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[YesAuto original test drive] The Great Wall dazzling CROSS model is a boutique car of its own brand, although the price of around 60,000 is not very high, but there are many competitors at the same level, so the advantage is not obvious, in order to improve Competitiveness, Great Wall Motor launched the 2011 small facelift and dazzling CROSS model, and made some configuration upgrades to it, so we also took the lead in test-driving this new car, let’s share with you the driving experience.

The 2011 Great Wall Dazzling Cross launched a total of four models, namely 1.3L manual crossover type, 1.3LAMT crossover type, 1.5L manual crossover type, 1.5LAMT crossover type. The models used in this test drive and experience are 2011 models. Great Wall Dazzling CROSS1.5 manual crossover type .

2011 dazzling cross guide price
Model Price (ten thousand yuan)
1.3 MT 6.09
1.5 MT 6.29
1.3 AMT 6.49
1.5 AMT 6.69

     Before the article starts, let’s take a look at the changes of the 2011 dazzling CROSS. From the table below, it can be seen that the main configuration upgrades, but from the perspective of the price, there is not much change compared to the 2010 model. It can be said that the price increase is not increased, and Great Wall Motors has done a relatively good job at this point.

● Appearance: There is no overall change/the tires and wheels have been upgraded

The 2011 dazzling CROSS has no changes in appearance and body size compared to the 2010 model. It still maintains the body size of 3950mm/1717mm/1542mm; it is still the slightly exaggerated large-mouth grille and flying-wing front The headlights, stylish black guards, and flame-style rear taillights make the vehicle feel stylish and dynamic.

The front and rear of the vehicle adopt a combination of silver bottom guards and black anti-scratch strips, which not only reflects the fashionable and dynamic CROSS style, but also protects the body and chassis. It is a beautiful and practical device.

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    Before the test drive of the 2011 dazzling model, the editor of Auto House has already carried out a detailed real shot of the model. Because the 2011 model has no change compared with the 2010 model, the description of the appearance will not be introduced in detail. Friends who are interested can read the following related articles.

The biggest change in appearance comes from the tires and wheels. All of the 2011 Dazzling CROSS series use Giti tires with a size of 195/55 R16. They are paired with 16-inch 5-spoke aluminum alloy wheels similar to the current Haval M2. Sporty, and upgraded tires are helpful for improving vehicle stability and grip.

It is commendable that the 2011 dazzling CROSS has changed the brake system of the old model's “front disc and rear drum”, and the whole system has been upgraded to four-wheel disc brakes, and the calipers are sprayed in red, which looks eye-catching and sporty, with braking effect There is also a great improvement. It is also because of the changes in the tires that the ground clearance of the dazzling CROSS is slightly higher than that of the previous ordinary dazzling, but from the data point of view, it still maintains the same ground clearance of 127mm as that of the old car. So this is enough to meet the passability of daily driving.

● Interior: the configuration has been improved

The changes in the car are not that big. The biggest change comes from the seats. The original fabric seats have been fully upgraded to artificial leather seats. The sense of quality has been improved, and there can be some in the same class of cars at the same price. This configuration is very rare. However, the artificial leather material like this is not very good, especially in the summer when exposed to the sun, the seat heat is slow, and there will be an unpleasant leather smell. Although the heat dissipation is also perforated, it is from the leather It is more difficult to take care of, and the workmanship of the seat needs to be improved.

In addition, the rearview mirrors are all upgraded to electric adjustment, not only the grade has been improved, but the important thing is that it is really convenient to use.

In addition to the above two points, the interior of the 2011 dazzling CROSS is consistent with the old model. The center control panel uses a dark color and matches with the bright color decorative strips on the edge to make the center console look very dynamic. The workmanship is quite satisfactory, and the feel of each button, including the damping of the knob, is not obvious enough. However, the materials used are not enough. The entire central control, including the door panel, is basically made of hard plastic, which shows that cost control is inevitable.

