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[YesAuto Model PK] In the lineup of imported SUVs under 300,000 yuan, there are two major products that are eye-catching. One is from Fuji Heavy Industries, Japan. The horizontally opposed engine and AWD full-time four-wheel drive system are the biggest highlights. It is the Subaru Forester; the other is a modified product from Renault, France. It not only has a full-time four-wheel drive system, but also comes standard with a panoramic sunroof. It is the 2012 Renault Coriolis. From the perspective of sales, both models can maintain a performance of more than 3,000 units a month, which can be regarded as excellent performance for imported SUVs.

But it is precisely because the two models provide the aura of an “imported car” and good configuration at a more reasonable price, which also makes many consumers who want to buy imported SUVs entangled. We have seen from the forums of the two models of Autohome that many netizens have questions about how to choose Kolyo and Forester. Even the discussion among colleagues, the topic of how to choose these two models has not been interrupted. Therefore, today, it is very necessary for us to pull out these two models to PK separately. Said it is PK, it can be regarded as letting everyone more clearly have an intuitive comparison in various aspects.

For detailed test drive articles of the two models, please click the link below——

● Appearance size comparison: Forester is longer, Koleo is wider

Before the facelift, the choice of Renault Koleos was generally extreme, that is, consumers who liked it liked it very much, but otherwise, they were always uninterested. The face of the face after the change is more modest than in the past, and the acceptance is naturally much higher, but it has also been criticized by many former followers. In contrast, the Forester is still more receptive. The Subaru family-style front face and tough line design are very sporty. The romance of the French system often does not take any advantage in the face of the conservativeness of the Japanese.

In fact, as far as the appearance details are concerned, since they are all imported cars, there is almost no problem of “relying on the relationship to be tested” in quality control. Therefore, in terms of sheet metal craftsmanship and paint quality, both Keleao and Forester have the performance that imported cars should have. You don't have to consider whether it is made in Japan or South Korea. When it comes to the question of how to choose the shape, the answers given by friends and colleagues around you are completely without reference, almost equivalent to five to five. Personally, I prefer Koleo.

You may ask why I chose Koleos in appearance? Because the Forester has a longer body, it also makes it look bigger. In fact, Corio is wider and taller than the Forester. I really like this wide design. At least the thick and simple body will make people feel safer. The wheelbase of 2690mm is also more prominent than the Forester’s 2615mm. The importance of space and wheelbase is unquestionable, even if some passability is sacrificed. On the ground clearance, which is the most representative of passability, the Forester 220mm is higher than the Corio 206mm, but for the two urban SUVs, such data is just a play, don't let it go.

On the issue of shoes, both models are equipped with 17-inch aluminum alloy wheels. Coincidentally, the styles of both are not very fashionable. The 2012 Kleio canceled the matte black wheels of the old BOSE limited edition, and instead adopted the more modest five styles nowadays. The 225/60 R17 Continental CrossContact series tires are also typical urban equipment. The Forester’s wheels are really not good-looking. The design is really mediocre. The tyres used are naturally Japanese products. The 225/55 R17 Yokohama GEDLANDAR series products are more sporty than Kolyo’s in terms of specifications, which are quite in line with the brand. Positioning.

There are also some aspects that have common advantages between the two, and of course there will be certain differences. For example, we see that both models are generously equipped with full-size spare tires. The 500,000 Audi Q5 and Cadillac SRX do not have this blessing. There is also a big difference between the keys of the two cars. If the picture is good, I would choose Kleio, which is also a keyless start. Kleio's card-style sense of grade is higher than the traditional style of Forester, but the latter's Denso products have better workmanship. .

● Car configuration comparison: Both are in place, Koleo is higher

Entering the car, the two models will immediately show completely different design styles. Koleo’s central control design is called “owl” by many people. The 2012 model inherits the excellent materials of the old model. The changes in details have improved the grade, and the design is more focused on a warm home style.

The Forester completely shows the design style of a sports car. The material of the center console that is not particular about is all hard plastic, but the excellent workmanship guarantees the texture. The gull-wing design is definitely in line with the preferences of young people, more radical and fashionable. .

