[YesAuto static experience] Driving a BMW and sitting in a Mercedes is a long-term rational evaluation of these two brands in people's minds. Nowadays, the long-wheelbase models launched by BMW 5 series and 7 series are gradually moving closer to the ride; and Mercedes-Benz CL and CLS classes are also pushing themselves in the direction of movement; Audi A6L has achieved a good balance between driving and riding. , But it is a little bit lacking in personality. If you need a mid-to-large luxury car that not only focuses on driving performance, but also has a good and comfortable ride, then the more personalized Infiniti M series should suit your appetite.

The model in this experience is M25 luxury instead of M37, because the V6 2.5L displacement is more in line with today's concept of energy saving and emission reduction, and there are three models to choose from, and the entry barrier is lower. The price of the M25 ranges from 498,000 to 588,000 yuan. The top-of-the-line luxury model is priced at 588,000 yuan. The advanced driving assistance system and the luxurious configuration of the rear row are its high prices. Let's feel its charm together.

Visual experience

Body size Infiniti M25 Mercedes-Benz E300L BMW 528Li Audi A6L
Length (mm): 4945 5012 5039 5035
Width (mm): 1845 1855 1860 1855
Height (mm): 1500 1464 1471 1485
Wheelbase (mm): 2900 3014 3108 2945

The direct competitor of the Infiniti M25 is the German troika, and the M25 is more compact in terms of body size. The muscular, streamlined body has a very different style from other models of the same level. The family-style curved chrome grille on the front of the car makes it easy to recognize its identity at a glance. Nowadays, the popular rear-view mirror turn signal does not appear on the M25. The reason is that Europeans have a soft spot for it; but North America is not too cold, so Infiniti, which sells in North America, is not keen on it.

Speaking of technology and equipment, the four-probe front radar is considered to be one, and it works regardless of whether it is driving or parking; the bi-xenon auto-lighting headlights and the lotus halo around the lens are handled relatively low-key, not as strong as the A6L's modern sense, nor BMW There is so much god. The steering follow-up function is not directly mentioned in the manufacturer's configuration table. After actual experience, this function does exist, and it is standard for all systems. The distance infrared sensor is used to provide data parameters for the adaptive cruise system, and the two low-profile models need to be installed as an option.

The low and slender body looks very aerodynamic. In fact, the drag coefficient of 0.27 is better than that of the BMW 5 Series, but the sturdy Mercedes-Benz E-Class can achieve 0.26. It seems that the M25 curve does not play much practical role. , The small spoiler at the tail has a greater visual effect. Mysterious scratch self-healing paint can be seen from a deep scratch on the test drive car that it has not healed by itself. It seems that it can only deal with the subtle scratches of the nails, which is not magical as imagined. There is a high-brightness white LED light in the front door handle, which can illuminate the handle when getting on and off at night, which has certain practical significance.

The dual arc LED taillights have a good visual effect; the reversing images are all standard equipment; the emergency key is empty and considerate. It is necessary to say that the panel around the license plate frame of the trunk is made of plastic material. In this position, this design is very unlikely to protect pedestrians. A large part of it is to reduce maintenance costs as much as possible in the event of a collision.

The ten-spoke 18-inch aluminum alloy wheels are unassuming but very tense. Although the exterior design is beautiful, the risk of being scratched is higher. Dunlop SP Sport MAXX TT high-performance tires are consistent with their identity, and the tread design pays more attention to drainage performance and wet grip. After seeing the exterior, let's pull the door to experience the inner feeling.

Tactile feeling

As soon as I opened the door of the car, my sight was not attracted by the interior but focused on the door stopper. Because of the lighter limit structure of Japanese cars, they have been criticized by people. The actual experience found that this device is difficult to grasp the heavy door of the M25, and there is a big gap between the effect of the hinged card position of the German system, and it is under the level of a luxury car.

The center console and interior of the car show a typical Japanese luxury car scene: leather, mahogany and soft plastic. Most of the areas that can be touched on the hand feel are soft, and the leather processed by a special process does not have the coldness of just touching it. The layered instrument panel is more ergonomic and comfortable to use.

The steering wheel feels good, the outer ring is wrapped in leather, and the inside is covered with soft material. The diameter is slightly larger, but it is thicker, and it feels full when you hold it, and it has a delicate and compact feeling. The volume of the multi-function buttons on both sides is a bit small, but the stroke is clear. The distribution is very reasonable, and the palm can be operated with only the thumb without moving the palm, which is simple and convenient.

We moved our eyes slightly to the right. The peach wood decoration on the instrument panel is more elegant in color, and the enamel surface is smooth and delicate. The central knob can also be moved in eight directions, and it is very convenient to operate with the touch screen, and there is basically no difficulty in using the menu or navigation.

