[YesAuto Car Race] Knowing that the second-to-last lap has a puncture, what does it feel like to fly the third runner-up? Just ask Vettel, who just finished the race in Belgium. In the current situation where Mercedes does not win the championship, it is only called news. Fortunately, Pirelli's two flat tires and the collective effort of the mid-range teams made the Belgian station, which has always been classics, still lively and extraordinary!

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The Spa itself is a classic, except for the “Io Rogge” corner, which can be passed at full throttle at a speed of 300km/h and above, and the longest F1 track with a single lap of more than 7 kilometers. In the large jungles of Ashan District, let’s talk about the spooky weather that will change. The track ups and downs more than 100 meters and the complex corner combinations have always tested the skills and temper of the riders. Good place.

And when it comes to the classic modern battles of the Spa circuit, it is like a “legendary history” of Michael Schumacher. It is enough to prove that the car king took part in F1's “debut” and won his first F1 championship here. The car king is simply the natural “master” here. Want me to say Spa’s most classic game? It was 1995!

● Mercedes: It is not news to take the championship and runner-up, only the life of the drivers is so rich and colorful

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Now that the continued monopoly of Mercedes has become the norm, what else can become “news”? The answer is that the two drivers have a “rich and colorful” vacation life.

Hamilton “found” the new ambiguous object, Rihanna from Barbados, to share “fish and water joy” with herself this holiday. However, considering everyone's psychological endurance, the single photo of Rihanna playing in the water is still not released, so as not to affect everyone's aesthetics due to various sagging figures. In short, it really takes courage to choose Rihanna.

Having said that, it may really be “changing people's hearts over time”. I think that Shu Ke Singh has always been a company when he first entered F1 from Hamilton. However, Hamilton is also a “pursuing” person, and we are “mortals”. The dignified “elegant black beauty” (above Rihanna in figure, image, and height) was also reluctantly abandoned by Hamilton at the beginning of the season many years later. Perhaps one of the reasons is that the time is too long and there is no emotion? Or is it because Shu Ke Singh is 7 years older than himself? It seems that foreigners don't mind age.

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In short, the fact that we can know is that Hamilton had a very happy holiday. And no matter who he was with, it seemed that it had no effect on his current state of imposing vigor. This is an extraordinary quality that Hamilton has demonstrated since the second half of last year: to reduce the impact of all factors on his competitive state.

Video: F1 2015 Belgian Grand Prix second practice session Rosberg crashed with a high-speed tyre puncture

Don't underestimate this puncture, which will affect Rosberg's mentality and preparations. Rosberg, who had led both rounds in Friday practice matches, really lost his style on Saturday. The basic thing that he can do from qualifying to the race is to follow Hamilton to ensure second place. To defeat a teammate who is thriving in the sky, Rosberg also needs good luck and good luck. Anyway, Spa was temporarily unable to find it.

Spa is known as the track that needs the most “courage” in F1, and Hamilton's record here is also excellent. The most classic battle is the 2008 duel with Raikkonen in the rain, and Raikkonen hit the wall and won by himself. . It was here last year that Hamilton failed to finish the race, but he still blew the “Charge” that won the world championship in the second half of the season. What is the market this year? Just wait and see! Anyway, in the driver's standings, he is already 28 points ahead of Rosberg. Once again, his success depends on his own control!

● Ferrari: the “rise” of the mid-range team is achieved by the fact that the team loses its horse

Video 5: F1 2015 Belgian race Vettel’s penultimate lap punctured

I also think that Ferrari will have a strong performance in Spa, and the result is: we all think too much!

From Friday’s practice session, Ferrari’s performance was not so “right”. In the second practice, Vettel was only ranked 10th, and on Saturday’s qualifying Ferrari began to enter the “bad luck fermentation period.” Raikkonen In qualifying, he withdrew due to a power unit failure, and Vettel's puncture on Sunday became the “big focus” of the entire Spa over the weekend.

Looking back on the reason, it can only be said that Ferrari was too slow. Vettel, who wanted to chase all the way from the 9th grid, had to resort to a dangerous move to try a pit stop, but he encountered a flat tire on the penultimate lap.

Later, in the “tear force” battle with Pirelli, Ferrari's firepower did not care about the face of its old partner Pirelli. You must know that they are synonymous with the Italian high-end automobile field, and among the current production cars of Ferrari, except for the 458 Speciale. All Pirelli tires are also used. Well, well, in short, Pirelli must have suffered a lot from the surface of this matter, but digging deeper is the problem caused by the “single tire supplier system” currently implemented by the FIA. After all, the logic is that the competition is forced to change tires with different formulas, and the wear resistance of tires is “too strong” meaningless…

Video: F1 2015 Belgian race Bottas 3 soft tires 1 neutral tires

In fact, taking a step back, if Vettel doesn't have a puncture, the third runner-up can still take fourth place, which is also a good thing. It's just that the rise of third place is absolutely unexpected!

