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[YesAuto Car Purchase Manual] At the Guangzhou Auto Show last year, a new generation of Porsche Cayenne was officially launched. For domestic consumers, the starting price of 998,000 yuan is more than 100,000 yuan more than the previous generation model. Of course, the entry configuration is also generous. This makes the entry-level Cayenne no longer look so plain, and the stocking situation in the 4S store will be much better than that of the old model. Of course, we often say that no option is not a Porsche, and the same is true for the Cayenne. Faced with the dazzling selection of options, how to choose to meet your individual needs without being shocked by the price at the checkout, today we will sort through this Cayenne matching interpretation for everyone.

■ Official guide prices for models on sale

At present, the new generation of Porsche Cayenne has three models on sale in the Chinese mainland market, namely Cayenne, Cayenne S and Cayenne Turbo. The standard configuration prices are respectively 998,000 yuan, 1.298 million yuan and 1.998 million yuan. From the price point of view, the price of the entry-level Cayenne is about 110,000 yuan higher than the previous generation model, but after careful analysis, we found that the extra 110,000 yuan is not actually a price increase, but a real increase in the configuration. of. In other words, most consumers will choose these things. Porsche, which has been cultivating the Chinese market for many years, naturally understands the psychology of local consumers. 900,000 and 1 million have no psychological difference between most target consumers, but they feel “standard”. But it is much better than “optional”.

2018 Porsche Cayenne guide price
Model Price (ten thousand yuan)
Cayenne 3.0T 99.80
Cayenne S 2.9T 129.80
Cayenne Turbo 4.0T 199.80

On the outside of the car, the Cayenne comes standard with a full LED headlight set with four LED daytime running lights, a panoramic sunroof and 19-inch wheels, as well as front and rear reversing sensors and electric tailgates, while the standard inside the car has Keyless start, front-row 14-way adjustable leather seats with memory and electric heating, and an upgraded version of the smart interconnection module (Connect Plus, including online navigation, 4G LTE phone module with SIM card slot, wireless Internet connection, Porsche Connect and CarPlay function), friends who are familiar with the Cayenne will find that most of these are not available in the previous generation of entry-level models. In other words, the entry-level models of the new Cayenne are really not plain at all.

■ Interpretation of basic options and prices

1. Body color

In terms of body color, the new Cayenne can provide a total of 8 types, including 2 normal paints, 5 metallic paints and 1 special color. Two of the ordinary paints are black/white, which is obviously not enough for Porsche owners who are pursuing personalization. So I spent 142,000 yuan to choose a special color for my car. I would also like to change it. Spend this money. Another special color scheme is officially called “palladium”. The effect is similar to that of local gold, and the price is as high as 32,000 yuan. Whether to choose this color depends on personal taste and the thickness of the wallet.

2. Wheel rim styles and specifications

There are 10 styles of rims. The standard 19-inch rims of the Cayenne and Cayenne S are different. You need to pay 7400 yuan for interchange between the two. The Cayenne Turbo comes standard with 21-inch rims, and the retail price is 5.44. Ten thousand yuan. The prices of the two 20-inch wheels are 25,700 and 20,900 respectively. The prices of the 6 21-inch wheels (including the Cayenne Turbo) range from 46,5 to 67,200 yuan. The 21-inch wheels will be given away with the body. Wheel eyebrows of the same color. From the perspective of daily use, I personally feel that 21 inches is not very recommended under domestic road conditions. In addition to the impact on comfort, too thin tires also mean a higher risk on bad roads.

Three, interior color scheme and material

For the Porsche Cayenne, the color of the interior is also rich, and when you confirm the color of the interior, no matter which seat you choose behind, the color of the seat will be consistent with the color of the interior. Let’s take a look at the Cayenne and Cayenne S models first. If you choose the standard interior, in addition to the standard black and slate gray, you don’t have to pay extra. The price of the black/mojave rice double color combination is 4800 yuan; 4 types In the leather interior plan, the price of black and slate gray is 44,300 yuan, and the price of black/bordeaux and black/mojave beige is 52,300 yuan; as for the pure leather interior, the price of 62,200 yuan is still pretty good. Expensive, but if you particularly like truffle brown, then this is the only one you can choose.

For consumers who have enough budget to buy Cayenne Turbo, the choice of interior style is not so tangled. First of all, this car is equipped with black or slate gray leather interior as standard, so if you don't need the two color combinations of black/bordeaux and black/mojave beige, you can save the 8,000 yuan difference; At the same time, for the truffle-brown pure leather interior, the Cayenne Turbo will only need to pay 17,900 yuan for the optional installation, which is much lower than the 62,200 yuan optional price for the previous two models. In addition, the Cayenne Turbo model also comes with an Alcantara roof as standard, and the interior texture is better than the other two models.