The following knobs also feel moderately damped, have clear gears, and have an excellent feel. The small seat ventilation and heating knobs are also equipped with indicator lights. Although they look inconspicuous, they reflect the designer's meticulous and rigorous style.

The leather material is not perfect, and the area next to the center console is a negative example. Because this part often rubs against the jeans, it will become this color, which greatly affects the aesthetics. If it is a dark interior, this embarrassing problem will not occur.

We turned our attention to the door of the car. The material selected for the inside of the door uses a combination of leather and soft plastic. The floor light by the door only uses yellow bulbs. If half of the lights can be designed to be eye-catching red to serve as a warning, it will be more in place.

It needs to be explained that the delicate and cold touch of this silver decorative board is very similar to aluminum alloy, but in fact it is a plastic manufactured by a special electroplating process. People who have used iPAQ handheld computers should have a deep understanding of this. The arc-shaped door handle should be ergonomically designed and comfortable to use.

The material difference between the front and rear welcome pedals is obvious, which should not be true for a luxury car worth more than 500,000 yuan. If it is for the sake of durability, it is definitely an excuse. The difference between the two materials is bound to be a great discount on the senses.

Technology experience

The switch of the DCA distance control system is here. The system detects the distance to the vehicle ahead through the infrared distance sensor at the front of the vehicle. The front brakes and the vehicle is still accelerating and is in a dangerous distance. The system automatically raises the accelerator and brakes; if the vehicle in front does not continue to accelerate but stops slowly, the system can also allow the vehicle to stop with it. It can work together with full-speed cruise control and lane departure warning LDW and correction system LDP to realize intelligent assisted driving. This system is exclusive to M25 luxury models and M37 models, and low-end models need to be installed as an option.

Parallel assistance is no longer a novelty, and the actual effect of this small function to improve safety is still very good. When an incoming vehicle appears in the rear blind area, the warning light next to the rearview mirror inside the door will light up. The warning sound will buzz only when the turn signal is turned on, and it will not harass you too much. The switch for this function is located on the lower left side of the steering wheel.

The adjusted content of the central information screen basically covers all the electronic functions of the vehicle. GPS navigation, DVD playback, fuel consumption information and other functions are already very popular, nothing to say. Maintenance information such as engine oil, engine filter, and tires will be displayed in a progress bar mode for easy viewing. Tire pressure can also be viewed intuitively on the display. In the vehicle settings, you can make personalized adjustments to cameras, parking radars, automatic headlights, air conditioning systems, driving assistance systems and even central control door locks. This reflects the human-centered design concept. It's not the car that controls you, I appreciate this very much!

The forest air conditioning system is also one of the highlights of the car. It not only provides a breathing air supply mode that imitates the forest, but also provides the aromatic function of automatically adjusting air quality and humidity, grape seed molecular air purification, adding negative ions, and adding forest flavors that you can't see. It is difficult to experience air purification and humidity adjustment, but the faint smell of mud and tree trunks from the air outlet proves the existence of this function. People who do not know may think that the air conditioner filter element is dirty.

Defogging of rearview mirrors is very rare, reflecting the manufacturer's safety-oriented design philosophy. But having said that, the possibility of fogging in the central rearview mirror in most cases is very small, and the actual effect is not great.

The seat memory function is memorized together with the seat position, rearview mirror angle and steering wheel position and can be stored in two sets. Like many models, the two sets of seat position information can not only be adjusted by buttons, but also can be automatically recognized by the vehicle according to the use of unused remote control keys.

Ride experience

The interior of the carriage uses the popular design of embracing, which creates a very friendly and warm environment space for the drivers and passengers, which is no longer the kind of rigid and straightforward pure machine feeling.

The leather seats have a delicate feel and soft leather. No flaws can be seen in the regular arc perforation pattern and double stitch seams. Nissan Teana sofa-like comfortable feeling will make people who have been riding on it will be full of praise. M25 adds luxurious elements to its foundation.

I am very satisfied with the length of the seat cushion. 80% of the thigh area can be supported by it. Although the front of some luxury cars of the same level can be extended, the overall comfort is not as good as this car. Eight-way electric adjustment is a must-have, there is nothing to say.

The volume of the active protective headrest in the front row is very bluffing. The main reason is that the LCD screen at the back requires a part of the installation space, but the actual feeling is a bit hard, and it is not much different from other ordinary headrests. One drawback of this design is that the height of the LCD screen changes with the height of the headrest, which is much more passive than the BMW 5 Series mounted on the seat back.

The car's armrest box is not small in size, and the comfort-based design idea does feel extraordinary, which is much stronger than BMW's two-piece armrest box, but the internal workmanship is not as meticulous as its German counterparts.