The design of the instrument panel is obviously much more beautiful for the Forester, and the feel of the steering wheel is also the same, and overall it is much more refined than that of Koleo. In terms of active safety, the two models we chose are both high-end models, so the six-airbag standard is entirely reasonable.

The rest of the safety configuration is not something we need to worry too much about. Things like ESP are not a problem for imported cars. In contrast, Koleo has more automatic headlights, tire pressure monitoring, uphill assistance and steep slope gentleness than Forester. While the Forester has xenon headlights and mechanical variable suspension, it can automatically adjust the hardness of the suspension according to the vehicle's load.

In recent years, the biggest highlight of the comfort configuration of SUVs is the sunroof. Naturally, the two rivals will not neglect this. The Forester has a transparent oversized sunroof. Although it is not a panoramic view, the size is really amazing. Koleo is more kind, and the standard panoramic sunroof of the whole series is unmatched in its class. TOMTOM, the first GPS brand in Europe, has also settled on the new Koleio after the model change. With the hard-disk human-computer interaction system, the performance is good; the original Gaode navigation used by the forester is slightly inferior, but it supports handwriting, which is very convenient to use. .

For the rest of the configuration, only the navigation version of the forest talent means having a keyless start, which makes many consumers feel entangled. The automatic anti-glare rearview mirrors, electric folding exterior rearview mirrors, sensor wipers and sun blinds are all exclusive to Koleo.

●Comparison of riding and storage space: Forester has better rear leg space

In the previous comparison of appearance parameters, we can see that Corio has a larger body and a very advantageous wheelbase, but the actual experience is not satisfactory. The large and thick seats ensure the comfort of the front row while reducing the legroom in the rear row. The performance can only be said to be satisfactory. However, Kleio has a small rear table and a rear exhaust vent that can independently adjust the wind speed, which is a very useful configuration for SUVs.

In contrast, the performance of the Forester is much better. The front seats can be lowered to a very low sitting position under the premise of ensuring comfort, making the Forester drive more like a car. This design is similar to the BMW X1. Very similar. The rear space performance is also very good, the French car is still slightly inferior to the Japanese partners in terms of space utilization, but the lack of rear air conditioning is a bit annoying.

The two also have some common advantages. For example, the rear seats are equipped with ISO FIX child safety seat buckles. For example, the angles of the rear seats of both can be adjusted. These advantages are actually very good for daily use cars. intimate.

In terms of conventional storage space, both models have good performance. For example, two bottles of water can be placed in the front door, and the storage space in the back door is also very good. Koleo’s front armrest box has a great advantage. It not only has direct access to the rear storage box, but also has a small box that can be taken out separately. The Forester is slightly inferior. The common shortcoming of the two is that there is no limit mechanism for the cup holder, which makes it easy for the water bottle to fall apart during driving.

The space performance of the trunk should be proportional to the size of the body. The rear space of both models can be folded 4/6 or completely tipped over. When the seats are down, the Forester with longer body and the wider and taller Keleao. Neither accounted for more advantage, and there was no obvious gap in the parameters. If it is necessary to find the difference between them, then the double-opening tail box of Koleo is more homely and romantic, and the living design is suitable for outings and fishing.

● Power system comparison: Koleo is more comfortable and Forester is more sporty

It seems that Kleio has some advantages over the Forester in all aspects, but for the car after all, it is still used to drive, and the level of the driving mechanism is the final measurement standard.

The models we compared all use a 2.5L naturally aspirated engine, but the difference is that the Forester uses a horizontally opposed all-aluminum engine with a maximum power of 126 kilowatts and a maximum torque of 235 Nm. This engine is not only light in weight, but also has a low center of gravity. After the change, it can already use No. 93 gasoline, which makes up for the embarrassment that the old Forester can only use No. 97 gasoline. However, the biggest embarrassment for the Forester comes from the 4AT gearbox. After all, for a 300,000-class imported SUV, no matter how smooth the 4AT tuning is, it will always make people feel not kind enough.

