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[Auto House Race] At the beginning of the new year, the 2012 Dakar Rally once again fought South America, and the warriors embarked on a 9,000-kilometer adventure. From the Argentine coastal city of Mar del Plata to explore north, the riders took the Andes as the coordinates and crossed the Atacama, challenging the diversification of the desert in Peru. After a arduous trek for half a month, the game ended in Lima, the capital of Peru. Next, let us review the key events of this Dakar Rally.

1. MINI won a complete victory and became the new leader

In the Dakar car race, the 5 MINI ALL4 cars of the private team X-RAID all entered the top 10 in the total score. Its drivers Peterhansel and Roma even swept the championship and runner-up. After Mitsubishi and Volkswagen withdrew from Dakar one after another, MINI has undoubtedly become the new leader in the “post-manufacturer era”.

To achieve good results in Dakar, good racing, excellent drivers and pilots, and a high-level logistics maintenance team are indispensable, and this year the X-RAID team has these conditions. In order to ensure the stability of the MINI Dakar racing car when passing through higher sand dunes, the center of gravity of the car has become lower, and the car chassis has been further strengthened.

The MINI Dakar racing car uses a diesel engine provided by BMW. In order to ensure sufficient power output when crossing the Andes at an altitude of more than 2,000 meters, the engine has been enhanced by upgrading the ECU power performance. In addition, the racing car is also very effective in reducing weight, and the weight of the vehicle is controlled at 1.9 tons.

In terms of drivers, the X-RAID team adopted the “wolves” strategy this year, with the legendary French driver Peter Hansel, known as the “Mr. Dakar”, as the commander. In the game, the Spanish star Roma has been playing the role of opening the way for Peterhansel, while other teammates blocked more competitors. In the end, excellent teamwork allowed Peter Hansel to win his 10th Dakar Rally Championship.

In terms of logistics services, the X-raid team prepared more than 500 tires and rims for the entire race. At the same time, in order to provide a good camping environment for the drivers, the team sent 10 trucks as supplies. The workshops, kitchens and offices are all available in the cars. In addition, there are 8 BMW X5s and 2 BMW X6s in the fleet as working vehicles for transporting members of the team.

◆Introduction of the legendary Dakar tenth crown driver Peter Hansel

◆Detailed introduction of MINI ALL4 Dakar racing car

Second, the Hummer's stability is not good, the defending champion retires

If the MINI Dakar racing car is described as fast and stable, then the crazy speed is a true portrayal of the Dakar racing car. In the competition, MINI and Hummer won all 14 stages (the 6th stage was cancelled due to bad weather), of which MINI won 8 times and Hummer won the remaining 5 stages. But the Achilles’ heel of the Hummer is its poor stability. Both American Gordon and the defending champion Attia have both tasted bitter results.

The Humada Karr racing car is a rear-mounted BAJA. The weakness of this car is its poor handling flexibility. Due to its low center of gravity, it is prone to understeer when turning. In addition to the many corners, other road conditions Hummer racing can calmly deal with. The front-light and rear-heavy body gives the Hummer more advantages than the front four-wheel drive MINI when crossing the sand beam. At the same time, the Dakar rules have fewer restrictions on two-wheel drive vehicles, so the Hummer also has more horsepower and power than the MINI. Suspension stroke. On rough and uneven roads, Hummer's long suspension stroke is its advantage. On a flat Gobi, Hummer's horsepower and tire size are much larger than MINI.

But the problem is that the stability of the Hummer car is not satisfactory, and it is impossible for the driver to complete the race without any worries. Especially the defending champion Atiyah, who is used to driving the two-wheel-drive Hummer in WRC mode, was completely caught in a vicious circle of mechanical failures (engine oil pressure failure, cooling system problems, etc.), and almost half of the stages had to be stopped. Repair the car. In the end, Atiyah regretfully retired in stage 9 (broken engine belt and malfunctioning generator), ending the 2012 Dakar journey ahead of schedule.

In the second half, Gordon, who lost the support of his teammates, squeezed all the power of the Hummer with his crazy driving style. This also caused his car to be overwhelmed and suffered mechanical failure in the end, and the suspension of the car could not be supported. In the end, in the contest with MINI, Hummer lost.

◆Off-road holy land series-Baja, American style heavy taste

3. Chinese forces have no regrets, Haval Racing Team has achieved great results

This Dakar Rally attracted 443 cars from all over the world to participate, and less than 45% of them finally reached the finish line. In this context, the 6 cars of the 4 teams of the Chinese Army Group of Automobiles and the 2 cars of the 1 team of the Motorcycle Group all finished the race, which proved the outstanding performance of Chinese power in Dakar.