In addition to the two LCD screens on the headrest, a conventional air-conditioning outlet and 12V power supply and audio and video lotus head interfaces are provided behind the front armrest box. The workmanship of the air outlet is very poor, far from the dashboard, and the feel is also very jerky. It is not like an accessory in this car at all, and it is suspected of cutting corners. The rear armrest box is extraordinary, and the content inside is the essence of the car.

The remote control attached to the original car is located in the armrest box, and two wireless earphones are provided in the trunk. Leather sofa seat + DVD player + surround sound, which is obviously only available in home theater equipment, but it is truly reproduced on the M25. If you think that there is only a remote control in the armrest box, you are quite wrong.

Open the lid and the densely packed buttons occupy all the positions in front of the storage compartment. Its functions include electric adjustment of rear seats, heating, rear window sunshade, sound control and air conditioning control, etc., which are very powerful.

Press the front and rear electric adjustment buttons of the seat, and the linked seat cushion and backrest work at the same time to extend the seat as a whole to a supine posture. The degree of reclining on the picture is already the maximum adjustable angle. Although it does not seem to change much, the actual feeling is obvious, and the body is also relaxed, which is very luxurious.

In order not to affect the rear passengers getting on and off the car, the seat will retract the seat cushion at the moment the door is opened, and the backrest will be straightened. If you do not want the seat to be forced to reset, press the Cancel button to cancel the sensory relationship between the door and the seat. The seat will always maintain the set extension angle regardless of whether the door is opened or closed.

Space feeling

Due to the low, streamlined body and the long front coupe style of the car, the interior space of the car is definitely not as good as the traditional medium and large executive cars. The experiencer sitting in the front row is 180cm tall, and the head space of a punch is somewhat different from that of German opponents, but they are basically satisfactory. Let's look at the back row again.

In the standard state of the rear seats, the head space of the occupants on the car is compressed to four fingers by the sweeping roof; and the margin of the leg punches is similar to that of some long-wheelbase medium-sized cars, and the space for movement is relatively limited. However, the M25 has a more sporty side, so large space is obviously not the focus of its pursuit.

This picture shows the movement space when the seat is reclining. The overall change is not big. Although the leg is reduced by a punch, this semi-lying position itself is not suitable for raising the legs, so less space does not appear to be. Too important.

The headrest with flat and completely fixed angle in the center of the back row is very uncomfortable to use. The head and neck are basically not supported, and the state is more awkward. Perhaps the design of the headrest to be as flat as possible is likely to not block the view of the rear window.

This suitcase can be placed in the trunk with a depth of 900mm without any problem, but if you need to put two side by side, there is nothing you can do, because the sturdy rear aluminum alloy multi-link independent suspension occupies a large area of the trunk, making it the narrowest The space is only 710mm, which is very unfavorable for loading wide rectangular items.


After experiencing the Infiniti M25 through the five entry points of vision, touch, technology, ride and space, I found that many of its concepts and viewpoints are different from those of European medium and large luxury cars. Although its main sales market is North America, it is still inadvertently revealed The imprint of his own Japanese car. The coexistence of ride and performance is its charm. We have now understood the luxury experience of this car from multiple angles. The 2.5V6’s power output of 235 horsepower, the front double cross-arm aluminum alloy front suspension, the rear multi-link aluminum alloy rear suspension and the FR layout of the driving pleasure are given to the evaluation team colleagues, let him take us to experience another M25 For your passion, please pay attention to the evaluation article on the next page.

[YesAuto Evaluation] I read the test drive article of my colleague Meng Qingjia before, and also read the static experience of Zhu Li. They all mentioned the three major German luxury brands at the beginning of the article. Young people also like luxury cars, and are keen to be innovative in pursuit of individuality, while those in the traditional camp seem to be a bit clichéd. The people born in the 1980s around me are basically very interested in Infiniti, and at the same time can't tell the specific reasons for their interest. Under persistent questioning, they could barely squeeze out two answers: shape and performance.

The shape has already been introduced in Zhu Li’s static experience. Infiniti M25 is easily reminiscent of a mysterious creature called “Manta Ray”. They are very streamlined, look very elegant, not aggressive, and make people think. Afraid to approach. When you drive it slowly to start for the first time, you will also send out the same feeling about the appearance: “What the hell is this?” Because people who are new to Infiniti for the first time will be surprised by its character.