The 2.5L engine of KLEO comes from Nissan, which is the same product as the familiar X-Trail. The maximum power is also 126 kilowatts, but the torque is slightly smaller than the Forester, at 226 Nm. Of course, since it is a Nissan engine, it can naturally be qualified for No. 93 gasoline. Koleio is equipped with a CVT gearbox, also from Nissan. The measured acceleration of 100 kilometers in 10 seconds can dispel everyone's doubts about CVT performance, and excellent ride comfort and economy are the biggest characteristics of CVT, which is very suitable for daily cities. Driving use.

● Four-wheel drive system comparison: Forester and Keleao are on par

In terms of four-wheel drive system, Subaru Forester also has three different matching methods according to the difference between the engine and the gearbox. Among them, the most popular 2.0, 2.5L displacement naturally aspirated engine + 4AT combination in China is adopted by Subaru . The active torque distribution type four-wheel drive system (called ACT-4) is actually a central multi-disc clutch type four-wheel drive in a timely manner.

The system with the Tiguan, works the same X-Trail, and so most of the Outlander SUV: the torque transmitted by the engine gearbox, gearbox first transfer torque to the front axle, before being output to the rear axle through a first electronically controlled multi-plate clutch Type limited-slip differential , and finally to the rear axle. The front axle is always powered, and whether the rear axle is switched on or not becomes a four-wheel drive is determined by the compression and relaxation of the multi-disc clutch. This is also a typical full-time four-wheel drive structure. Subaru has added a bevel-toothed mechanical central differential to it , allowing the vehicle to travel freely in bends.

Kleio 's full-mode intelligent four-wheel drive system comes from the RenaultNissan alliance, which is exactly the same as the Nissan X-Trail , and has three modes of two-wheel drive locking, 50:50 front and rear axle locking and automatic allocation. However, like most urban SUVs , Koleio 's four-wheel drive system is still a relatively simple system and can only be used on lighter off-road roads.

● After-sales maintenance: Renault's “Nuoxiangsi” service has obvious advantages

When it comes to after-sales maintenance, Koleo’s advantages are very obvious. The Renault brand “Nuoxiang Follow” service provides every Renault owner with free maintenance for 3 years or 60,000 kilometers. If your repair parts cannot arrive at the 4S shop on time, the owner can also get a scooter provided by the 4S shop or a transportation subsidy of 50 yuan/day, which is very user-friendly.

In addition, in the “Nuo Xiang Sui” service commitment, you can also get three years of 24-hour national service rescue, and you can enjoy free cleaning of vehicles and interior cleaning services after each maintenance and repair for life. It can be seen that “Nuo Xiang Sui” “This service can bring great convenience to Koleo car owners.

Accessories price (yuan) Working hours (yuan) Engine oil

Forester consumption 4.5 liters

203 Semi-synthetic motor oil (5W-30)
45 yuan per liter
80 90 383 Fully Synthetic Motor Oil (5W-40)
Price 85 yuan per liter
540 Fully Synthetic Motor Oil (0W-40)
120 yuan per liter
Oil filter 51 (pieces) Air filter 141 (pieces) 10 Gasoline filter 2.0L model 186 (pcs) Included in the filter replacement project 2.5L/2.5T model 458 (pcs)

The Forester is a typical imported car in traditional concepts. Although the price of regular maintenance accessories is not expensive, the price of a single small maintenance is about 330 yuan, but according to the situation that the editor understands from the 4S shop, the maintenance of the Subaru brand The price of accessories is even higher than the top three German ABB, and it is easy to produce out of stock situation, this will make many consumers entangled.

Edit comment:

Faced with these two cars, I believe that many friends will still struggle. But under the premise that there are not many imported SUV models under 300,000 yuan, I suggest that you still need to confirm your car needs before buying a car. Corio is a very life-oriented and very homely model. All configurations are based on a leisurely life attitude. It is more suitable for consumers who like to travel frequently with their family or to walk around easily in the city. The Subaru Forester alone is rich in traditional sports elements, even SUV models can not get rid of such a breath, low sitting posture, horizontally opposed engine, adaptive suspension, these designs for pure driving make people very It’s easy to forget the plastic interior and expensive maintenance costs. This makes the Forester more suitable for those who like the high passability of an SUV but don’t want to lose driving pleasure. If you are still wondering which one you need to choose? Why don't you take a look at what kind of person you are?

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