[Car Home Experience] Recently, Car Home was invited by Harman International Industries to edit and experience the “LTE Concept Car” launched during the Shanghai World Expo. Since the new technology demonstration needs to be realized through the 4G network, the experience location was arranged in Shanghai Bell Alcatel Co., Ltd. in the Pudong New Area. At the same time, Alcatel-Lucent is also a member of the “ng Connect Program” (other members include: QNX Software System Co., Ltd. and Harman International Industrial Co., Ltd.).

● Background introduction of LTE concept car

The LTE concept car is a concept car project jointly developed by ng Connect Program partners. Cooperative members include: Alcatel-Lucent, QNX Software Systems Co., Ltd., and Harman International Industries, Inc. and other excellent companies in related industries. Harman International has developed a new generation of automotive entertainment information platform based on Toyota Prius models. Prior to this, the first concept car with the same function had been developed in North America. Due to the Shanghai World Expo, the LTE concept car was developed and equipped based on the Shanghai Volkswagen Touran. The entire system is almost the same as that of the North American Toyota Prius. After entering the Chinese market, a comprehensive localization work has been done.

The so-called “LTE concept car” is not a “concept” in the general sense. After ng Connect Program partners have “modified” mass-produced cars, they can fully display the entire new generation of car entertainment information platform. The reason why it is called a “concept car”, my understanding is that the 4G network has not yet been widely promoted in the future, and the current mass-produced car has not really used this system. Now it can only be displayed in the form of “concept”. The external conditions are mature and mass production is possible without technical difficulties. This kind of “concept” is tangible and tangible, and it is not a matter of fact. Next, let's take a look at this LTE concept car together~

About Harman International:

Harman International has been active in the Chinese market since 1998. As a high-end audio manufacturer, Harman International has more than ten professional audio brands such as JBL, Harman Kardon and Infinity, AKG, Becker, BSS, Crown, dbx, DigiTech, Lexicon, Mark Levinson, Revel, QNX, Soundcraft and Studer. It also includes providing audio, navigation and other related solutions for domestic and foreign automakers. Harman International also provides professional sound systems for famous entertainers and performance venues. Its professional audio systems have been installed in the Shanghai Grand Theater, Oriental Art Center, Nanjing Gymnasium, Rolling Stone restaurant chain, and many venues for the Beijing Olympic Games.

At the end of 2009, Harman International Industrial Group of the United States settled in Shanghai and officially opened its R&D and engineering center in Shanghai. Mr. Golden Definition, who has won the Shanghai Magnolia Award, was appointed as the President of Harman International Northeast Asia and Greater China.

■ Introduction to the main “modified” parts of the vehicle

From the appearance, the LTE concept car based on Touran “modified” is no different from ordinary Touran. If you don't tell you its essence, you won't pay too much attention to the appearance. Looking from the front of the car, there is a camera in the rear view mirror part of the front windshield, and there is also a camera in the rear window glass.

There is an antenna device on the roof, whose main function is to transmit signals. It is understood that the camera in the car can not only provide passengers with information about the situation outside the car, but in the future, communication between vehicles can also be realized through the 4G network. For example, you can use cameras in other vehicles in your car to know that the front is very high. Real-time road conditions over long distances. In addition, the cameras in mass-produced vehicles in the future will not have the same size as the current devices, but will reduce the size of the devices according to the actual situation.

The main functions of the LTE concept car include: personal communication, audio-visual entertainment, casual games, information services, driving navigation, on-board camera, vehicle diagnosis, etc. While realizing the above functions, the entire interface experience is quite good, but in terms of entertainment system and communication functions, each touch screen is more like a big mobile phone. Next, let's take a look at the “modification” inside the LTE concept car in one day.