In terms of seats, Cayenne has standard 14-way leather electric seats with memory and electric heating functions. I personally think that this set of seats is sufficient for most consumers. You must know the previous generation Cayenne standard. Equipped with an 8-way power seat, this set of 14-way seats is much better than that in terms of comfort. Of course, changing from a 14-way seat to an 18-way sports seat only costs 5100 yuan, with the addition of integrated headrests, independent stitching and lateral electric seat adjustment. This price is really not expensive for Porsche, but this set The 18-way seat positioning is more sporty, so although the optional price is not high, we still recommend the 14-way model from the perspective of comfort. The Cayenne Turbo model is more casual when choosing a seat. The 18-way integrated sports seat is standard at the factory. If you feel uncomfortable, you can also choose a 14-way seat. No matter which model you choose, you don’t need it. Pay additional fees.

■ Interpretation of details and options

After the selection of the body color, rims, interior and seats, Porsche also provides more detailed and personalized options, and these components are mainly distributed in the exterior of the vehicle, interior details, audio and communication System and chassis driving control. Some of them are very practical, and some may be more decorative than practical, but in any case, you can choose a different Cayenne from them. After all, at this level of consumption, “car crash” is like “jamming shirt”, and the three words of personalization become more meaningful.

1. Appearance options

Among the numerous appearance options, we can see that a half of them are developed around the headlights. For the light part, we recommend the optional PDLS dynamic lighting system. The normal version is 12,000 yuan, blackened. The version is 18,300 yuan, so combined with the original standard full LED headlights, the functions are already very complete for daily use. If you are buying a Cayenne S or Cayenne Turbo model, then PDLS is already standard, and then you only need to make up the price difference to upgrade the headlights. As for the upgraded PDLS Plus matrix headlights, the price is nearly twice as expensive. The biggest difference is that the vehicle ahead in the high beam beam can be concealed in a targeted manner, and the price/performance ratio is average.

2018 Porsche Cayenne Appearance Optional Configuration
Configuration name Selling price (yuan) Configuration name Selling price (yuan)
Remove the model mark 0 Black (high-gloss) painted door handle 3200

LED headlights with Porsche Dynamic Light System (PDLS)

(This is standard for S and Turbo models)

12000 Aluminum roof luggage rack 7800
LED matrix headlights with Porsche Dynamic Lighting System Upgrade (PDLS Plus) 26200 Black aluminum roof rack 7800
Dark LED main headlight + PDLS 18300 Roof transportation system/matt aluminum alloy roof luggage rack 10600
Dark LED main headlight + PDLS Plus 32500 Roof transport system / black aluminum alloy roof luggage rack 10600
Comfortable entry function 14,700 Painted exterior mirrors (same color as the body) 7200
Dark LED taillights with strip lights 9200 Black (high-gloss) painted exterior mirrors 7200
Heat and sound insulation glass, no privacy glass function 16,500 Pure black (high-gloss) external components 4600
Heat and sound insulation glass with privacy glass function 16,500 Stainless steel front and rear panels 15200
Automatic door closing function 9400

Secondly, we recommend keyless entry, aluminum alloy roof racks and insulated privacy glass, which are also more practical configurations for the exterior part. Among them, keyless entry is a configuration that is almost inseparable from use, and for a car at this price, it is easy to attract strange eyes from others in the garage without keyless entry, in the Chinese market where the weight of face is so high. , This configuration valued at 14,700 yuan must be chosen by most consumers without hesitation.

On the other hand, the aluminum alloy roof rack is also a configuration that takes into account the practicality and the sense of grade. If an SUV does not have a luggage rack, it will feel somewhat uncoordinated. It seems that there is something missing on the bare roof. Therefore, 7800 yuan is enough to install a set of the most basic longitudinal luggage rack. For those who like black luggage racks, while paying 7800 yuan to choose a luggage rack, they must also purchase pure black external components (black window edges) worth 4,600 yuan, which will make the visual effect even more outstanding. If there is a real need to pile things on the roof of the car frequently, the manufacturer also provides a double horizontal bridge roof rack on this basis. It is also divided into matte aluminum alloy/black high-gloss two colors, and the price is 10,600. yuan.

In addition to providing better quietness, heat and sound insulation glass can also be used in the hot summer. After all, the functionality of the original accessories is unquestionable. You do not need to bear the risk of buying fake films in the aftermarket. There is no need to worry about the release of toxic substances in the film glue after sun exposure and pollute the air in the car. In short, this 16,500 yuan is not cheap, but the practical value is indeed great. The official selection table provides two options with privacy glass and without privacy glass. The price is the same. For the safety of the items in the car, we will naturally recommend the former.

