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[YesAuto Travel Notes] Our company has a slogan called “Wolf Fighting”, shouldn't this be the end of the year to rush to the performance? I also decided to be wolf, and be hard-hearted in front of my colleagues! So I did something that, at least as far as I know, other colleagues hadn't done it before—driving a two-wheel-drive Hover dog to cross the wild, and also brought a dog.

to sum up:

The Haval Big Dog is a very popular model today. It not only attracts the eye, but also does not disappoint in performance. The power performance, configuration, ease of operation and reliability are all satisfactory. The two-wheel drive can also cope with the primary off-road. Road conditions. Of course, we must maintain our due respect for nature, and do not advance recklessly. The understanding of the route and the preliminary preparations must be fully in place. I hope that you can also experience the fun of getting out of the city through this car.