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[YesAuto Car Buying Manual] The LaVida car series has sold more than 3.5 million units in the past ten years. Calculating the average monthly sales volume of nearly 30,000 units, this is a very good figure in the Chinese auto market. On May 25, 2018, the new generation of LaVida was officially launched. The price of the new LaVida is 115,900 to 162,900 yuan. From the guide price, it is 6,000 yuan behind the old LaVida. Which brand new LaVida with improved product strength is most worthwhile Where to buy? We then look down.

We have done a detailed static and dynamic experience of the two displacement models of the new LaVida before. This article will not repeat them too much. If you are interested, you can click on the link below to review.

● Power system

The new Lavida has replaced the MQB platform, which not only reduces the weight of the body, but also changes the power system. The previous 1.6L engine was replaced with a brand new 1.5L engine, the power increased by 4 kilowatts, the peak torque was reduced by 5 N·m, and the data gap was not big. And another good thing is that the tax rate is lower than that of the 1.6L model. The 1.4T engine retains the 280TSI model with the same parameters as the old model. The 1.5L engine is paired with 5-speed manual and 6-speed automatic transmissions, and the 1.4T model is paired with a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission. The new LaVida currently on the market has only these two displacement engines, and the previous 1.2T model has been cancelled.

The suspension structure is the same as that of the old Lavida. The front Macpherson-style independent suspension and the rear torsion beam-type non-independent suspension are consistent with its positioning on the new Lavida.

● Color selection

The brand new LaVida released this time provides 6 body colors, among which Qianya Purple and Fengya Gold are the main colors, especially Qianya Purple. It looks like the whole car has a good temperament, which is much more stable than the old LaVida.

The interior offers 3 color schemes, namely beige interior, brown interior and black interior. The black interior is standard for the whole series, and the beige interior is the standard for the top. Except for the two models of the fashion version, the rest of the models can be optional. The brown interior is optional for the rest of the two models in addition to the fashion version. Judging from the actual effect, the beige interior has a stronger sense of luxury. As for the rims, the fashion model is equipped with 15-inch wheels, the comfortable model is equipped with 16-inch wheels, and the luxury model is equipped with 17-inch wheels.

● 1.5L manual/automatic fashion version
The official guide price is 11.59/12.79 million yuan

The starting price of the new LaVida is 115,900 yuan, which is 6,000 yuan more expensive than the old manual style version. Considering the overall improvement of the updated platform and product strength, this price gap is reasonable. For the new Lavida, the manual and automatic fashion versions are almost the same except for the gearbox configuration. The difference between the two is 12,000 yuan. For a single gearbox, the price difference is slightly larger.

Judging from the basic configuration of the entry model, the manual style version priced at 115,900 yuan is equipped with LED headlights, electronic handbrake, automatic parking and rear exhaust vents, and the effect of 15-inch wheels will not appear too LOW. , From the appearance point of view, it will not make people feel that the price drops, which is the advantage part. In addition to the common radio multimedia of low-profile models, the fashion version is also equipped with an original mobile phone holder, which can be combined with App to realize navigation and music playback functions. For details, you can click the link to view. This is quite practical. At the same time, it also comes standard with a body stabilization system and rear parking radar, which is a good performance. However, there are still only main/passenger airbags for airbags. Taking into account the configuration and practical space of its entry-level models, the manual transmission priced at 115,900 yuan is still suitable for users who just need it, and the automatic transmission has increased by 12,000 yuan. If you consider manual transmission, it is recommended not to consider low-end automatic transmission models.

● 1.5L manual/280TSI DSG comfort version
The official guide price is 12.79/149,900 yuan

Judging from the model name, the Comfort Edition has a total of 3 cars, namely 1.5L manual/1.5L automatic and 280TSI DSG, but the 1.5L automatic comfort version is different from the other two powertrain comfort versions. Here is an analysis. 1.5L manual and 280TSI DSG comfort version. Compared with the fashion version, the 1.5L manual version is 12,000 yuan more expensive, while the 280TSI DSG comfort version is a 1.4T starting model. For its price, the starting price is 3,000 yuan higher than the current 1.4T model. There are pros and cons.

