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[YesAuto Model PK] At the Guangzhou Auto Show last year, Landwind launched its first urban SUV under its own brand, Landwind X5. This model has also been highly praised by our colleagues in terms of design and workmanship. For urban SUV models, the comprehensive performance of Geely Global Hawk GX7 has also been recognized by many consumers. According to our statistics, the frequency of comparison between the two cars is very high, indicating that consumers are very interested in who is better and worse interest. In this case, today we will invite these two cars together for a comprehensive comparison.

● Appearance: different styles, preferences vary from person to person

Landwind X5 2013 2.0T Manual Collar Edition

Model Homepage| Parameters Configuration| Picture| Word of Mouth| Model Quotation
Manufacturer's guide price

11.58 million

Global Hawk GX7 2012 2.0L Manual Administrative Edition

Model Homepage| Parameters Configuration| Picture| Word of Mouth| Model Quotation
Manufacturer's guide price

11.19 million

In terms of appearance styles, Global Hawk GX7 and Landwind X5 show different design styles, one tends to be feminine, while the other is more tough. Regarding the styling, we cannot say who is better, we can only say that it depends on who the consumers prefer. In terms of body size, the two cars are very close, and the length of the wheelbase is only 1mm apart. The contrast between them is a bit of a needle-point meaning.

After seeing the appearance details of the Global Hawk GX7 and Landwind X5, you can clearly feel that they have shown a good standard in sheet metal and assembly processes, and the performance of our own brands in these aspects is more and more reassuring.

The tire specifications and brands of the two cars are exactly the same. The only difference is the style of the wheels. In the use of spare tires, there is a big difference between them. The Global Hawk GX7 uses a full-size spare tire and also uses aluminum alloy wheels, while the Landwind X5 only uses a small spare tire. In the use of spare tires, the Global Hawk GX7 is commendable, but the location of the spare tire installation makes people want to complain. It can be easier to take out the spare tire, but how to put it back? This design is not as convenient as placing it under the trunk floor.

In terms of the style of the rear, the Landwind X5 has a fuller performance, and the design of the rear surround and the double-sided exhaust pipes also enhance the visual impact. The tail lights of the two cars use LED light sources, and there is not much difference in details. Which one you like depends on your personal aesthetics. I prefer Landwind X5, how about you?

● Interior: the workmanship is worthy of recognition, the details of the Landwind X5 performance is slightly better

Now the independent brand models have made great progress in design and workmanship compared with previous years. The two models compared today have a tie in workmanship and materials, and the thickness and size of the steering wheel are also allowed. People are very satisfied. In use, the Global Hawk GX7 has exposed some problems. The buttons on the steering wheel are too small and not convenient to use. In this regard, the Landwind X5 is slightly better.

The sunroof area of the two cars is very close, and the difference is only in the last two decimal places. However, the GX7 sunroof is visually better, mainly because everyone is not sensitive to the width of the sunroof, but if the length is more The conference gave people the feeling of a larger skylight area.

● Space: Global Hawk GX7 is even better

The experiencer is 178cm tall and has experienced the front and rear space of the two cars respectively. The Global Hawk GX7 has more rear leg space. However, fortunately, the difference is not big, and their seat comfort performance is good, there is no obvious flaws.

Comparing the ride experience in the middle of the rear row of the two cars, whether it is foot space or safety configuration or the Global Hawk GX7 is slightly better. In fact, the underfoot space in the middle of the back row of the Landwind X5 is already very good, but it is inferior in comparison, but the number of two-point seat belts is still somewhat unreasonable. In terms of riding comfort, the angle and position of the rear center armrest of the Global Hawk GX7 cannot provide effective support for the arm, and the performance of the Landwind X5 is even better. In terms of riding space, the Global Hawk GX7 performed slightly better, with a three-point seat belt in the middle of the rear row, and the comfortable Landwind X5 performed better.

