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[YesAuto Connected Travel] In the era of close integration of intelligent network and automobiles, when more and more car companies compete with the large screen on the center console, some intelligent network leaders have already begun to explore more Convenient boarding function-smart key. Today we will talk about BYD’s NFC car keys.

Speaking of BYD’s representative work in the field of intelligent network connection, you will definitely not forget the DiLink system that was unveiled at the 2018 Beijing Auto Show. To put it more bluntly, “eat chicken on the big screen and use vibrato” has gradually started from then. It is hot, and with the continuous development of the intelligent network industry in China, BYD has gradually turned its attention to the smart key.

In fact, when it comes to smart keys, many car companies are involved. Take BYD as an example, the unlocking/starting of vehicles through App control, and the recently launched Bluetooth key have already been equipped on its models. This time the emergence of NFC car keys What are the new ways to play? Or where are the advantages of NFC car keys compared to the first two?

What is NFC

Before officially talking about BYD NFC car keys, we need to talk about what NFC is. Listening to the familiar and unfamiliar three letters, it is found in bus cards and access control cards. With the development of smart phones, NFC has gradually appeared on all kinds of smart phones.

To put it simply, NFC, like Bluetooth and infrared, can transmit data at close distances. However, due to limitations in transmission speed and transmission distance , it cannot completely replace Bluetooth. However, due to its excellent security and relatively low power consumption Low , so it is generally used in scenarios such as payment and unlocking. Compared with the transmission modes such as Bluetooth, it can be regarded as a prioritized one, and there is a specialization in the technical industry.

How BYD uses NFC

According to the information received so far, some models of BYD Song Pro and BYD Qin Pro are equipped with NFC car key function. Users only need to bind with the BYD cloud service App to enable the mobile phone (with NFC function) to realize the key function. .

In what scenarios?

We have been saying that the ideal is full, the reality is very skinny, the BYD NFC car key is very functional in terms of function, but will anyone really use it? Or does it have a usage scenario? You know, from the perspective of the car system, some non-high frequency functions (ordering coffee, ordering movie tickets, etc.) are hidden by most users, so will the NFC car key? I believe you will understand after reading the following example.

As an indispensable smart terminal device in modern life, mobile phones bind the function of the car key to the mobile phone, which can greatly reduce the embarrassment that people face when they forget to bring the car key . The BYD NFC car key can also be shared with multiple devices, that is, it can be shared with family members to use the car key. You may think that this function is not just needed, but when you encounter a situation where your family needs a car and the two physical keys are not available, this function can indeed solve the problem, at least avoid family conflicts.

Written at the end:

From the perspective of the function itself, I believe that many friends must still have that question in their hearts: Is it useful? In fact, for drivers who are used to traditional keys, the NFC car key is not a high-frequency just-needed function. It plays more of a role of icing on the cake and sending charcoal in the snow. Of course, with the NFC key can be applied to multiple application scenarios, I believe that many users will gradually list it as just needed, because it really solves the user needs, but it is only a short time to cultivate user habits. After all, everyone wants to change it. save trouble. (Li Xiang, Home of Wen Auto)