Among them, the Haval Dakar team took seventh place, setting the best result of the Chinese team. This year, the Haval Dakar team's car itself has been greatly improved compared to previous years, and the team's navigation and logistics capabilities have also improved. With the joint efforts of foreign aid Sousa and Zhou Yong, the breakthrough in achievement is also expected.

In fact, the international integration model has long been a common phenomenon in the racing industry. For example, in the X-raid team, the driver Peter Hansel is French, Roma is Spanish, Horowitz is Polish, nonetheless, their achievements will be recorded in the name of the team, and people will remember them in the end. It was MINI who won the 2012 Dakar victory.

Therefore, the Haval Dakar team boldly introduced foreign drivers, hired foreign gold medals to lead the way, and at the same time activated a high-level foreign logistics team, and this approach is currently the fastest way to improve the level of the domestic team.

In addition, Zhou Jihong/Liao Min, who participated in the Dakar for the first time, tied the record of the best total score of the Chinese rider in the Dakar Rally held by Zhou Yong and the late driver Xu Lang in 19th place. Although Zhou Jihong participated in Dakar for the first time, he has a wealth of domestic competitions; and Liao Min is the best pilot in the country, he is quite good at controlling the emotions of the drivers and mastering the rhythm of the competition.

Fourth, the two males in the motorcycle group are not in the same position.

The fierce battle in the Dakar motorcycle group this year is unprecedented. The gap between the French star De Pre and his teammate Coma has remained at about 2 minutes in the first 12 stages, and the two drivers are almost always in each other’s Within the attack range. If it wasn't for the 13th stage (the penultimate stage) of Koma's gearbox failure, then both of them could win the final championship.

For Koma, the gearbox failure in the 13th stage was fatal, and his efforts in the first 12 stages were all in vain. This failure made him have to replace the engine, which also gave him a 45-minute penalty (this year the motorcycle group will have a penalty for changing the engine). De Pre therefore locked in the 2012 Dakar motorcycle championship in advance, which is also his fourth Dakar championship.

In terms of trucks, the previous very strong Kamaz team lost its leading position. Even in the last few stages, the Kamaz team’s drivers have achieved good rankings, but it has been unable to prevent the Iveco team from taking the top two. position. In the end, Iveco driver De Roy achieved the first father-son victory in the Dakar Rally, and the best result of the Kamaz team driver was third.

From the start of the quad bike race, the Patnelli brothers (brother Alejandro was the 2010 quad bike champion, and his younger brother Macros was the 2009 Dakar quad bike champion) occupy the top two s position. In the final ranking, the defending champion Patnelli defeated his younger brother and successfully defended his title.

Five or four people were killed and dead clouds over Dakar

Thrills and excitement have always been the charm of the Dakar Rally, but bad news also occurs from time to time with this event. Since the tragic death of French motorcyclist Dodine in 1979, the number of deaths on Dakar's death list has continued to accumulate, including the race founder Sabine, drivers, journalists, staff, spectators, etc. who suffered an air crash. . In this competition, the number on this infinitely heavy death list has been rewritten to 62.

◆ The list of deaths of 62 people killed in the Dakar Rally in 34 years

On the first day of the race, the 38-year-old Argentine motorcyclist Boero suffered a serious traffic accident during a special stage and died on the way to the hospital. On the same day, a pair of father and son in Argentina were watching the battle in the air. The plane broke down, causing the plane to crash and kill people. On the 14th local time, another Colombian car fan died while riding a motorcycle to climb the sand dunes to watch the race.

In addition, there were many accidents in Dakar this year that almost caused casualties. The French motorcyclist Da Costa collided with a cow during the race. Fortunately, his life was not in danger. The Chilean motorcyclist Hamet was also in the race. Injured, he was forced to retire early; French motorcyclist Coue fainted during the riding due to the intense heat and almost died.

For many years, Dakar has been trying to improve safety, but almost every year it is impossible to avoid accidents. The safety issue has become a symbol of the Dakar game. How to reduce the occurrence of tragedies has almost become a difficult problem, and this will definitely have a considerable negative impact on the success of the Dakar game.

Summary: The Dakar Rally is the purest race car. “For those who participated, this is a challenge; for those who did not participate, this is a dream.” Whenever the head of the Tuareg is raised high by the winner, we will bid farewell to the warriors who challenged nature and the limit. The 2012 Dakar Rally has come to an end, let us look forward to the reunion next year.