4G is the abbreviation of the fourth generation of mobile communication and its technology. It is a technical product that integrates 3G and WLAN and can transmit high-quality video images and the image transmission quality is comparable to that of high-definition TV. The 4G system can download at a speed of 100Mbps, which is 2000 times faster than dial-up Internet access. The upload speed can also reach 20Mbps, and it can meet the requirements of almost all users for wireless services. In terms of the price that users are most concerned about, 4G and fixed broadband networks are comparable in price, and the billing method is more flexible, and users can determine the services they need according to their own needs. In addition, 4G can be deployed in areas not covered by DSL and cable modems, and then expanded to the entire region. Obviously, 4G has incomparable advantages.

The above content is extracted from Baidu Encyclopedia. For more content about 4G, you can click to view:

If you don't see much change from the exterior, just look at the inside of the car. In the front row, we can see a huge touch screen at the center console, a small control panel and a USB port below, and a computer in the passenger seat.

The rear row part has changed slightly, and both headrests have the same huge touch screen as the front row. According to reports, each touch screen in the car is equivalent to a computer, which can not only operate independently, but also transmit information to each other.

There are a lot of equipment in the trunk, mainly including a computer host, a multimedia information box, and a power supply. According to the staff of Harman International, all of these “modified” equipment in the car can be miniaturized in mass-produced cars in the future, and the host does not need to be so large, which will not affect the interior space of the car.

In the content on the next page, the editor will show you the powerful functions of this system in the form of pictures. However, the editor thinks that the video method can more intuitively let you feel the LTE concept car. Due to the conditions and time constraints, there is no chance to do this this time. If you have the opportunity to contact again next time, you must take care of it. !

■ Presentation of main functions

Compared with the introduction on the previous page about the concept of LTE concept car, ng Connect Program, 4G, etc., the next function display, you seem to be more relaxed. The main functions of the large central screen in the front row and the two screens in the rear row are basically the same, so here is only a detailed description for the former. In the future, the size of the touch screen in the car can be adjusted according to the actual vehicle situation, and the LTE concept car only shows some functions.

According to the staff of Harman International, this system was developed by QNX Software System Co., Ltd. The overall interface and various functions were developed by Harman International, including the localization of the software and the implantation of various functions.

In the video function project, the system can not only read the content in a mobile storage device similar to a USB flash drive, but also watch online video on the Internet, and the video on the passenger’s mobile phone in the car can also be read through Bluetooth. In addition, the multimedia in the 4G base station The library information industry can be watched in real time.

Since it has been connected to the 4G network, you can listen to online radio stations. In other words, you can listen to your favorite radio programs in a remote place, and it will be possible to completely replace the traditional radio through the 4G network and this system.

The front/rear camera or the future body equipped with more cameras can be displayed on the screen. The appearance of images is not necessarily the most important, but the most important thing is to develop many related functions.

Of course, in addition to realizing entertainment functions through the 4G network, household equipment including electrical appliances can also be connected to this system. However, I don't care about the switches of doors and windows, lights, and the images displayed by the cameras in the house. I can remotely control the air conditioner in the hot summer.

After watching the demonstration of the above functions, you may think that if you use this system, won't the car become a big mobile phone? This is indeed the case! For car owners, driving navigation and vehicle diagnosis functions should be more concerned. This is about how you get to the destination after getting in the car, and you can always know the condition of the car during the driving process.

In addition to having practical navigation functions, the LTE concept car also has a very comprehensive function in vehicle diagnosis. It can be seen from the main interface of the vehicle diagnosis that the functions are quite rich. Since this part involves the installation of related sensors, but they have not been installed yet, the actual effects of these functions cannot be displayed. Can only tell you what kind of functions can be achieved.

Two small functions are shown at the end of the full text. The audio and air conditioning control system can also be freely adjusted through the system. If the future vehicles implement these two functions, this part of the control area will be omitted in the car, and the center console will be more concise. The small buttons for seat ventilation and heating will also disappear.

Edit summary:

The LTE concept car is undoubtedly based on the 4G network to achieve many functions, but its important role is to enhance the good experience of the users in the car. Of course, many functions are not necessarily suitable for every car owner. If car owners can customize some functions in the future, they will be more suitable for market needs. Intuitively, although the LTE concept car is like a big mobile phone or a big computer, as long as the most desired functions of the car owner can be developed, I believe its value will be widely recognized.