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[YesAuto Test Drive] R8 is the first civilian-level super sports car designed by Audi. During the development time, the Audi R8 has absorbed a lot of the essence of cars and its own unique R series racing cars, combining many years of endurance racing experience and cars. The comfort is a perfect combination!

Is the above description a space hole? I think so too! R8 is a low-key and arrogant little monster that quietly targeted its opponents on the very arrogant F430/Gallardo/GT3. From the perspective of body size and displacement, R8 has almost no advantage, so why Audi Also placed such high expectations on R8, and at the same time be able to shout very firmly the slogan of easily surpassing the opponent? We have conducted a demonstration for you at the Shanghai Circuit. Through static feeling and track experience, we will have a close contact with R8 for the first time.

● The appearance is fierce but more like a work of art, Audi's car aesthetics are brought to the extreme

The R8 is first recognized by everyone for its low-key and aggressive appearance. When R8's opponents are still using exaggerated body shape and sharp body lines to seduce the eye, the R8 has already surpassed this vulgarity. Route, began to take up the style of art.

The three words of artwork are the expressions I have heard the most about the appearance of R8. After recollecting these three words, I really can't find a more suitable vocabulary to describe the appearance of R8… In the evening, when a black R8 that ran 3 laps roared into the pit lane from a distance, everyone's eyes were shocked by the angry front face expression. A fierce work of art gives people such a feeling. , Maybe the car entering the field is changed to F430, maybe we can only feel the approach of oppression, without the intoxicating beauty in it. The R8 did this, and the R8 was also the first car that made me want to take a second look.

◆R8's aerodynamic design ideas:

The R8 enhances downforce through the spoiler on the body and the air diffuser under the car. When the vehicle speed is higher than 120km/h, the spoiler at the rear of the car starts to open. When the vehicle speed drops to 35km/h, it automatically retracts. The owner can also control the opening and closing of the spoiler through the buttons in the car. Although the spoiler does not increase downforce when retracted, it can increase the air flow rate at the rear radiator grille. A large number of airflow guiding components are arranged on the metal floor, which can increase the flow rate of the airflow and form a low pressure between the vehicle body and the ground, so that the vehicle body will tightly press the tires on the track.

◆In the shape, the LED driving lights on the front face is too ecstasy!

Before 2006, BMW's angel eyes + eyebrows redefined the aesthetic definition of beautiful car lights. In the mainland of the motherland, whether it is the original BMW or the later modified Bora, Fox, and 206, the beauty of angel eyes has been continued. This craze has continued. To today. but! With the appearance of Audi's new generation of family features-lower eyelid LED driving lights (manufacturers call it: Bionic driving lights), this aesthetic definition has to be overthrown!

I believe most of my friends will agree with what I said above-LED under the eyelids will be popular. Maybe the picture can't fully convey the shock of seeing the R8 running from a distance in the dark evening. The lean black body and a pair of very strange LED driving lights bring beautiful enjoyment to the R8.

If the front face of the R8 is very hideous and fierce, this has played an 80% role in the LED driving lights.

◆The tail shape is very heavy, which is a bit unexpected

The oblique rear shape of the R8 is actually a bit thin, and at the same time it looks very slender. Audi designers have also seen this, and specially designed color blocks of different colors at the tail to balance the visual difference of the tail. Nevertheless, the R8 is 45% from the rear right. Looking at the past, it is also the worst aesthetic point of view of the whole car, and it seems that the whole is not very harmonious.

Of course, the above feelings are mainly the conclusions that were not directly obtained at the auto show and looking at photos before. This time the R8 test drive meeting, I have carefully tasted the rear design of the R8. When you change the perspective Lower it a bit, and then you can see a round and thick tail shape. At the same time, when the R8 is put together with the S8, you will feel that the R8 is much wider than the S8, and the visual stability of the body is extremely high.

To sum up, the flat tail of the R8 is perfect from a low angle. If you look down at 45°, it may look a little thin. At this time, you may feel more harmonious if you raise the spoiler. At the same time, everyone should pay attention to the fact that the two-sided taillights are the tail feature of the new Audi family, from the new TT to the R8 and the new A8 series, which will appear in more new Audi cars in the future.

● The interior and configuration surpass other super sports cars and are closer to civilian cars

If you look at the interior and configuration of the R8 alone, it will not bring you too many visual surprises. The interior style of the standard Audi series feels like a civilian car. If you are used to a car like Sagitar, A4 or A6, you will easily get started with everything inside the R8. This is why we are very optimistic about the R8. There is no compromise on comfort due to performance.