Originally, two cars (Hokenberg and Sainz) were out of the game at the start. Although Sainz returned to the track later, it didn't make much sense. In the magical start, the person who rushed to the front of Rosberg did not finally win the third runner-up Grosjean. At this time, he was in the eighth place as a “quiet beautiful man” waiting for the opportunity to “make a fortune in silence”.

It wasn't until the first pit stop that he suddenly surpassed Ricardo and Perez by virtue of the advantage on the tires. Therefore, Vettel was forced to use a pit stop to surpass Grosjean. It was indeed helpless. Although the tactic was successful, the flat tire made everything fall short, and he had the terrifying speed of Mercedes-powered straights. Vettel It is really not easy to defend Grosjean at the last moment.

In fact, there is another topic on Ferrari's site that is Raikkonen. The last race report also predicted that his situation was unfavorable, and as a result, Ferrari announced a one-year contract extension. But this year's contract renewal, in the final analysis, is because the previously fancy Bottas and Ricardo have contracts in their bodies, and Ferrari does not want to spend more liquidated damages to dig people. And by the end of next year, Verstappen may also become a potential prey for Ferrari, but if Ferrari were the two young drivers of Vettelga Verstappen, who would be willing to be the second child?

● Verstappen: Is the potential superstar still overestimated?

From the beautiful start to the fight with Raikkonen at the end, Verstappen's Spa trip was very brilliant! But frankly, I haven't been very optimistic about Verstappen since his debut in F1 until now. The reason is also very simple. In this era of “young heroes coming forth in large numbers”, few people can stand proudly for many years and truly reach the top of a sport.

From the perspective of Verstappen's own qualities, although he had only one year of F3 experience before, the basic qualities are outstanding among the newcomers in F1. But the problem is that he feels a bit… a bit too crazy. Since Malaysia, the world has noticed that this little guy's overtaking is so simple and rude, and the collision between Monaco and Grosjean also made him fall into accusations. In addition to crazy overtaking, in terms of speed, compared to Sainz, who is also a “first-year freshman”, there is nothing impressive about him. Speed advantage has always been the most basic characteristic of a top driver.

Verstappen's way of dealing with the outside world is simple: continue to live in his own world. After all, he is still less than 18 years old and a child. He doesn't need to understand too much of F1 too early. But many of his behaviors in Spa made him look reckless, and the seventh that could have been obtained was also vanished in the last minute overtaking. Living in his own world may accomplish his success or even greatness, just like Senna and Schumacher, it may also be a way to ruin his prospects.

He may just live in one of the best times: entering this race before the “age limit” of F1, driving a car with a DRS overtaking tool that is very easy to drive than before, and a straight second that is prohibited by the rules. Change lane defense. His “simple and rude” is certainly worth trying for a car that often struggles around 10 places like Red Bull, but if he drives a Ferrari or Mercedes in the future, he will be stable most of the time. All are the primary pursuits. He has absolutely enough time to beat any predecessor in F1 history, but the premise is that he has to change a lot.

● McLaren: Please regard 2015 as the “experimental year”

McLaren failed to continue the excitement of Hungary, but don't be sad, maybe they will perform even worse in Monza next weekend, the track with the fastest speed and the most straights in F1.

Their situation can really be described as irresistible. If it weren’t for the FIA’s “additional penalty”, they would have accumulated 105 penalties, which would be enough to be the last two on the grid in each of the remaining races. Of course, they also used this rule wisely and unsealed two sets of power unit devices in a timely manner, as the so-called “one punishment, multiple benefits”.

Under such circumstances, Alonso still ran an extremely impressive race-I even think that it is Alonso's existence that makes people believe that even in today's F1 world, drivers can still perform extremely well. Great value! His teammate Button at Spaby, another F1 world champion, was 40 seconds fast! This is equivalent to a lap faster by 1 second, and this is still in the case of tire wear and fuel consumption.

We can only look forward to the 2016 season when McLaren can bring a car that is powerful enough to allow Alonso to continue his good show. Since playing in modern F1, the order of “Spa first, then Monza” has not been changed (except for the 2006 Spa circuit which did not enter the F1 schedule due to reconstruction), and these two circuits are also my personal favorite F1 races. Tao. Spa tests courage and the weather is changeable, and the race at Monza, Italy from September 4th to 6th is the fastest race of the year. The top speed of F1 in Monza last year reached 362km/h. This year, the top speed is definitely more worth looking forward to when the power is stronger! In fact, I only hope that it will not rain in Monza. (Text/Car Home Wu Hao)

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