything there is a little different from what I imagined: it is a football power, but there are not so many green fields here; it is the cradle of top sports car brands, Fiat 500 and smart fortwo that can be all over the street tell people that this is a real paradise for cars. In fact, when I received this task, I found that it was different from what I imagined: because I want to see how a Jeep model is manufactured in an Italian car factory, and this Jeep model is the future. Freeman produced and sold in China.

In fact, if you think about it carefully, it is not surprising that the Jeep model is produced in an Italian factory. As early as 2014, Fiat Group and Chrysler Group completed the merger and joined forces to become a powerful force in the world's automobile groups. So far, the two groups' models have been produced on the same line and built on the same platform, which will not only help reduce production costs, but also help quickly enrich product lines and improve competitiveness.

In the European market where small cars are absolutely mainstream, it is not difficult to understand that FCA puts the Freeman in the Melfi factory for production. It can be produced on-line with Fiat 500X, reducing production costs. At the same time, the produced Freeman can also be sold directly to Europe, which has a large audience, so why not do it. In a few days in Italy, it is really uncommon for Freelancers to share the advantages of the FCA platform, which can quickly seize the market.

After reading the production level of the Melfi factory, there may be people who will say “random and eggs”. In fact, this is understandable. After all, everything that Freeman will use in China in the future will be different production equipment and parts suppliers. Just like on the return flight, a Chinese who works in Italy told me that the quality of the same car is different between foreign and domestic. We hope that Jeep Freeman can truly maintain the same production standards and control the details when it is made in China. These are the foundations for Freeman to break new ground in the hottest.