Below we will focus on a few points of the R8's interior and configuration:

1/The steering wheel feels very good, the horn is still not easy to press

It is recognized that the horns of the Audi series of performance models are not always good, and the R8 still continues this point. The feel of the steering wheel can definitely be called an excellent one! At the same time, size and style have found a good balance between civilian use and pure performance.

2/Optional carbon fiber components

This carbon fiber component can be selected on the outer body, or optional on the inside. In the picture, everyone can see that the door handle and the inner leg area can be installed with carbon fiber components, but this component is not included in the car price of 1.785 million Inside, we don’t know the specific price yet, haha, get your silver ready!

3/ Although the seat is not a pure bucket chair abroad, at least it is electrically adjustable

This time the domestic R8, although the seat is not a pure bucket-shaped chair from abroad, it is at least a half-bucket chair with ESC. The comfort of the seat is naturally not said, and the performance is also said to be the past. This is another good example of the R8's balance between performance and comfort.

4/ One thing better than all two-seater sports cars is: there is even a place to put your belongings!

The rear of the R8 is specially designed for the driver to put his belongings! This narrow space greatly facilitates the use of drivers! Don't look down on this small space, there is a place to put personal belongings inside a stretched sports car, it is really a too human consideration! Looking at all the sports cars on the market, it seems that only R8 provides this user-friendly device.

5/ The equipment is very civilian, not like a super sports car

As mentioned earlier, the interior of the R8 is not like a super sports car, but more like a civilian vehicle. Simple ESC seats, simple automatic constant temperature air-conditioning, B&O advanced audio system that supports MP3 and SD card song reading, concise MMI system control, and a large amount of user-friendly storage space design, all of which make the R8 more There is a kind of affinity, minus the indifference and oppression that many super sports cars bring to people.

● There is no need to comment on the space of the sports car, and the sense of restraint is affirmative

For the space part, we will not comment specifically, waiting for the future unit test car, let's measure a set of measured data for everyone. And I can't even write about the experience, because I wear a full helmet when I sit in the R8, and I can't experience the feeling of the internal space. Hehe, we will give you a detailed analysis during the single test car!

● Power output–SPORT mode is very powerful

When talking about the interior and configuration, I have been describing the R8 as very civilian and very simple. Now it is the turn of the driving part of the track. I will still use the 6 words “very civilian and very simple” to describe it.

The R8's 4.2-liter FSI engine comes from the RS4. After a long time of re-tuning, this burst naturally aspirated engine can achieve a powerful output of 420 horsepower (100 horsepower per litre)! (The engine uses an F1-style 23 cm cast aluminum horn air inlet, and two large 27-liter air boxes are placed at the rear of the engine. The entire engine is controlled by the Motronic 9.1 management system.)

◆R8 4.2 FSI engine technical parameters

R8 is Audi's first mid-engined model
FSI in-cylinder direct injection 4.2-liter V8 gasoline engine with a maximum speed of 8250rpm
At rated speed, the piston speed is 24.1 meters per second, and the direction changes 275 times per second
Can reach a maximum of 420 horsepower at 7800rpm
The peak torque of 430N/m can be obtained in the range of 4500rpm to 6000rpm
90% of the torque appears at 3500rpm to 7500rpm, which means a smooth and stable power output, which reduces the strict requirements for shift timing.

The 4.2-liter FSI direct-injection engine with V8 structure is installed between the cockpit and the rear axle, and its appearance can be clearly seen through the rear windshield or from the inside of the car. More publicly, Audi designers also installed LED lights on the side of the engine compartment to provide high-brightness lighting for the engine compartment, and the engine is clearly identifiable even at night. Between the wheel arch behind the door and the roof, a wide air intake port is provided to provide sufficient air volume for the intake and cooling of the V8 engine.

The burst 4.2-liter naturally aspirated engine is paired with the R tronic serial continuously variable gearbox. The best advantage of this racing-derived gearbox is that it can automatically change the shift program according to the driving situation of the owner. In other words, when you are driving gently at low speeds, R tronic will provide a smoother shifting experience; when you accelerate at full speed, R tronic will enter the sports program, and the shifting time will be shorter. Of course, it will cause problems. It is also more obvious, that is the shock of shifting.

