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[YesAuto Model PK] On April 2, 2013, Changan Ford released the new Mondeo to consumers. For the mid-size car market that focuses on sports style, the new Mondeo is definitely a blockbuster. In the same level, Mazda 6 also takes sports as its own selling point. It just so happens that it has also reached the moment of updating. To be correct, it is the next-generation product of Mazda 6 Ruiyi. At the 2013 Shanghai Auto Show, Mazda brought a new generation of models-Mazda ATENZA. The new players of these two sports midsize cars will come together to compete for the same market in the future. Before they officially start, we will first come to the preliminaries.

● Appearance

In terms of appearance design, both cars showed their own understanding of sports style. The new Mondeo showed more fierceness and aggressiveness, while ATENZA gave full play to the design elements of Mazda's soul. The exterior styling also depends on your ability to accept, but what is certain is that the exterior design of these two cars is very successful.

The side lines of the two cars are smooth and the proportions are harmonious. The ridgelines of the body of ATENZA are more abundant, and the layering shown is slightly better than that of the new Mondeo. The 19-inch wheels used by ATENZA are attractive to consumers who are pursuing sports-style models, but such configurations are likely to disappear after being made in China. Even the 18-inch wheels of the new Mondeo, I find it difficult to keep it.

The design of the rear of the car is also a manifestation of stylistic differences. The LED taillights of the new Mondeo are not only more beautiful, but also perform better in terms of active safety. At this point, ATENZA still has room for improvement.

The structure of the suspension definitely affects the most basic performance of a sports car. At this point, they all do very well, and the new Mondeo also uses aluminum materials, which have more advantages in terms of weight. For such equipment, I Looking forward to their dynamic performance.

● Interior

In the interior design, the shape of the two cars is worthy of recognition, and the materials used are also soft materials. However, in contrast, the material of ATENZA is softer, and the handle and details of the process are also better. outstanding.

The steering wheels of the new Mondeo and ATENZA both have a strong sporty temperament, and the leather-wrapped feel is very good, but the steering wheel of the new Mondeo is slightly thinner, and the grip is not full enough. At this point, Mazda, which pays attention to control and sports, seems to know better Consumer demand.

The damping of the knobs on the center console is relatively in place. In contrast, ATENZA is not tight enough, but it is easier to use than the new Mondeo. Except for the volume knob, the entire center console of the new Mondeo is all touch-controlled. In daily driving, it is easy to accidentally touch it. At this point, I still prefer the design of physical buttons.

The overall size of the sunroof is comparable, but the sunroof of the new Mondeo is longer and gives a slightly better impression. After all, people pay more attention to the length of the sunroof than the performance of the width.

● Riding space and comfort

Experiencers with a height of 180cm were seated in the two cars. After adjusting the seats to the appropriate positions, the final performance of the two cars was evenly matched. Although there was no exaggerated performance of more than two punches, it was enough for our daily use.

In terms of riding experience, the new Mondeo still maintains a high level of comfort, and the padding of the seat is softer than that of ATENZA. Consumers who like soft seats will definitely be satisfied.

As for the feelings in the middle of the back row, they do not give people a satisfactory answer. The ride in the middle is not good, and the performance of the space under the feet cannot make the ride comfortable, unless it is to invade the space under the feet of the passengers on both sides. . The central bulge of ATENZA is higher, and the front-to-back distance of the new Mondeo is small, and the overall performance is difficult to meet the standard.

● Storage space in the car

The front and rear doors of the two cars are designed with storage space. In terms of space performance, the new Mondeo seems to be more dominant. However, when I put down the bottled water, I found that the height of the storage compartment of the new Mondeo is restricted. It is not easy to put it down, and when it is on ATENZA, it is very easy to place bottled water. The only shortcoming is that the space is slightly smaller. At this point, they are flat.

The storage space in the front row is good for both cars. The storage space in the center console of the new Mondeo is not small, but the middle part is affected by the gear lever when taking things, and it is not enough when taking things through both sides. Smoothly, inadequate performance in use. In terms of the performance of the glove box, it has brought back some face, not only has a large space, but also has a suede treatment inside, which is visually more high-end and very comfortable to use.

The front center armrest of ATENZA can be moved forwards and backwards, which can satisfy more drivers who don’t have any height. In terms of internal space, the new Mondeo is even better. The design of the rear center armrest should be even more colorful for the new Mondeo. The cup holder can be stored in the armrest when not in use, and will not affect daily use. At this point, ATENZA needs to be improved.

● Trunk

The trunk space of the new Mondeo and ATENZA are very regular. After measurement, ATENZA performs better in terms of space utilization. The new Mondeo is affected by the rear speakers and is much smaller in height than ATENZA. After the backs of the rows of seats were leveled, the flatness was not as good as that of the opponent, and ATENZA won in this link.

● Summary:

As the two main sports-style models, the new Mondeo shows a more masculine style, just like the hard qigong in the martial arts world, while the Mazda ATENZA shows a gentle air, just like Tai Chi fighting with softness. Their styles can represent the two main directions of a mid-sized car with a sporty style. As a mid-sized car, if you blindly pursue sports, it may be difficult to survive in this market. Therefore, they also need to pay attention to show their sporty style. To comfort. Through today’s more elementary comparison, we can see that the two of them are comparable in strength. In the end, who will be the winner of this competition? I think we must make them move to get the answer. After they are listed, I believe this comparison. It will certainly appear again, and by that time, we must present a more comprehensive and detailed comparison for everyone.