[YesAuto Evaluation] My impression of the Mercedes-Benz C200 is that it is stable and stylish. Therefore, it has become one of my favorite models of fantasy: I have money to buy a C200 in the future, and drive it steadily, enough! But I often find it difficult to give up between the sporty BMW 325 and the more literary Audi A4L, and I am often troubled by it. Too tired, so many troubles in daydreaming.

The new 2011 Mercedes-Benz C has been on the market for some time. The appearance of the new car has made some changes that are painless and not itchy. In my opinion, there is a suspicion of “remodeling for the purpose of changing the model”, especially the shape of the headlights, the corners of the eyes, and the eyes of the phoenix. Yes, I dare not say that it looks better than before. It's my personal preference. Generally speaking, the C-class car is still more restrained. As an entry-level model, it has limited room to play.

If you want to buy the stylish version tested in the article, it’s okay, because it is equipped with Intelligent Light System intelligent lighting system, with super handsome LED daytime running lights, and the illumination angle and range of the xenon headlights are intelligent. Tuning, such as the automatic high beam function, when the high beam is turned on, if there is a car on the opposite side, it will automatically switch back to the low beam. It's a pity that the low profile elegant model is only equipped with crude halogen headlights, which is ugly.

The shape, color collocation and material of the center console are different from the old model, but all the control surface keys have not changed at all in their original positions. According to Han Han, it should be called “turned a false turn.” I am thinking here. Expressing the meaning of praise, after all, the original functions have been perfected. The new car interior is novel and easy to use. It is a reasonable continuation of the tradition. This is the mature style.

The only areas that I think need to be improved are the air conditioning control area at the bottom of the center console. The angle is too vertical and too close to the knob, as if it’s stuck in the middle, which is a little troublesome to operate. The second is storage space. There are few things, and I don’t know where to put them. There is no problem with other ergonomics.

The power of C200 comes from a 1.8L turbocharged in-cylinder direct injection engine with a maximum power of 135 kW/184 horsepower and a maximum torque of 270 Nm. The calibrated power is the same as the old 1.8L supercharged multi-point EFI engine. Yes, the maximum torque has been increased by 20 Nm.

In the past, the 4-cylinder Mercedes-Benz C-Class was only equipped with a 5-speed gearbox. The biggest change in the new C200 is the start of a 7-speed automatic transmission. This gearbox called 7G-Tronic is widely used in various Mercedes-Benz models, and we are already very familiar with it.

The traditional efficiency of the 7AT gearbox is higher than that of the old 5AT, and the shift response speed is very fast. If necessary, it can be down four gears at a time. The gearbox used in the C-level is 7G-TRONIC PLUS, which is a small improvement of 7G. The box has been optimized by software and hardware to further enhance the transmission efficiency.

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I am most looking forward to the acceleration of 7AT. After all, if it’s a C180K, it’s totally unthinking. Since it’s a C200, the data of 184 horsepower and 270 Nm is still easy to make people have a little bit of evil pursuit of performance. The old C200K with a 1.8-liter supercharged engine and a 5AT gearbox measured a 0-100km/h acceleration result of 9 seconds, which was a bit disappointing. The measured acceleration result of this 1.8-liter turbocharged and 7AT gearbox model is-7.3 seconds, the performance improvement is unexpected.

Although the 1.8T engine has the same calibrated power as the old 1.8K engine, the new turbocharged engine loses less power at high speeds than the supercharged engine, and the actual power output is slightly better. In addition, the transmission efficiency of the 7AT gearbox is stronger than that of the old model. Combining these factors, the acceleration performance of the new model has been significantly improved.

The fuel consumption control of this power system is also very good. We drove 141.8 kilometers in the city and consumed 13.09 liters of fuel and 9.2 liters per 100 kilometers. The overall fuel consumption results of such cities are relatively reasonable.

However, in actual driving, you usually don't feel a significant increase in power, and the focus is still on comfort. This turbocharged engine has no obvious torque burst point. The 7AT makes the output smoother, shifts quickly and calmly, without any interruptions and fluctuations in power, and the characteristics of turbocharging are completely weakened.

When accelerating rapidly, power does not gush out. If you continue to implement a prudent policy, you may feel that the car is a bit slow, like playing a hooligan in a gentle posture, and not exciting enough. In fact, it is not slow. When you step on the accelerator, you have to slow down before you experience any acceleration. Mercedes-Benz always does this.

The hardness of the suspension is just right to be indescribable, soft and rigid, hidden deep. This is due to Mercedes-Benz's “Agility control” system. It adds a valve body in the shock absorber tube, which allows the shock absorber oil to flow more smoothly during frequent small vibrations, and the damping is softer, which can better absorb and filter road bumps, and when cornering, such large continuous compression The valve body restricts the flow of suspension oil, and the damping becomes stronger. There are not many introductions about this system. There are rumors that it is electromagnetic and controlled by the “CS” key. In fact, it can't. This is only a pure mechanical structure, which is automatically adjusted by the suspension compression force.

C200 shows the essence of Mercedes-Benz, the driving experience is still deep, reflecting the style of thick accumulation and thin hair. You don’t need to use your brain to drive a Mercedes-Benz, you don’t have any driving mode options, and you are not loyal to the pursuit of cutting-edge technology. You are willing to use the simplest way to achieve your goals. It is in stark contrast to other high-end brands, especially Audi.

Finally, please watch the braking and noise results of the Mercedes-Benz C200.

Mercedes-Benz brakes are stable and reliable. The braking distance of ordinary models is about 39 meters, and the C200 is no exception. The average score of 38.86 meters is trustworthy.

The noise control of this car has been greatly improved. This turbocharged engine is indeed less noisy than the supercharged engine, and the 7AT gearbox can keep the engine speed as low as possible when cruising, which is helpful for noise reduction.

● Summary:

After the gearbox is replaced, the power, fuel economy and noise reduction capabilities of the C200 CGI have been improved. The new model does not add more sports orientation due to the improvement of performance. Daily driving is no different from the old model. It always adheres to the brand tradition and creates a mellow driving atmosphere.

This is also the reason why many people don't like Mercedes-Benz C. They think it is staid, dull, and too modest. Indeed, there are many choices within 400,000. You can pursue speed or personality and show your unique taste and attitude. But when the passion in your heart fades and you start to look down on everything, don't forget that there will always be a Mercedes-Benz C waiting for you, and you will find that this car can actually give you much more than you think.

The problem with Mercedes-Benz is that low-end cars do not sell as well as high-end cars. This brand contains too much intangible value. It is still a bit difficult for a small C200 to fully carry the image of Mercedes-Benz in people's minds. Unfortunately, the C-class is not at all dominant in terms of hard indicators, especially in terms of space, inferior to the domestically-extended Audi A4L and the upcoming new BMW 3 Series, and the power and control do not show obvious advantages, not everyone. Can be infected by that unique driving style. So Mercedes-Benz C’s discount seems to be the largest in its class, but it’s a bit weird to use Mercedes-Benz to fight the price war.