When driving on the track, we set the power and gearbox mode to the SPORT gear. At this time, the burst 4.2FSI began to show its ambitions! At the same time, the engine speed will be deliberately maintained at about 4000 rpm to ensure that you can add to the maximum torque output range when you step on the accelerator. At this time, the R8 is terrible. Any slight throttle touch will make the 4.2-liter beast ready to move. When you fully depress the accelerator, R tronic will stubbornly downgrade you to two gears to ensure the speed output. At the same time, there will be a lot of shock every time you change gears. Considering that it is a super sports car, we are relieved Up.

Although we can't run the track at full capacity this time, we still feel that the R8's nominal acceleration of 4.6 seconds/100km is truly effective. After all, Audi's models can easily reach the nominal performance, you only need to set the sports Mode, step on the full throttle at the same time, the rest is left to the quattro full-time four-wheel drive, ECU and R tronic gearbox to handle. After 4.6 seconds, it will definitely break the 100 km/h mark! Definitely.

Of course, it is impossible for us to run wild on city roads every day! R8 also gives great consideration to civilian daily driving, which surprised me.

Turn off the SPORT mode, and the R8 can easily become a city street car. At this time, the 4.2-liter engine has become a relatively mild sheep. Of course, you hope that it is so low-key and harmonious with the A6 that your father is driving now. Quietness is impossible. The 4.2FSI engine with only “one wall” behind your head will still produce relatively loud noise and vibration, but compared to other extremely unfriendly super sports cars, the sound insulation and gear shift vibration of the R8 is already gentle. Too much, too much.

Driving the R8 in the city is probably not too hard work. When you get used to the low engine sound coming from the back of your head every day, the R8 will not be too different from the TT and A4 on the street. You can give up the tension of the paddle shift system (it turns out that we think the computer controls the gears much better than your own control in 90% of the cases), and R tronic will not bring you much The shock of shifting, as gentle as possible, the R tronic can become a smooth guy like a CVT, of course! It must be driven on a small throttle! (It is estimated that no friends who bought R8 can drive with low throttle, ha ha)

Note①: Use of R tronic gearbox

The R tronic gearbox is very simple to use. First of all, it does not have a P–parking gear, so you can directly engage the N gear when parking. When driving, you can easily get on the road by directly hooking into the A gear. In the manual-automatic integrated mode, you can shift gears directly by dialing up and down, or you can use the steering wheel paddles to change gears.

Note that after the A gear is engaged, the automatic sequence gearbox will not engage the clutch. The clutch will not be engaged until you lightly apply oil. At this time, you can go on full throttle with confidence.

That is to say, after the A gear is engaged, the R8 will not be able to slide forward on its own after releasing the brakes like other automatic transmission vehicles, but staying on the ground. At this time, if you do not lightly step on the accelerator to let the clutch but the full throttle on the ground , R8 gearbox protection does not allow the clutch to engage, so if you want to drive R8 quickly at full throttle, for example, tap the throttle first. After the clutch is engaged, you can accelerate at a high throttle, otherwise it will only dry the oil on the spot, but The car won't go.

● In terms of control, the road feel is not as exaggerated as imagined, and the quattro all-wheel drive has helped a lot

Let's take a look at the introduction of the relevant technical parameters of the R8 chassis:

◆quattro four-wheel drive

The new-generation quattro full-time four-wheel drive is mounted on RS4, Q7 and R8, and the engine output is distributed at 40:60 front and rear. The front and rear axle load distribution of the R8 equipped with quattro is close to the ideal value of 44:56. The viscous coupler in the Quattro system transmits 10% to 35% of the power to the front wheels to obtain maximum traction.

◆From Lamborghini 5-8–>GALLADO chassis

The chassis structure of the Audi R8 borrows from the front and rear cast aluminum double wishbone structure of Lamborghini GALLADO. The front suspension is a triangular double wishbone, the rear suspension has a triangular double wishbone at the top and a triangular wishbone with a connecting rod at the bottom. This geometric structure can provide the most ideal wheel control when driving, making the steering more sensitive and precise. The rack-and-pinion hydraulic power steering provides the driver with the best road feedback.

