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[YesAuto Model PK] What is the concept of 225mm? In many people's eyes, it may be the height of a beverage bottle or the length of a mouse pad, and nothing special. If a car is 225mm longer, can you think of what changes it will bring? Gree may be able to tell you the answer. As the long-wheelbase version of the imported brand-new Shengda, the body length of Gerui is 225mm longer than that of the imported brand-new Shengda. The wheelbase is increased by 100mm. The factors that it affects include seating space, door length, sunroof area, trunk volume and even The size of the storage compartment. For the imported brand-new Shengda, it naturally has its advantages. Since ancient times, fish and bear's paws have not been available at the same time, so today we will discuss how to choose between them.

Since the appearance/interior of Gerui and the imported brand-new Shengda are not much different, interested friends can click on the previous real shot article (Real shot of Gerui to the store) to understand, I won't repeat it here. Below we directly enter the comparison of the real guns of the two models (for the convenience of reading, the imported brand-new Shengda is referred to as the brand-new Shengda in the text).

■ Body size comparison

Because the exterior design has only been slightly adjusted, unless you are particularly familiar with these two models, when you see Gerui and the new Shengda in the 4S store, it is not easy to distinguish it at once. thing. Here is a brief look at the main differences between the two models in appearance.

Body size comparison between Gerui and the new Shengda
Model Gree New Shengda
Length (mm) 4915 4690
Width (mm) 1885 1880
Height (mm) 1695 1690
Wheelbase (mm) 2800 2700

The length, width, and height of Gerui are 4915×1885×1695 (mm). These three data are 225mm, 5mm and 5mm more than the new Shengda respectively. From the above table, we can see that the main difference between the two models lies in the wheelbase. Grid Rui is 2800mm, while the new Shengda is 2700mm, which is exactly 100mm apart. Don't underestimate this 100mm, it will have a decisive impact on their spatial performance.

The front door length difference between the Gerui and the new Shengda is very small. The main difference between them is that behind the B-pillar, the rear door of the Gerui is 60mm longer than the new Shengda. Under the same height, the rear door of the Gerui can be opened. The area is obviously larger, and passengers can get on and off the bus relatively calmly.

■ Ride space experience

For the extended version, the riding space is naturally the most concerned issue for everyone. Before entering the actual experience, we might as well take a look at the relevant data of the two models.

Comparison of interior space between Gerui and the new Shengda
Model Gree New Shengda
Front row height (mm) 930 950
Height of the second row (mm) 920 920
Height of the third row ( mm ) 900 850
Front legroom ( mm ) Minimum 880~maximum 1090 Minimum 870~Maximum 1080
Legroom of the second row ( mm ) Minimum 470~Maximum 930 Minimum 470~Maximum 880
The third row of legroom ( mm ) Minimum 770 ~ Maximum 890 Minimum 690 ~ Maximum 840

As can be seen from the above table, the height of the first row of the new Shengda is slightly dominant, while the Grid Rui has a complete victory in the PK of the second and third rows, especially the third row, with the smallest and largest leg space respectively. Compared with the new Shengda, it is 80mm and 50mm longer, and the range of movement is larger. In addition, the height of the third row of Gree is 50mm higher than that of the new Shengda. On the whole, the space advantage behind Gerui's B-pillar is obvious.

In actual experience, the front headroom of both models is four-finger, which is within an acceptable range. Keep the front seat still, the experiencer comes to the second row, and feels that the advantages of Gree are reflected. Its legroom is more stretched than the new Shengda, and the headroom is also slightly larger. . In addition, the backrest angle can be adjusted for the second-row seats of both models.

Since both are “brothers”, there is no difference in the way the two models enter the third row. For Gree, its biggest significance is that it gives the third row more space. When the second row is adjusted to the end, the experiencer with a height of 179cm can sit inside the Gree, while the new Shengda at this time There is no way to ride. After adjusting the second row to the foremost locking position, Grid has more than two punches in the leg room, while the new Shengda only has one punch. Grid's movable range is significantly larger. Passengers can take the second row of seats according to the situation. The adjustment.

We measured the third-row windows of the two models diagonally. The windows of Gerui are larger than those of the new Shengda. When the experiencer sits in the third row, they can obviously feel that they are bigger. The field of view.

