[YesAuto Race] On the morning of January 8, local time in Lima, Peru, the 35th Dakar Rally began its last stage in Peru. The race on the day was from Nazca, a small town known for its Nazca lines. The famous tourist city of Ali Kuipa, with a stage length of 288 kilometers, is still an all-desert section. The Chinese driver Zhou Yong of the Haval Dakar team suffered an unexplained vehicle breakdown on this day. He lost 2 hours and dropped to 61st place.

Regarding the reason why Zhou Yong stopped for more than two hours, the team director Dong Ming could only explain the phenomenon and could not explain it from the mechanical principle. “Today, Zhou Yong encountered a strange mechanical failure not long after entering the stage. For unknown reasons, one of the oil pipes was always over-stressed. It collapsed and leaked oil. They couldn't stop and tie up. The pressure was very high. Beng. I’m not good at mechanical things, and I don’t know the reason. Anyway, our technicians are still investigating. They estimate that they will have to work overnight, but it’s hard to say whether they can find the reason. Later, Zhou Yong and Mai Meng came up with one. The method was to ligate this tubing, stop one cylinder and ran back with only five cylinders. Judging from the course of the race later, they ran very well and saved a lot of losses. However, Zhou Yong and the others were back then. When I found this method, more than two hours had already been lost.”

From the perspective of the entire race, Haval Racing regrets not that Zhou Yong suffered a mechanical failure, but that it happened during this stage. Because this stage was the most difficult one of the first four days, Sainz and other celebrities have fallen into the sand, or suffered mechanical failures. According to the analysis of the Harvard team before the race, this is a very good opportunity for Zhou Yong, because his driving style is more gentle, and he protects the car better. He chases more in the early stage, and he will be more calm in the later stage. It is not easy to make a prominent time in the Gobi stage later. Today is a great time for him to greatly improve his ranking. There are not many opportunities like this in one game, but fortunately, there will be one or two below.

In this stage, Zhou Yong’s teammate, Haval Racing driver Sousa ran smoothly. The accident on the cross ditch yesterday dropped Sousa's ranking by 24, but this did not affect his performance in this stage. Soon after the start of the race, he had already overtaken 10 cars, rising to 14th, and rising to 10th at the end, and his overall score rose from 17th to 11th. Team Director Dong Ming believes that this is a normal trouble encountered during the race. Although the loss is huge, it is not a catastrophe.

It’s commendable that Zhou Yong helped other drivers get out of trouble in the previous day's race and did a “live Leifeng”. Zhou Yong said: “A Toyota car was overturned and the front windshield was broken. Let's get down. After a delay, I lost a little time and was overtaken by 3 or 4 cars. It’s just to learn from Lei Feng. I think this kind of helping others is also a kind of savings. Dakar is a competition and a competition, but no matter what We should pay attention to friendship first.” After the trailer, Zhou Yong saw that it was difficult to find his position again, so he simply maintained his speed and ran to the end according to the normal rhythm.