[YesAuto Test Drive] Mitsubishi Motors is so well-known in China that it relies on their achievements in the field of sports cars, as well as products in cooperation with some domestic auto manufacturers. Outlander, as the only urban SUV of Mitsubishi Motors in China, should be regarded as a model that everyone is familiar with. After 8 years of market baptism, Outlander has completed its third comprehensive improvement. What difference will it bring to us this time? Let's take a look…

The changes in the exterior design of the 2010 Outlander EX should be considered the most obvious. After successively launching the new front face of Mitsubishi's family-style shark mouth, Yihao Lushen, Lancer EX, and Colt, the new Outlander EX also replaced this big mouth, thus unifying the design style of Mitsubishi series models, and at the same time, it can also make consumption People are even more impressed with Mitsubishi Motors.

Now that we talked about the big mouth shape, let's start with the front of the car. In addition to the big mouth, the headlights of the new Outlander EX have also changed their shapes. The headlights now used are also very familiar to everyone-Yihao Lushen…, I must admit that this headlight is indeed very expressive. The impression that Outlander gave me is more warm and fashionable, and now this one replaces everything with 100% domineering.

The front face of the new Outlander EX has been adjusted in addition to the headlights and air intake grille, and the fog lights are handled more carefully. In order to make the fog lights part of the overall shape of the front of the car, this time the fog lights of the Outlander EX have also been redesigned. Between the fog lamp theme and the chrome decoration, a punch black decorative strip is added to make the fog lamp look more three-dimensional and more advanced.

Under the large-mouth intake grille, the Outlander EX is equipped with an aluminum alloy guard plate to prevent the bottom from dragging, which not only solves the car owners' worries when the vehicle is off-road, but also adds some points to the front design. Moreover, the ventilation devices on the left and right sides of the front bumper of some performance models are also available on the Outlander EX, but here they just don't have any practical effects, only the effect of increasing the aesthetics.

Viewed from the side, the body curve of the new Outlander EX has no major changes compared with the previous model. The design is more harmonious and belongs to the most acceptable SUV line. The 18-inch 7-spoke aluminum alloy wheels are properly matched with the body, and the expanded wheel eyebrows make the new Outlander EX look fuller and more powerful. The exterior rearview mirrors with turn signals on the body failed to enter the Chinese market because they did not comply with certain provisions of the domestic road safety law. Therefore, the new Outlander EX we will see in the future should be equipped with ordinary rearview mirrors. . The editor later checked the relevant rules, and found no special regulations on exterior mirrors. The editor will continue to pay attention to this matter, and hope that friends who have researched in this area can give corrections in the reply to the article.

The rear styling of the new Outlander EX maintains the rear styling of the previous model. The function that the trunk door can be opened separately is rare and practical in this class of SUV models. But it should be noted that if you want to open the lower part of the door, you need to open the upper part first.

The interior color scheme of Outlander EX is based on a more conservative top-depth and bottom-light collocation. Some models also have all-black interiors, but the editor believes that giving up the more dynamic black interior and choosing more light colors may be more suitable for this car. Since it is mainly for home use, it is not a car that requires special attention to performance. More light colors should make the driving environment more comfortable.

The design of the center console is very concise. The control panel of the audio system is designed in a traditional way. It is very difficult for users to get started. The size of all buttons and knobs are designed to be moderate, so that the driver will not distract too much attention during the operation. In addition, the top model of the Outlander EX is directly equipped with Rifle audio, and even a subwoofer is installed in the trunk. Other models are equipped with original Mitsubishi speakers.

The automatic air conditioning system occupies a very small area on the center console, and three chrome-plated discs solve the problem. I believe everyone is familiar with this style. Many domestic models have begun to use this style of automatic air conditioning. The biggest advantage of this design is that the difficulty of getting started is very small, everyone should be able to use it, much better than a bunch of complicated buttons placed there.

The steering wheel of the highest model of the new Outlander EX uses the same steering wheel as the Yihao Lushen, which is different from the previous steering wheels of other models in terms of style and function realization. The steering wheel on the highest model has more control buttons for the sound system than the previous steering wheel, and some metal decorations are added, which really looks much better.

Although the barrel-style instrument panel is not a novelty, it does look good when it is assembled on this car, and the simple and clear dial design feels very good. The central information display uses a little color. The embellishment is the finishing touch.

The door handles of the new Outlander EX are made of two different materials. In the rear part, the elbows of the occupants need to be touched frequently during the ride. The flannel material is made of good-feeling flannel. The position of the door is made of rubber surface material with a relatively large friction coefficient. This kind of user-friendly design is worthy of praise. Moreover, the door lining of this car is obviously stitched. Judging from the results, the craftsmanship level is quite in place.

The front seat design of this car is still the first requirement to meet comfort performance, so the seat's leg and waist wrapping performance is not very good, and the sponge used in the entire seat is relatively soft. After closing the door, the gap between the front seat and the door will be relatively small. This will affect the driver's use of the seat adjustment buttons on the side of the seat. This should be regarded as a small bug in the design of this car. Hope the manufacturer can solve it. The flexibility of the rear seats is relatively strong, not only can the position be moved back and forth, but the backrest of the seat can also be adjusted in a small range.

In high-end models, the front seats have a seat heating function, but the position of the heating switch is relatively different, especially if the driver’s seat is installed in this position if the driver wants to be on the way To use it, will it affect driving safety?