■ Trunk volume measurement

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, after the body is lengthened, the chain reaction caused by it not only includes the space that everyone is most concerned about, but also the volume of the trunk, the area of the skylight and the storage space, which we will show you one by one later.

In order to ensure the fairness of the comparison, we will choose the same reference object (three items of different sizes), the same measurement method, and the same placement method, so that everyone can more intuitively understand which model performs better.

Comparing the size of the trunk of Gree and the imported brand-new Shengda
Model Gree New Shengda
Minimum width (mm) 1010 1010
Minimum height (mm) 830 820
The depth of the trunk when the third row is used (mm ) 440 340
The depth of the trunk when the third row of seats is down ( mm ) 1140 1010
Tilt down the second and third rows of seats at the same time the depth of the trunk (mm ) 2140 1940

The second-row seats of the two models can be tilted down in a 4/6 ratio, while the third-row seats can be tilted down in a 5/5 ratio. From the data we measured, except for the width of the trunk, the other items of Gree's trunk are better than the new Shengda. Among them, in the fully loaded state, the depth of the trunk of Grid is 440mm, while the new Shengda is only 340mm; after the third row of seats is down, Grid's advantage is obvious, at this time it is nearly 130mm more than the new Shengda.

The larger size of the Grid will naturally have an advantage in the trunk. In fact, if the third row is down, the trunk volume of the two models will not be a problem to meet the daily needs. Of course, Gerui's performance in depth is even better, and you can put more things on the outskirts. The highlight of this round is the contest when the two models are fully loaded. When the three rows of Gree are in normal use, in addition to ensuring the comfort of the third row of passengers for a long time, it also has relatively ample space for luggage. From our physical experience, at this time, the utility of the trunk of the new Shengda is obviously not as good as that of Gree.

In terms of details, the front and rear door panels of the two models have the same design. Due to the irregular shape, we cannot measure its size, but we can see that there is no difference in what can be placed between them. In addition, Gerui's care for the third-row passengers is reflected in the high-end models equipped with independent air conditioners, which can adjust the temperature and air volume according to actual needs. The storage compartments on both sides of the Grid are also stronger than the new Shengda.

■ Sunroof size measurement

Size comparison of Grid and the new Shengda sunroof
Model Gree New Shengda
Length (mm) 1480 1250
Width (mm) 730 730
Can be opened (mm) 440 390
Openable area (㎡) 0.6512 0.4875
Skylight area (㎡) 1.080 0.9125

The width of their skylights is 730mm. After the body is lengthened, the length of the skylights of Gerui is also extended, and the area of the skylights becomes larger. It feels comfortable to think about it.

■ Purchase analysis and recommendation

In the analysis on the first two pages, everyone knows that Ge Rui is a 100% winner in space, which is also an expected result. Grid used its “inherent advantage” (lengthened body) to show its strength, which looks quite attractive, but after lengthening, its starting price is nearly 20,000 more expensive than the new Shengda. So what should I choose? We decided to conduct a configuration contest between Gerui and the new Shengda models at similar prices.

For the sake of fairness, this time we will use the less model version of Grid as the basis, and then find a model with a similar price in the new Shengda camp for comparison. It should be noted that there are no market discounts for the two models in most cities. Therefore, this comparison is based on the manufacturer's guide price, and the market terminal selling price is not listed in the table.

● Ge Rui 3.0L Comfort Edition VS New Shengda 2013 Model Facelift 3.0L Comfort Navigation Edition Euro IV (Euro V)

The main configuration differences between Gree and the new Shengda
Model Gree 3.0L Comfort Edition The new Shengda 2013 model facelift 3.0L comfortable navigation version
Official price 329,800 Euro IV: 322,800; Euro V: 326,800
Spread Euro IV: 7000 yuan; Euro V: 3000 yuan
Uphill assistance / steep slope descent
Central differential lock function
Reversing video image
Electric trunk
Adjustable headlight height
Induction wiper

Because the new Shengda is divided into Euro 4 and Euro 5 emission models (for the Beijing market), Euro 5 models are 4,000 yuan more expensive than Euro 4 models, so we choose the 3.0L comfort navigation version as the PK model of the Gree 3.0L comfort version. The two models are equipped with the same powertrain. In terms of configuration, the all-new Shengda has more functions such as uphill assist/steep descent, central differential lock function, reversing video image and headlight height adjustment, which are relatively complete.

