[YesAuto Test Drive] Mazda has always regarded the concept of sports as the brand spirit. No matter which model it is in, you can find its difference, especially the medium-sized car Mazda 6, from sedan, coupe to wagon Version, we have seen the richest product line in this field. Although influenced by traditional concepts, the market for touring models is not good, but with it, it has achieved the same subdivision of coupe models. The “old” Mazda 6 slowly faded out of the market, and a new generation of products began to emerge. April 2010 is the due date for the Ruiyi Coupe.

The coupe has always been a favorite of young people. It bypasses the concept of “normal” or sedan, and obtains the satisfaction of “sports” visually. I think this is enough. After all, the price is similar and the power is also OK. The most important thing is Without losing the comfort and decent silhouette, the previous Mazda 6 coupe is like this, the new generation of Ruiyi coupe will also follow this rule, and it can even be said to be further deepened.

deepen? Where do you start? Check out the specially designed bumper and the oversized rear spoiler! I don't want to comment on how beautiful the design is. I just want to say that it looks a bit more exaggerated than the Mazda 6 coupe, because it is “big” and arrogant. Has it achieved its goal of attracting attention?

Different from Ruiyi, except for the headlights, the other front face details of the coupe version are almost changed. The clear grille pattern, huge fog lamp frame and bumper air intake are completely like a sports car. ! It's a pity that the handsome fog lamp frame and the strip grooves below are not designed as hollows, that is, there is no air circulation function, and it is purely decorative! Exactly the same as Ruiyi Sedan!

There are also two external features to put it briefly, basically the relationship between one good news and one bad news. The good news is that the rear spoiler is more stylish than the previous generation coupe! Big and warped, quite sexy! In addition to the decorative effect, its spoiler effect should also be better. The bad news is that the wheels of the Ruiyi Coupe are still the same! It is still 16-inch aluminum alloy wheels, which is once again disappointing. It seems that the distance between the sedan and the coupe version has not been widened. Is it so difficult to increase the number one? !

Since we just made a detailed real shot article of this car a few days ago, we won't talk about the same content anymore today. If you haven't had time to read it, you can click on the picture below to enter the article.

The interior has not changed, but the overall tone has been changed to black, which looks pretty cool, especially the seats! But you should not have special expectations for it, because there are only color changes and no chair-type innovations. This point is that Mazda can learn from some German models. For the thoroughness and thoroughness of the exercise, can it be in a certain How about adding some content to these positions? Such as seats, steering wheels or gear levers…

The trunk is one of the important points of the coupe. The volume itself is not small and coupled with the hatchback design, the practicality of the coupe version is actually very good! Since the specific parameters have not been announced, we can only infer that its trunk is better than the previous generation model. After all, the size of Ruiyi is larger than that of Mazda 6. The trunk volume of Mazda 6 is 500L, and Ruiyi is 519L. The standard volume of the trunk of the Mazda 6 Coupe is 492L. For a rough estimate, the volume of the Ruiyi Coupe should also be more than 10L, about 510L. Of course, if the rear seats are down, it will definitely be much larger!

The rear seats support 4/6 points folding, and the operation is very convenient when it is down. It can be done with only a quick handle. Simply put, it is a “one-button”, which is very similar to some SUV models; in order to make the seat When folded, it can form a plane with the trunk floor. When the seat is folded, the cushion will be deliberately protruding forward, so that the thickest part of the backrest can be stored better. It looks good. Of course, this is also a continuation of the design of the Mazda coupe. .

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Also worthy of being a continuation is the BOSE speaker, which is a good thing! I think friends who are familiar with the Mazda 6 coupe must know that it is equipped in the previous 2.3 models, which is a high-end audio with a subwoofer and a center-mounted decoy effect! My colleague bought this car before. According to him, he also focused on this reason when he bought the car. In order to avoid the cumbersome modification of the later stage, and the effect of the original factory is good, so he resolutely made this decision at that time!

Just as a driver who likes music, I think this set of BOSE speakers is quite good, especially the bass effect. It is absolutely different if there is a “cannon” or a “cannon”. The kind that penetrates the back with the air circulation. It feels that ordinary speakers can’t be achieved. In fact, I also installed a 6-inch subwoofer in my own car. That’s the feeling, but compared with the BOSE of the Ruiyi Coupe, there is still a clear distance…

There is no special change in the power part of the Ruiyi Coupe. It is still a 2.5L inline four-cylinder engine with a maximum power of 124KW (169 horsepower)/6000rpm and a maximum torque of 226N·m/4000rpm. The compression ratio should not change. 9.7:1 is still possible. It is well adapted to No. 93 gasoline; in addition, the gearbox also uses a 5-speed manual integrated design as usual, and the 2.0L model is the same as the sedan version by analogy.

It can be said that the coupe version and the sedan are just changes in form, or the derived “dynamic” models, and there is almost no difference between the two in daily driving. Similarly, the engine output performance is acceptable, the driving at low speeds is quiet and gentle, and the performance is relatively linear in steady acceleration. If the gearbox is not stimulated to downshift, the Ruiyi Coupe will not show impetuousness and rigidity at all. On the contrary, it still embodies the feeling of comfort in place to please the driver.

Under normal circumstances, the power of about 2000rpm is enough for you to wander in the city. Although you can't talk about the throttle response or experience the real power of the 2.5L engine, the light driving feeling will still make you full of confidence in fuel consumption; 5 The speed-switch-automatic gearbox shifts gears reasonably, and the frustration is well controlled. In short, you can experience a kind of harmony and relaxation by accelerating linearly from static to 60km/h.

How can I feel the driving style that matches the model? It's very simple. Pull the gear lever to the “M (manual)” position. As long as you don't give it an upshift command, the engine speed will continue to the red line and the oil will not automatically upshift. It's a pure type! The high-speed sound of the Ruiyi 2.5L engine is very pleasant, rhythmic and not thin! As long as the oil is cut off at the right time, and the paddles on the steering wheel are used well, driving this “coupe” that pays more attention to visual effects can also be full of fun or create some excitement.

In extreme driving, the gearbox shifts very fast, which will fully stimulate your driving desire! However, compared with the hard-working effect of the engine and gearbox, the suspension part is somewhat under-heated and not strong enough. The road feels fine in the front section. The middle and rear sections are a bit soft. When turning at a slightly faster speed, the side tilt will be clearer. The reason is The damping of the shock tube is still not strong enough, and the emphasis on comfortable tuning is obvious.