After all, there is only a price of more than 60,000 yuan. It is definitely unrealistic to be equipped with a leather steering wheel, but the size and feel of the steering wheel are not bad, and the steering wheel is equipped with multi-function buttons, which makes the operation more convenient and more user-friendly. Unfortunately, this The steering wheel does not feel very clear during driving.

● Space: barely enough

Dazzling CROSS takes the route of a boutique car, and its positioning is also biased towards the daily transportation of one or two people, so the space provided by the 2368mm wheelbase is not too much for us. Experiencers with a height of 1.72 meters sit in the front row and adjust the head space of the seat to still have much room for a punch.

But the back row space is a bit small, the head space has a punch space, and the leg space is only 3 fingers. Daily transportation is enough, but sitting in the back row for a long time may be a bit hard.

Although there is not much space, the dazzling CROSS has good storage capabilities. Cup holders are set under the center console and between the two front seat backs, and both front doors are set with small storage compartments, which are set on the center console. There are 3 storage compartments, which is completely satisfactory for daily storage of some conventional items.

● Driving experience: average power/low noise

In terms of power, the 2011 Great Wall Dazzling still uses 1.3L and 1.5L gasoline engines. This test drive is a 1.5L manual transmission model, equipped with a 1.5L (code-named GW4G15) all-aluminum engine and a VVT variable valve. Timing technology, maximum power (105 horsepower) 77kW/6000rpm; maximum torque 138N·m/4200rpm.

Although the parameters of the engine are not much different from those of the same class, it feels that the power output of this engine is not very sufficient. It feels that the throttle is a bit light and the response speed is not very sensitive. Perhaps this is related to the dazzling body weight. , The engine will only explode after the rapid acceleration speed exceeds 3000, but it is also acceptable for general family mobility vehicles. And the noise control is very good in normal driving, the noise of the engine below 3000 rpm is well controlled, and the noise mainly comes from tire noise and wind drying.

The 2011 dazzle also made upgrades and improvements in the braking system. The previous front and rear drums were upgraded to front and rear disc brakes. Disc brakes were used to improve braking responsiveness and brake disc heat dissipation, while effectively Improved the dazzling braking performance, compared with some joint venture small cars, this is relatively kind. But the dazzling brakes are hard, which is not very humane for women.

The 2011 dazzling CROSS model is also equipped with 5-speed manual transmission and AMT manual transmission. Driving this 1.5L manual transmission test drive, I feel that the shifting stroke is relatively long, but the gears are relatively clear, with suction power, and change It doesn't feel very difficult to block, but for young people who pursue sports, the 1.5L VVT engine with a 5-speed automatic manual transmission seems more worthy of consideration.

In terms of the chassis, Macpherson front suspension and torsion beam semi-independent rear suspension are used, which are also the suspension structure of most small cars. When the vehicle speed reaches 120KM per hour, it is still quite stable, so the dazzling CROSS chassis is relatively unremarkable. There are relatively stable.

Full text summary:

The main change of the 2011 dazzling CROSS is the upgrade of the configuration. The four-wheel disc brakes, the upgrade of the tires, the adjustment of the electric rearview mirror, and the increase of the leather seats are all practical and practical configurations. These improvements have contributed to the overall competitiveness of the vehicle. Help, the 2011 dazzling CROSS adds these practical configurations without much price changes, which undoubtedly improves market competitiveness.

In the small car market, the Great Wall Dazzling CROSS, as a boutique car route, has targeted its competitors to joint venture models such as Yaris, Swift, and Skoda. Compared with these joint venture small cars, Great Wall Dazzling It has the advantage of high cost performance, but it is far from enough to rely on the rich configuration and low price as a bargaining chip to compete with the same level of joint venture models. It also needs to improve the materials and workmanship. In addition, it has perfect and professional The after-sales service can also enhance the competitiveness of independent brands in the market.

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