[YesAuto Car Race] In the just-concluded CRC China Rally Championship, Autohome editors Wang Tao and Guo Feng, as drivers and pilots representing Dean Motorsport Team, won the S3 group championship at the first stop of the 2016 season in Henan Dengfeng. This is the third time for the two to participate in the CRC S3 competition and win the championship for the third time. The winning rate has reached 100%!

Wang Tao and Guo Feng are driving a fourth-generation golf racing car. The fourth-generation golf rally we reported before is similar to the specifications of the participating vehicles. If you are interested, you can click /Rally Car”, the car belongs to the Dean Motorsports team and was created under the name of the founder of the team, Chen Dean.

The game is divided into three days from Friday to Sunday. Wang Tao and Guo Feng went to Dengfeng on Monday to prepare for the game. During this period, you need to go through driver registration, vehicle inspection, test drive, short track race and race. After full preparation before the race, good cooperation with the team, and stable performance of the stage, the two finally won the S3 championship trophy. So, how did the two get to the throne of champions step by step? Stay tuned for our article on June 26.