◆Ceramic brake disc

The brake uses eight-piston fixed gray brake calipers with 380 mm ceramic brake pads, and the rear wheel uses four-piston calipers with 356 mm ceramic brake pads. The aluminum alloy brake disc of the brake disc is connected with the wheel hub with ten stainless steel bolts. This design can effectively prevent the impact of thermal expansion of the brake disc. Due to the use of aluminum alloy instead of traditional cast iron, the weight of each wheel brake has been reduced by two kilograms. Ceramic brake discs reduce non-suspension quality, improve braking efficiency and extend service life.

Because the R8 has a 44:56 front and rear axle counterweight ratio, plus the heavy rear wheels and the weight of the 4.2FSI engine, we guessed that the R8 might be more inclined to the rear-wheel drive control during the test drive on the track. In the actual experience, R8 brought us a neutral mess of wonderful feeling! The quattro system gives 40% of the power output of the front wheels is a life-saving setting for the R8! As a result, almost all the time on the track, the body stabilization system ESP is laid off.

The R8's quattro four-wheel drive system is very helpful for the control of the R8. In our Shanghai F1 track experience, it is difficult to find the control limit of the R8. The heavy 4.2FSI engine does not seem to bring too much burden to the tail. , More often, precise steering and very neutral body dynamics have become the handling performance of the R8.

It’s a pity that we didn’t have the opportunity to explore the extreme handling strength of the R8. The foreign coach of the lead car pressed our speed severely. Their S8 coach car was stubbornly pressed in front of the R8 car, a very violent one. 4.2 In addition to the more bursting 5.2 V10, the intertwined movement is very interesting, as if two trapped beasts are telling their tragic experience that they have nowhere to do…

I almost forgot to mention that the R8 we expected before will definitely have very direct road feedback, but in the track experience, we can’t feel too much road conditions from the steering wheel. Compared with the Z4 Coupe, it makes people feel real. The abnormal road feel, we still prefer the feeling of selecting the filter in the R8 part. The power of the electromagnetic suspension is still possible. The proper road feel filtering also mainly takes care of the daily driving needs. After all, no one wants to hold a shock forever. Hemp the steering wheel. (The control part, we will get a more detailed explanation when we get a single test car in the future)

● Preliminary summary of test drive

After this short experience, our understanding of R8 has gone a long way, and I finally understand why Audi has always been confident and proud when it promotes R8.

The reason is simple, that is to build a super sports car suitable for the common people!

Suitable for the common people, it does not mean cheap, but to provide all civilian and sports solutions. Let’s summarize:

The appearance of the R8 can give the driver great vanity on the premise of ensuring that the overall is not too public. Everyone knows this super sports car, but it is not so eye-catching.
The interior and configuration follow the style of a pure civilian car. The ease of use and driving comfort are absolute kings among competitors in the same level. F430/Gallardo/GT3 are inferior to R8.
The power combination deliberately provides a gentle urban driving mode, giving a more relaxed driving experience in most cases.
The control is relatively neutral, without the difficult driving skills of a pure rear-wheel drive like a super sports car, you only need to step on the accelerator and turn the direction.

The above summary will also be R8's own killer in the future. It is the consistent style of the Audi series to design performance sports cars with civilian-style ideas. Recall that when I tested the Audi TT that year, 10 times of 0-100km acceleration can easily achieve a result of about 5.5 seconds, and if you change to BMW's M5/M6 series, there will be a huge difference in each time! Because it emphasizes technology too much! So, Audi's sports car is the easiest vehicle to get started, you only need suitable accelerator force and steering.

Of course, after talking about so many benefits, you need to spend at least 1.785 million to get this very simple super sports car. Is it expensive? If compared to rivals at the same level, R8 is really a super cheap guy, maybe you still feel that it is not worth so much money, this is also very understandable, after all, the Audi brand has just stepped into the ranks of supercars, and the predecessors have made great achievements. Haunted the R8's head for a long time and couldn't wave it away. It can be said that the R8 took its first maiden trip in a small circle of the most luxurious and money-worshiping cars, and the first exploration of it began to subvert We were surprised to appreciate the many practices of supercars! In the days to come, perhaps supercars will begin to vigorously carry out humane construction on the basis of guaranteed performance, just like the transition from pure off-road vehicles to SUVs for more than ten years… Han Road)

Note: The above experience is a preliminary conclusion in a short period of time during the test drive meeting. Time is tight and the experience items are not comprehensive. Does not represent the final conclusion of this site on R8. The final conclusion will be made after a detailed experience and comprehensive test are carried out after the individual test car is obtained.

● R8 wonderful picture appreciation:

● R8 related parameter configuration table