The advantages of Gerui are electric trunk and induction wipers, two very practical and convenient configurations. On the whole, the price of the new Shengda is 7,000 yuan cheaper than the Gerui (3,000 yuan cheaper in the Beijing market), and the configuration is also slightly advantageous. If you pay more attention to the configuration of the vehicle, you may wish to consider it. If you pay more attention to the practicability and comfort of the vehicle, and have higher requirements for the riding space, then Grid will undoubtedly be more suitable for you, after all, it has the basic configuration. What puzzles us is that, because of the manufacturer’s considerations, none of Gree’s central differential locking function is equipped, while the all-new Shengda is standard equipment.

● Gree 3.0L Deluxe Edition VS New Shengda 2013 Model Facelift 3.0L Flagship Euro IV (Euro V)

The main configuration differences between Gree and the new Shengda
Model Gree 3.0L Deluxe Edition New Shengda 2013 facelifted 3.0L flagship version
Official price 358,800 Euro IV: 357,800 yuan; Euro V: 361,800 yuan
Spread Euro IV: 1,000 yuan; Euro V: -3,000 yuan
Tire pressure monitoring device
Uphill assistance / steep slope descent
Central differential lock function
Variable suspension
Front parking radar
Electric trunk
Automatic parking
Lane Departure Warning System

This round is a contest between Gerui's mid-range models and the new Shengda top-fitting models. From the table above, you can see that the new Shengda has an absolute advantage in configuration, including the front parking radar, tire pressure monitoring device, and variable suspension. Racks, automatic parking and lane departure warning systems are all very attractive, and the improvements brought to the vehicle are all aspects. If the configuration gap between the two models in the last round is not too big, then in this round, the advantages of the all-new Shengda are obvious.

Gerui and the all-new Shengda also have a 2.2T diesel version. They are equipped with the same powertrain, and the configuration is roughly the same as that of the gasoline version. The comparison will not be repeated here.

■ Full text summary

After the length of the body increased by 225mm, Grid took advantage of this advantage to fully improve the riding space, rear door length, sunroof area, storage compartment size, and trunk volume. As the main third row, Gree has better headroom and legroom than the new Shengda, which guarantees comfort. In addition, the third row of its high-end models is also equipped with independent air conditioners that can adjust temperature and air volume to further meet the needs of passengers. In contrast, the third row of the new Shengda looks a bit inferior. It is worth mentioning that Greentech provides six and seven seats for consumers to choose from, which is more abundant than the new imported Shengda version with only seven seats.

Gree 2013 3.0L 7-seater Comfort Edition

Model Homepage| Parameters Configuration| Picture| Word of Mouth| Model Quotation
Manufacturer's guide price


New Shengda (import) 2013 model facelift 3.0L four-wheel drive comfort version Euro IV

Model Homepage| Parameters Configuration| Picture| Word of Mouth| Model Quotation
Manufacturer's guide price


From the previous purchase analysis, we can know that there is not much difference in configuration between the similarly priced Grid and the new Shengda low-profile models. The Grid with more riding space and sunroof is obviously more worthy of recommendation at this time. In the comparison of high-end models, the all-new Shengda has shown its advantages in configuration. It uses front parking radar, tire pressure monitoring device, automatic parking and lane departure warning system, etc. to demonstrate its strength, which makes people entangled at once. The “weapon” of Gree is the electric trunk and the third row of independent air conditioners. In fact, this account is not difficult to calculate. You just have to remember that the price difference for their high-end models is about 16,000. If you think the new Shengda's space can be used, you can save the cost or use it. Buy a higher model version. If the third row usage rate is high, then decisively Grid Rui.

Special thanks to the dealer who provided the vehicle:
Imported Hyundai Guangxian Store Tel: 400-868-6354
Address: No. 855, Zhongshan Avenue West, Guangzhou (opposite to Junjing Garden)