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[YesAuto Design Decoding] Speaking of Dongfeng Liuqi's popularity, many people may not be familiar with it. In fact, this automobile company located in Liuzhou City, a heavy industrial base in southwest China, has a history of more than 50 years and is definitely considered among Chinese brands. It is a time-honored brand. Since 2005, Fengxing has begun to enter the family car market, but everyone’s impression of Fengxing Motor is similar to the products of another large car company in Liuzhou (you know), and most of them are still those “cars that the people need”: each An affordable, large space, durable SUV or MPV model, and there are good sales. This year, Dongfeng Fengxing launched a model with the suffix EVO, which aims to break people's perception of Fengxing through innovation and expand its incremental market. Of course, when it comes to innovation, it is particularly important to make people remember it at first glance-obviously it did it at the beginning of its debut. Although controversy continues, it is clear that the recent popularity of this car is not diminished. Today we will talk about T5. The story behind the EVO design.

This article will talk about:

1. Who will T5 EVO be sold to?

2. What new changes have foreign designers brought to Popularity?

3. What is the main job of a CMF designer?

● Build a car for young people

We interviewed Henning, the styling director of Fengxing Automobile, who took office with the establishment of the T5 EVO project. As an automobile designer, he has 23 years of experience in the industry. He has worked in GM, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo and other OEMs as well as third-party design companies. Hold office. Especially since he has many years of working experience in China, he has rich experience in design process and project management. After learning about our interview plan, Henning deliberately changed the suit to a sports jacket after the morning meeting, in order to tell us a “young” story.

At the beginning of Fengxing's new car project, the management's goal was very clear: to build a car for young people. In fact, the rejuvenation of users is no longer a new word in the automotive industry. Nowadays, when major car companies launch new products, they are sparing no effort to promote “building a car that meets the tastes of young people.”

Although a German, Henning has a wealth of work experience in China. Years of experience have made him a good understanding of Chinese people's style of doing business and market preferences. In his view, it is difficult for young Chinese consumers to sum up some common preferences from design trends, because China is the world's largest auto market, and consumers' living environments and backgrounds are also very diverse. But what is certain is that the consumption concept of the younger generation of consumers in China has changed dramatically from before.

However, with the rapid development of China's economy, the younger generation of consumers are more and more accepting and trusting in “Made in China”. This is not just cars, but the “national tide” in other fields has also swept the market. In this context, the design team also dared to jump out of the box and boldly show their ideas.

In Henning's view, the younger generation of consumers are more confident and self-seeking. For them, the car is not just a means of transportation, but a partner who shows attitudes and improves life experience at the same time.

Makes people unforgettable

So how to design a car for such a group? First of all, it must be unique in terms of appearance. For Fengxing, it is nothing more than a “new car movement” starting from scratch.

The modeling line on the side of the car is no longer a traditional horizontal waistline, but a curve extending backward to enhance the visual length of the front part, creating the traditional features of a long front and a short rear. The traditional impression of a sports sedan. The side of the car is also different from the traditional model. The changed curved surface symbolizes the bulging muscles and also makes the side “live”. With the roof styling that shrinks upwards and the 19-inch wheels, it looks like a big cat eager to try from the side.

Of course, how to design a car to be beautiful and harmonious, while making a bold breakthrough, still need to follow the corresponding rules and paradigms.

Speaking of the design of the car body, Henning said that this can not be done only by the designer’s imagination and a few curves: the pursuit of “A-level curved surface” in car design and craftsmanship, in simple terms, is to ensure that the appearance of the car looks The reflection of external light is smooth and continuous, so as to ensure the aesthetics of the vehicle. To describe with mathematical tools, the second derivative (curvature) of the surface equation is required to be continuous. It seems that a car designer needs not only artistic talents and skills, but also mathematics.

Among the complex styling elements, what the designer has to do is to clarify the relationship between them, not only to ensure that the corresponding elements are echoed, but also to sort out their internal logic from the main styling line.

During the interview, Henning revealed that the family-oriented design language established by T5 EVO will continue to be used in new cars of popular brands in the future. The new car will be a car with a more powerful and advanced sense, and a more impactful line .

● CMF designer: TA’s main job is to play with colors?

Today's consumers' requirements for personalization and self-expression are not only related to brands and models, even if it is the same car, they also hope that it will meet their expectations as much as possible. To this end, “Fengxing's approach is to give consumers more choices.” Liu Luying, head of CMF design, said.

CMF is the abbreviation of Color, Material & Finishing, namely color, material and process. With the development of society, the importance of CMF designers in the automotive and consumer electronics industries has become more and more prominent, because CMF is a daily high-frequency contact for consumers The content is essential to the user experience.

For CMF designers, they need to have cross-border thinking and professionalism. On the one hand, they need to be sufficiently sensitive to colors and materials, and at the same time, they need to be aware of changes in consumer trends and understand the preferences of the target consumer groups of the models. On the other hand, they also need Familiar with materials and engineering processes is enough to be able to communicate smoothly with suppliers.

For a cost-effective model that is expected to be sold, there is usually no risk in choosing the “popular colors” of black, white, gray, and red for the body. When the popular T5 EVO made its debut with the colorful lion statue, it really aroused people's curiosity.

In addition, Fengxing has set eight body colors for the T5 EVO, such as jasper blue and space-time blue, which are very rare colors in the same class. When the new car was released, the official also deliberately released a suspense: there is also a mysterious new color among the eight body colors. Liu Luying revealed that the target group of this “mysterious color” will be a large number of female users, so you might as well predict it boldly. .

As a CMF designer, in addition to the body color, the choice of interior color and material is another important task for them. At the beginning of the project, the Fengxing CMF team selected more than 10 seat fabrics and more than 20 panel textures. In the process of verification and inspection, the assembly plan of the mass-produced model was finally established.

In terms of interior color matching, the CMF design team also intends to break the tradition and actively try different combinations. For example, the dark red seats used in this car and the other light-colored interiors are rare in the previous popular cars.

Written at the end:

Frankly speaking, with the debut of the T5 EVO, controversy about its design continued in the comment section of the car home. Henning has a different view on this: On the one hand, the intention of the design team is to make the new car sporty and high-end through these fashionable elements; on the other hand, there are trendy characteristic elements in car design at different time periods, such as Split headlights and penetrating taillights, these are the effects that designers expect. It is the advancement of technology that allows their vision to be realized. In fact, for Dongfeng Fengxing, a manufacturer that has always been relatively low-key, the T5 EVO project is indeed an innovation in terms of design process and craftsmanship. Of course, the compact SUV-level competition in the Chinese market today is fiercer than any other market, and it is a comprehensive product strength. Being able to make a breakthrough in design, Fengxing has taken a crucial step, and I also wish Dongfeng Fengxing can go further and further on the road of “younger”.