In terms of storage space in the car, Outlander EX is quite satisfactory. The storage compartments on the front and rear doors are large enough to store beverage bottles, large wallets and the like. Not only that, this car also designed two completely independent glove boxes, each of which has an ideal space, and there is no problem with putting some beverage bottles, maintenance manuals, manuals and the like into them.

In terms of seating space in the car, Outlander EX's performance is remarkable. After a male occupant with a height of about 180cm sits in the front seat, there is still room for about two punches on the head, which is quite luxurious! When the same person sits in the back row, there is room for a punch in the leg. In order to take care of the head space of the rear occupants, this car has a design that considers the head space, so that the head space of the back row is also up to More than a punch.

Outlander EX is a five-door five-seater model, which is thoughtful about the use of trunk space. There are buttons on the left and right side walls of the trunk. If you hold this button for about two seconds, the rear seats on the same side will automatically fold up to make more room for the trunk. This function is very practical, and this kind of operation through the electronic control button can also make this car look very advanced.

The engine of the 3.0-liter model of the new Outlander EX has been re-tuned, and the intake manifold and ignition coil have been improved, so the data has been slightly improved compared with the previous engine. Compared with the previous generation engine, the compression ratio of the 3.0L V6 MIVEC engine used in the new Outlander EX is increased by 10.5%, and the maximum output power is 169kW (230 horsepower)/6250rpm, which is 7KW higher than the previous engine. The maximum torque is 291N•m/3750rpm, which is 15N•m higher than the previous model.

During the test drive, the throttle response of the Outlander EX is relatively straightforward. The accelerator pedal has a relatively shallow vacant position, and can basically be stepped on and moved. This is similar to the SUV models I have tested in the past. The accelerator characteristics are different. The accelerator pedal of this car feels more like a sporty car.

This car uses a 6-speed automated manual gearbox to match the engine. This gearbox does not have an S position. It just relies on the sensor to sense the depth of the driver's accelerator pedal to determine the timing of the gearbox shift. In daily driving, the gearbox behaves very mildly and basically does not allow the engine speed to climb above 2000rpm to ensure the fuel economy of the vehicle. The acceleration ability of the new Outlander EX is relatively average on the way. The gearbox needs a little reaction time for the driver's sudden full throttle action. The subsequent downshift action cannot be said to be particularly straightforward. It is also a step-by-step completion of a two-gear downshift. The design of the gearbox lever is rather delicate, and the leather-wrapped part of the upper half feels very good.

During the test drive in Mitsubishi's high ring test track, the stability of this car at high speeds was satisfactory. Since the suspension tuning is almost entirely of the comfort type, the driver's understanding of the road feel at high speeds is not clear. There is another undesirable place. Due to the design characteristics of the SUV body, the wind noise is relatively large when driving at high speed.

The steering wheel of this Outlander EX is slightly thinner for male drivers and feels a little lighter during daily driving. Fortunately, the directionality of the front of the car is not bad. This was especially obvious when we tried the Outlander EX driven by the Dakar Rally champion Japanese driver Hiroshi Masuoka. Although it is a comfortable SUV model, even if it is facing a mountain road with many bends, the driver can still say that the car is driving fast (faster than we imagined). The suspension reaches its limit at almost every corner. Drivers rely more on precise steering to control the body. The editor also feels the excellent steering settings of Outlander EX.

As an urban SUV model, Mitsubishi's S-AWC (Super All-Wheel Control) system is also installed on the top-of-the-line Outlander EX. This system controls the lateral behavior of the deployed vehicle through driving force control and braking force control. And longitudinal behavior of the integrated system of vehicle driving control. The S-AWC adopted by Outlander EX is based on the traditional electronic control four-wheel drive system, adding active front differential control (left and right front wheel driving force control), and cooperates with ASC (active stability control system) and ABS ( Anti-lock braking system) to provide driving stability and maneuverability for vehicle driving.

S-AWC control has three modes for the driver to choose according to different road conditions. They are TAMAC (asphalt road) mode, SNOW (snow road) mode and LOCK (four-wheel drive lock) mode. In these three different modes, the driving force distribution of the front and rear wheels is also different. In the asphalt road mode, the ratio of the front and rear wheel driving force distribution is 90:10, and the ratio of the front and rear wheel driving force distribution in the snow road mode is 70. : 30, and the ratio of front and rear wheel drive force distribution in the four-wheel drive lock mode is 55:45.

Regrettably, in this test drive event, the manufacturer did not arrange for us to experience the off-road capability of this car, so as to how capable the Outlander EX car is in off-roading, it is comparable to the one sold in China. Compared with other SUVs in the same class, are there any advantages in off-roading? We can only wait for the Autohome to get the Outlander EX single test car before we demonstrate for everyone.

to sum up:

Although the conditions of the test drive are relatively limited and the time is very tight, I still have some good feelings for the Outlander EX, and there are also many question marks about its four-wheel drive system and its true off-road capability. After a brief contact, the Outlander EX gave me the impression that although the appearance has become very hard and domineering, in fact it is still a very friendly model with many practical and unobtrusive configurations and easy-to-operate interiors. Emphasis on comfortable suspension and control settings can confirm this. From this point of view, price will become the most important factor in determining the success or failure of a car! The new Outlander EX will be launched in China in the near future, we will wait and see… (Photo/Text/Photo: Zuo Xu)