The configuration of the comfort version is much more comprehensive than that of the fashion version. The price of the manual version has increased by 12,000 yuan. The configuration has added a multi-function steering wheel, electric sunroof, 6.5-inch screen and front side airbags, and the rim has also increased to 16 inch. From the perspective of these configurations, it is a reasonable increase in configuration, but for users who buy manual transmission models to solve their just need for transportation, the cheaper fashion version is more suitable for their needs. As a 1.4T entry model, the configuration of the 280TSI DSG Comfort Edition is more suitable for this part of users, and from our actual measurement, it not only accelerates very fast, but also has an excellent level of fuel consumption, which is also its advantage. The price of 149,900 yuan matches its size and configuration, which is more reasonable. Here is a 4-star recommendation.

● 1.5L automatic comfort version
The official guide price is 142,900 yuan

The price difference between the 1.5L automatic comfort version and the 1.5L automatic fashion version is 15,000 yuan, which is 7,000 yuan cheaper than the 280TSI DSG comfort version, but the configuration is a bit better. As the only 1.5L automatic model, it How is the configuration performance?

The automatic comfort version is priced at 142,900 yuan. Compared with the fashion version, it adds large screens, leather seats, sunroofs, large wheels, rearview mirror heating, multi-function steering wheel and other practical and convenient configurations, but these are not its highlight, automatic comfort The version is also equipped with side air curtains and AEB active braking system. This is also the first time AEB is mounted on a LaVida model, which is helpful for the improvement of active and passive safety. Therefore, in the whole series of models, we most recommend the 1.5L automatic comfort type. If it is heated with a fixed-speed cruise, it will be more practical. After comprehensive price, platform space and configuration, we give it a five-star recommendation. Compared with the 280TSI DSG of 149,900 yuan, the 1.5L automatic comfort version has a higher active safety configuration, and the price is 7,000 cheaper, and the 1.5L automatic comfort version that does not care about power is more suitable.

● 280TSI DSG Deluxe Edition
The official guide price is 162,900 yuan

As the top model of the whole series, its guide price is 162,900 yuan. Basically, it can be installed in the configuration. The top model is more suitable for consumers with diversified car needs and more experience. purchase.

The luxury version is 13,000 yuan more expensive than the official guide price of the 280TSI DSG Comfort Edition. In terms of configuration, adaptive cruise control, keyless entry/start, automatic air conditioning, main driver electric seat adjustment, AEB active brake system, etc. are added. The price difference of 10,000 yuan is more reasonable, and relatively speaking, the configuration upgrades obtained can be regarded as more. However, considering that consumers who buy compact cars are more price-sensitive, and the price is relatively low, some enough configurations are slightly higher than the price, but the configuration is more attractive, so the top models here are not included in the recommended ranks. However, for those consumers who like the shape and space of Lavida, but also have a need for configuration, its price-performance ratio is still good.

● Summary:

After reading all levels of configuration analysis of the brand-new Lavida, I think you should be a little bit familiar with choosing it. In terms of configuration, there are only 6 models of the new Lavida currently on the market. If the 130,000 range of models can be added, consumers will have more choices. According to the current models on the market, the 1.5L automatic comfort version is the most recommended here, followed by the 280TSI DSG comfort version . For those rigid car buyers, the 1.5L manual style version with an entry price of 115,900 yuan is also a good one. Choice, after all, the new LaVida has replaced the latest MQB platform. Compared with the old LaVida, the driving texture has been improved a lot. Coupled with the increase in body size and the increase in rear seat cushions, the comfort has also been improved. If there are discounts in the later period, the sales of the new Lavida will continue to be popular. (Cao Haomin, Home of Wenzhou Automobile)