At low speeds, the M25's throttle is super sensitive. I don’t understand why a 2.5L sedan should be so excited. Fortunately, it doesn’t cause too much abruptness. The smooth output of the 6-cylinder engine will erase all edges and corners. , And it's easy to master after a little adaptation. The steering feel is not as good as expected. The feedback intensity of the steering wheel cannot be said to be light or heavy. In short, it is slightly sticky. The pointing response of the front of the car is also a bit lazy, which forms a certain contrast with the performance of the engine, which suppresses the driver. Desire for manipulation. Oh, I almost forgot, the M25 was originally a car designed to ride, so it’s good…

The curb weight of the car we tested is close to 1.8 tons. Combined with its 2.5L displacement, based on past experience, we shouldn't have too much expectation for power performance. This car is equipped with a VQ25 series 2.5-liter V6 engine, which is easily reminiscent of Tian Lai. It should be noted that the full name of the M25 engine is VQ25HR, and the suffix “HR” means “High Revolution” or “High Response”, which can be regarded as a replacement product of the earlier “DE” suffix. 80% of the components have been redesigned. So, this VQ25HR is actually not at the same level as Teana's VQ25DE.

VQ25HR has two completely symmetrical intake and exhaust systems, that is, two air filters, two throttles, two intake manifolds and exhaust manifolds… It can almost be regarded as a combination of two 3-cylinder engines. This makes it have high intake and exhaust efficiency. In terms of parameters, it has a maximum power of 173kw(235Ps)/6400rpm and a maximum torque of 253Nm/4800rpm, which is very rare as a civil naturally aspirated engine.

Therefore, transfer such power to the rear wheels through a 7-speed automated manual gearbox, and you will find that the M25 does not have any difficulty even in the middle of the acceleration at 80 km/h. When you step on the accelerator with a big foot in an instant, the gearbox first waits for a few tenths of a second, until it confirms your intentions, it starts to quickly downshift to release the power for you. Switch the driving mode selection (Infiniti-Drive) knob behind the gear to SPORT mode, the engine acceleration process will be smoother, but because the earlier “37” left a deep impression on me, I felt the performance of “25” It's still a lot dull.

As the speed increases, the entire car responds dynamically to signs of being awakened, but in terms of driving pleasure, it is still unwilling to communicate with you, just like a girl with a beautiful face and graceful figure, but her personality Inconsistent, lack of spiritual integration, can only come hard, rely on the strong to control. But the most admirable key to Infiniti is that as long as you want sensory stimulation, it can really stimulate you! This is why you can see some Infiniti G and M running wild on the road. I understand where their pleasure comes from.

When doing large maneuvers like spooling, the big car began to tighten its nerves completely. The gentle and smooth character in daily driving disappeared completely. The engine torque applied to the rear wheels was enough to push the rear of the car alive. You must be careful to control your movements and don't allow any mistakes, just like all sports cars, it's fun!

After talking about the driving experience, I also need to mention the high-tech electronic equipment equipped on this M25 luxury model. One of the most powerful is the full-speed intelligent cruise system, which allows the vehicle to maintain a set distance from the vehicle in front in a constant speed cruising state. If the vehicle in front brakes normally until it stops, then this Infiniti will also come to a complete stop. It sounds like Isn't it cool?

Finally, let us take a look at the test results of Infiniti M25.

◆ Accelerated test:

The acceleration test is the project I pay more attention to, because this is the most obvious difference between it and the M37 in terms of driving. The power of 81kW (111Ps) is less, which makes the acceleration time of 0-100km/h about 3 seconds longer. Fortunately, The result of 8.46 seconds is still satisfactory, and it is already very fast in the 2.5L naturally aspirated model.

◆ Brake test:

The performance of Infiniti's brake system is relatively stable. The test results are all within 40 meters, and the fluctuation is less than 2 meters, which is completely trustworthy in the daily range. In particular, the M25 is really calm when braking. The braking system has a good grasp of the braking force, so that almost everyone can't feel the ABS system is working, nor can you hear the sound of tires, which seems quite Efficient.

◆ Noise:

The M25 performs well in terms of noise suppression. The 6-cylinder engine runs quietly, the 7-speed gearbox has denser teeth, and the speed is lower during driving, which further suppresses noise and improves comfort.


Compared with the M37, the M25 has a calm personality, which is more suitable for its original positioning-a luxury business car, and the price is much cheaper. Even so, it still has rich sports potential, and in most cases it can meet our needs for comfort and power.

The only little regret is that it does not perform very well in terms of driving pleasure. I even feel that this car itself is not sure what to do. It could go further on the sports road, but it hinders For its own business image, while leaving room for the Infiniti G series, I have to hesitate. In addition, the contradiction is not only the vehicle itself, but also the Infiniti brand. On the one hand, we don’t want the car we bought at a high price to be unknown to others, and on the other hand, we don’t want everyone to recognize it, because that would be “vulgar”.

Regarding the brand image, I think Infiniti may still have some distance to challenge the old luxury camp in China. The most obvious gap is reflected in the name. Because the initials of the name “Infiniti” are relatively low, this makes It is clearly at a disadvantage in the competition with “Benz”, “BMW” and “Audi”. Of course, this is a joke.

Finally, add one sentence: If it is me, I still prefer the M37. After all, such high performance is the most representative of the temperament of the Infiniti brand.

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