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[YesAuto Model PK] The SUV market continues to be hot, and it seems that every newly launched model has received special attention from consumers and the media. In this auto show, Mazda's booth exhibited a new model: the Mazda CX-7, which was sold in China as an import as early as the end of 2009, but the actual sales situation is really not ideal. The reason why we brought it up again after 3 years is because the CX-7 is officially made in China, which is expected to lower the entry price, and the product itself has also been optimized and upgraded. It adds a 2.3T engine, which improves the disadvantage of weak power to a certain extent. In addition, the car will be added to the four-wheel drive system, which is significantly more competitive than the imported models on sale. From the perspective of model positioning, the domestically produced CX-7 and Hyundai's all-new Shengda form a direct competitive relationship. How should we choose?

●The appearance of CX-7 is more joyful, and the new Shengda is more domineering

As two medium-sized urban SUVs, Mazda CX-7 and the new Shengda are very stylish in appearance, but the styles of the two cars are completely different. The CX-7 uses Mazda’s smiling front face, which is more joyful. The new Shengda looks even more domineering. In addition, the Mazda CX-7 is not as good as the new Shengda in terms of body size, and the overall aura lacks a bit.

The two cars have the same technical content in the headlights, and all use lensed xenon headlights, but the style of the CX-7 is slightly more ordinary, and the new Shengda's square “eyeball” looks more technological. In addition, from the show car, we also found that the future domestically produced Mazda CX-7 is likely to be the same as the current imported model, and will not be equipped with a front radar.

The Mazda CX-7 finally regained its wheelbase, 50mm longer than the new Shengda, and the side lines are more muscular. However, since the CX-7 does not have a roof rack and rear spoiler, it looks rather monotonous, which is significantly better with the new Shengda. In terms of wheel styles and tire specifications, the two cars are of the same level, but this Mazda CX-7 show car uses Bridgestone DUELER tires, which cost more than the new Shengda Hankook tires.

The styles of the two rear cars are also obviously different, one is full and round, and the other is well-defined. The CX-7's taillights are more unique, using a transparent lampshade, which is also Mazda's consistent style, and the new Shengda's LED taillights are also very intriguing.

The power value of the new Shengda is higher

The emergence of the 2.3T engine is the biggest highlight of the domestic CX-7. Although this performance machine is not as violent as MPS in terms of tuning, it can also output 238 horsepower and 350N·m of strong power. It is matched with a 6 The fast-hand automatic gearbox is expected to perform well. In addition, the 2.5L naturally aspirated version of the car will naturally not be less.

However, even so, the CX-7 engine still failed to shake up the new Shengda in terms of paper data. Both naturally aspirated and turbocharged were defeated. The only thing that CX-7 wins is that the maximum torque speed of its 2.5L engine comes earlier, which is more conducive to daily driving.

As for whether there will be a four-wheel drive model after the CX-7 is made in China, the current manufacturer's answer is that both 2.3T and 2.5L will provide four-wheel drive versions. It seems that there are still more models to choose from after the CX-7 is launched.

●The internal experience is a bit more pressured than the Mazda CX-7

Since the CX-7 appeared much earlier than the new Shengda, its interior design seems to be described as “retro” now. There are no bright spots. The new Shengda is more classy, regardless of the line or the overall atmosphere. Winner.

If CX-7 wants to catch up, adding large screens in mass production in the future is an effective way. In addition, their center consoles are all made of hard materials, but the surface treatments are different. The new Shengda is covered with a layer of plastic, which makes it feel slightly better to the touch.

The steering wheel grip CX-7 is not as solid as the new Shengda, because its steering wheel is thinner. The multi-function buttons at 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock are very convenient, and the touch feels good, but the CX-7's fixed-speed cruise and the new Shengda's trip computer control area are located in a remote location. If you want to operate it, you need to have a larger displacement , The function buttons in this area are not very convenient, but their utilization rate is not that high.

In terms of common storage space, both CX-7 and the new Shengda have designed storage tanks at the bottom of the center console. From the perspective of volume and details, the storage tank of the new Shengda is larger and is equipped with non-slip rubber pads. The Mazda CX-7 lacks this humanized detail. The cup holder behind the stopper is good for fixing the water bottle. The storage capacity of the glove box and the door panel is the same for both models, regardless of good or bad.

From the data alone, the CX-7 has a 50mm longer wheelbase than the brand new Shengda, and our experiencer is 177cm tall. There is basically no difference in leg space when riding in the car. The CX-7 has more headroom and can be relaxed. With four fingers in place, the headroom of the new Shengda appears slightly cramped. The practicability of the middle position in the rear of the two cars is not bad, but the new Shengda floor is not raised, and the space is larger. The seat CX-7 is softer and more comfortable.

Judging from the current information, the CX-7 does not have a 7-seater model. The new Shengda high-profile model has 7 seats. Although the space for adults in the third row is not very good, the loading capacity is indeed obtained. Promote.

Compared with sunroof configuration, the unsurprisingly new Shengda has a clear advantage. Mazda is only an ordinary sunroof. In the current consumer demand, it is difficult to say hello to others without a panoramic sunroof. At least high-end models should be equipped.

Trunk volume and seat flexibility The new Shengda Xiaosheng, our measured trunk volume CX-7 is 0.75 cubic meters, the new Shengda is 0.9 cubic meters, and the new Shengda's rear seat folding is more flexible . The height of the trunk doors of the two vehicles is basically the same, and there is no obvious high phenomenon.

to sum up:

First of all, we affirm that the domestically produced CX-7 has introduced a 2.3T turbocharged engine and plans to join the four-wheel drive system. These two hardware changes are extremely positive for improving the overall competitiveness. However, as far as the product is concerned, if the CX-7 is made in China with the current configuration (the configuration of the show car), the pressure seems to be a bit high. Through comparison, we found that the humanized design of the new Shengda from the shape to the details has an advantage. If the CX-7 wants to improve the current situation, the first thing it needs to do is to enhance the strength of the product itself. The most effective way is to increase the configuration. Regardless of the product, price is a very important factor. A reasonable or affordable price will also transform the market performance. After all, the current SUV products are already very rich. If the CX-7 does not show some sincerity, It is difficult to regain the market out of thin air in terms of current strength.