● Storage space: Landwind X5 is more practical

After seeing the performance of the two cars in terms of work materials and riding space, the gap between them so far is very small, and the more differences are only in the details. Next, let's take a look at the storage space. Are these two cars equally well-matched?

In terms of storage space performance, the performance of the two cars is again very close. The Global Hawk GX7 has slightly less storage compartments in the center console, but its center armrest box and rear door storage compartments perform better. I feel that at the current position, these two cars are still inferior in performance.

Compared with the comparison of the riding space and the storage compartment, the win or loss of the trunk is easy to judge, because the data can clearly see who is performing better, and I don't need too much brain and tongue to explain. Looking at the data, the advantage of Landwind X5 is more obvious.

● Configuration comparison: Global Hawk GX7 has obvious advantages

Compared with the previous indicators, the Landwind X5 is currently leading with a slight advantage. As a consumer, configuration is also an important condition for us to consider, so we also deliberately chose the model with the closest price. The price difference between the two models compared today is only 3900 yuan. Will their performance in terms of configuration reverse the current ranking?

Global Hawk GX7 2012
2.0L manual administrative version

Landwind X5 2013
2.0T manual creation collar version

Selling price

11.19 million yuan

11.58 million

Front and rear head air curtain

Knee airbag

Steering wheel adjustment

Two directions

Four directions

Heated front seats

Front and rear adjustment of second row seats

Multimedia system (GPS/Bluetooth phone/reversing image)

Automatic headlights

Adjustable headlight height

Rearview mirror electric folding

Automatic air conditioning

Rear exhaust vent

The price of the Global Hawk GX7 is lower than that of the Landwind X5, but it is much richer in configuration. In terms of configuration comparison, the Global Hawk GX7 seems to have reversed the whole situation.

● Power: This is the biggest highlight of Landwind X5

Seeing the previous comparisons, the Global Hawk GX7 has the upper hand with its rich configuration and slightly lower price. It is a bit early to make a conclusion now. After reading the final power comparison, let's judge the result!

Landwind X5 uses a 2.0T turbocharged engine, which completely surpasses the Global Hawk GX7 in terms of power performance. It is matched with a 6-speed manual gearbox. The multi-gear design also allows it to ensure fuel economy.

The Landwind X5 is not only more powerful, but the gears of the gearbox are also very clear. When it is engaged in each gear, there is a certain sense of inhalation. The gearbox of the Global Hawk GX7 is jerky, and the experience is very different from that of the Landwind X5.

● Summary:

Among the many self-owned brand SUVs, the performance of the Global Hawk GX7 can be regarded as quite good, which also makes many manufacturers regard it as a competitor. In this comparison with the Landwind X5, we also see the Landwind X5 as a latecomer. The strength is not weak, and many details have surpassed the opponent. In terms of configuration, the Global Hawk GX7 still shows a stronger advantage, but the selling point of the Landwind X5 is not the configuration, but the 2.0T engine it carries. Among the current SUVs worth 100,000 yuan, Landwind is the only model equipped with a 2.0T engine. The power parameters have completely surpassed the Global Hawk GX7, and the 6-speed manual transmission feels very good.

I think the Global Hawk GX7 is like a beautifully dressed “post-85”, with a handsome appearance, but also with a variety of rich decorations. Landwind X5 is more like a “post-80s” who tends to be prudent. Maybe it does not have the bright appearance of the former, but its temperament is very attractive, and its own performance is also very pragmatic. It seems that it is not stronger on the surface. Advantages, but the difference can be clearly realized in daily life.

The Global Hawk GX7 has a strong appeal to consumers who fancy the configuration, while the Landwind X5 is a car that pays more attention to its internals, such as: a steering wheel that is more convenient to use, a larger storage compartment in the car, Trunk space, a stronger engine, and a 6-speed manual gearbox with a good user experience, these things are not something a car can have. If it were me, I would choose this “post-80s” with a stable and inherent temperament. “,and you?

Global Hawk GX7 and Landwind X5, who do you prefer?

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Landwind X5

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