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[YesAuto in-depth experience] Among the models of Great Wall Motors, small cars are the most diverse, including Dazzling, Great Wall C20R, Haval M2, and in order to give consumers more choices, Great Wall C20R and Haval M2 are both from Crossover models evolved from the previous Lingao and Kuxiong, but they only have style, which also makes people understand the term crossover as expressing their own different styles through decoration.

What I experienced today is also such a model, but it is not just a kit decorated with different styles, but through improvements to make it more passable, and it can be regarded as a relatively pure crossover. This is the Haval M4. In the vehicle classification, it is classified into the SUV class, which is also different from other crossovers.

● Appearance: The higher body makes it show the meaning of cross-border

Haval M4 2012 1.5L two-wheel drive luxury

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6.79 million

Compared with models of the same level that can form competitors, Haval M4 has a slight advantage in terms of body size and ground clearance, but the wheelbase is not the longest. The ground clearance is 58mm higher than that of the dazzling CROSS model, and it is also the highest among the crossover style models of the same price. Therefore, the Haval M4 is the most suitable for the crossover style among the models of the same level.

In terms of appearance design, Haval M4 has been redesigned, and it is difficult for people to see its origin. The tall headlights make the front of the car look arrogant and imposing. In the net, through the chrome-plated double-layer horizontal decorative strip and the unique M4 logo, it will not appear too monotonous. The heat dissipation hole on the engine cover is actually a decorative effect and does not have any function by itself.

The large-size bumper air inlet makes the front of the car look very imposing. The honeycomb shape also increases the sporty effect. In addition, the guard plate at the bottom of the bumper can also prevent some minor scratches. The silver and black color and the bright body add a few more Distinct taste.

The aluminum alloy luggage rack and black enclosure are all necessary for crossovers. The sides look like an SUV, with a tall stature and a higher ground clearance of 185mm than ordinary crossovers. Except for the A-pillar, the other parts are all in black, forming a stronger sense of integrity with the windows.

The 16-inch aluminum alloy wheels are even more exaggerated when paired with the compact body. The 5-spoke wheels are also very distinctive. The red brake calipers are particularly conspicuous. Although only the color has changed, they are visually more dynamic. The spare tire adopts a small size spare tire with a specification of 125/90 R16.

The width of the tires and the size of the wheels are quite good among competitors, and the front and rear brake systems also use disc brakes. When braking, the calipers can get better heat dissipation, which helps to improve the braking efficiency.

The design of the rear of the car is a bit less aggressive than the front of the car, but it does not feel too simple visually. The larger bumper has a stronger sense of weight, and it looks full with the polygonal taillights. The black surround and silver guard on the lower part of the bumper increase the layering of the rear of the car, and the practicality has also been improved.

When the reverse gear is engaged, while the rear image is automatically switched, the system will also automatically mute to avoid disturbing the driver's attention. The clarity of the display is good. It seems that the resolution of the display and the pixels of the camera are not low. With the assistance of the reversing radar, the driver can understand the rear situation more clearly.

● Interior: equipment and craftsmanship is worthy of recognition, detailed design needs to be improved

The interior of the Haval M4 adopts an all-black color scheme, showing its own sporty characteristics. The white center control panel is clearly partitioned, and the circular air outlets on both sides show a certain fashion color. The instrument panel uses hard materials, and there is no surprise for the performance in this price range. The workmanship performance is still worthy of recognition.

The style of the steering wheel is typical of the Great Wall style. The multi-function buttons can control the audio system. The buttons feel good. The thickness of the steering wheel is moderate, and it is still very solid in the hand, but it is not wrapped in leather, and the surface feels average.

The digital instrument can visually observe information such as vehicle speed and cruising range, and the white instrument displays clearly. However, the upper and lower adjustment range of the steering wheel is relatively small, which will affect the observation of the upper indicator of the instrument at the highest point, and the rotation direction of the tachometer from top to bottom needs to be adapted.

The multimedia system equipped with the Haval M4 adopts a touch-screen design and is very comprehensive in function. In addition to reading the SD card, it also has USB and AUX audio source interfaces. The response of the touch screen is also relatively fast, it is easy to use and easy to use. In terms of configuration, Haval M4 has more advantages. The multi-structure and more comprehensive multimedia system makes it show a higher cost performance.

The design of the air-conditioning panel is relatively familiar among the Great Wall models. The damping of the knob is good, and the selection of each gear is also very clear. It is just that the gear display of the knob is not clear enough in the case of strong light. If the lamp can be larger or not decorated with chrome, the display should be clearer.

In addition to the good performance of the various buttons on the center console, the window control buttons also make people feel good. The buttons are relatively large in size and easy to use, but other windows do not support one-click up and down. There is room for improvement in this regard. Compared with competitors, only Changan CX20 is equipped with four-door one-click function.

● Riding space: the performance of the riding space is average

In terms of riding space, the performance of the Haval M4 is relatively general. After all, it is improved on the basis of a small car, so the space performance is basically expected.

When the 180cm experience person sits in the front row and adjusts the seat to the lowest position, the head space is shown as four fingers. When sitting in the back row, the head space of three fingers is also acceptable, and the same is three fingers. The legroom feels a bit cramped.

Compared with competitors at the same price, the performance of Haval M4 is at most average in terms of space, and it has no advantage in itself.

● Storage space: the front row of storage space is sufficient, but the rear row is somewhat lacking

In terms of storage space, the front row of the Haval M4 performs well. There are two storage compartments on the top and bottom of the center console, which can be used for small items such as mobile phones. In addition to the glove box space, there is also a storage space above the glove box.

The cup holder in the front row is relatively shallow, and the support for the water bottle is not strong enough. Although the front door has storage compartments, the space performance is relatively small and practicality is not high. There is no storage compartment on the rear door, and the only storage space in the rear row is the cup holder between the front seats. Compared with the performance of the front row, there is basically no place to put personal belongings in the rear row.

It can be unlocked by pressing the black button on the trunk lid, and it is very light to use. However, the style and the design of the trunk appear more abrupt and lack the overall sense. Due to its own cross-border style, the taller body also has a higher ground clearance for the trunk opening. Due to the short body, the trunk space under normal conditions is also average. If you are placing more bulky items, you can lay down the rear seats to get more storage space.

● Power system: 1.5L engine power is enough, there is no automatic transmission to choose, some regrets

In terms of power, the Haval M4 is equipped with a 1.5L naturally aspirated engine with a maximum power of 106 horsepower (78kW)/6000rpm and a maximum torque of 138N·m/4200rpm. It is matched with a 5-speed manual gearbox. From the point of view of the parameters, this is too easy for a 1.5L engine to drive a 1.1-ton car body for life. As for how it will perform under our actual test, there is a test article of Haval M4 in the back, please look forward to it.

● Summary:

The Haval M4 is improved from dazzling. The crossover model launched this time can see its sincerity from the ground clearance of 185mm and the tires of 205 size. Its change is not as simple as changing into sportswear. It is said that it is a model that has a good cross-border style performance among domestic independent brands.

Both the design and the assembly process are remarkable, and the Haval M4 is quite attractive in terms of its own price of 60,000 to 70,000 yuan. However, the ride space and storage space still make it show some shortcomings. As the current domestic market is constantly increasing, this will become its shortcoming. In addition, there is currently only one manual gearbox, and the choice is relatively simple. If automatic transmission models can be added, at least more consumers can be satisfied in the model selection. After all, most of the competitors at the same price have automatic Gear models are available. However, in terms of cost performance, the Haval M4 is still competitive. If you are a person who likes crossover style and manual transmission models, then this car is still worthy of your consideration.