Second, the interior options

The optional configuration of the interior is more abundant than the exterior part. The first thing we recommend to everyone is the heating function of the steering wheel. I personally think that this configuration is more practical in winter than the heated seats. You can sit in the car in severe cold weather. , The coldest thing is often not the buttocks, but the hands. You can't buy it at a loss of 3,600 yuan, you can't be fooled, you can only buy a more comfortable driving experience. In contrast, since the original factory has standard heating seats, the ventilation function of the front seats is also recommended for southern consumers. The price of only the two front seats is 13,600 yuan, which is more than the Macan option. This configuration is also 2,000 yuan cheaper.

2018 Porsche Cayenne interior options
Configuration name Selling price (yuan) Configuration name Selling price (yuan)
Compass display on the dashboard 5400 Adaptive Cruise Control System (ACC) 22900
Color safety belt (7 colors) 6600 ISOFIX child seat interface on the front passenger seat 2400
HomeLink® garage door opener 3800 Rear side window sunshade 10400
Ambient lighting 5000 Steering wheel heating 3600
Painted interior components (same color as the body) 21900 Smoker suit 700
Seat heating (front and rear) 5800 360° panoramic imaging system 19000
Seat ventilation (front row) 13,600 Front and rear reversing imaging system 9100
Seat ventilation (front and rear) 27200 Lane Keeping Assist System 7800
4-zone front and rear constant temperature air-conditioning system 11000 Painted car keys with leather key pouch 6700
Night Vision Assist System 29700 Painted interior components (contrasting colors) 29700

In addition, if you have installed privacy insulation glass, then the rear sun shade of 10,400 yuan can be saved. The price of the luggage net bag is 1102 yuan, with 4 integrated fastening hooks, which can play a better role in fixing the things in the trunk, and the price is relatively reasonable, and it is worth starting.

2018 Porsche Cayenne interior materials and details optional equipment
Configuration name Selling price (yuan) Configuration name Selling price (yuan)
Leather interior components (same color as interior) 24000 Roof lining made of Alcantara® fabric 22400
Front center console armrest with Porsche Crest 4200 Heated multifunctional sports steering wheel made of Alcantara® fabric 5800
Front center console armrest with model Peugeot 4200 Dark walnut interior package 10400
Porsche Crest embossed on the seat headrest (front row) 3000 Dark walnut heated multifunction sports steering wheel 9500
Embossed Porsche Crest on the seat headrests (front and rear outer seats) 6100 Natural gray olive wood interior components 10400
Personalized floor mat with leather edging 8100 Tobacco chestnut interior components 27000
Personalized floor mat (plus plush) with leather edging 10300 Carbon fiber interior components 21900
Personalized leather edging double-sided storage box floor mat 4200 Carbon fiber heated multifunctional sports steering wheel 9500
Leather interior components (optionally match the interior color) 32500 Rhombus aluminum alloy interior components 10400

For some consumers with heavy long-distance running needs, we also recommend choosing the adaptive cruise system with Porsche Active Safety (PAS) and the lane keeping assist system. The optional price of the former is 22,900 yuan, and the latter is 7,800 yuan. . After all, with these two configurations, long-distance driving is indeed a lot easier, and safety is more guaranteed. The 30,000 yuan or so is still worth paying.

2018 Porsche Cayenne audio and communication system options
Configuration name Selling price (yuan)
Smartphone connection compartment 6400

BOSE® Surround Sound System

(This is standard for S and Turbo models)

Burmester® high-end surround sound system 79800
CD/DVD automatic changer (6 discs) 6400

Other configurations such as audio system and communication system. The entry model of the previous generation Cayenne was relatively shabby. Any function except a small screen needs to be installed. This generation model comes standard with a large screen, CarPlay, and Car navigation, Bluetooth phones and even 4G network and interconnection functions, etc., Cayenne S and Cayenne Turbo models also come standard with a 14-speaker BOSE audio with a total power of 710w, so there are very few things worth choosing later.

If your audio system requirements are really high, then there is also a Bermester® high-end audio system for you to choose from in the configuration table. The optional price of Cayenne is 79,800 yuan, and the optional price of Cayenne S and Cayenne Turbo is 61,600 yuan. Yuan, the price is not cheap, but it will certainly satisfy your discerning ears.

3. Chassis and driving control options

The optional configuration in the chassis and driving part is not as rich as the appearance and interior, but each one of them is quite specific. All three Cayenne models are equipped with PASM active suspension management system as standard, but only the entry-level model is not equipped with air suspension, so the Torque Vectoring System Upgrade (PTV Plus) is only available as an option for Cayenne S and Cayenne Turbo models. Its structure The component is mainly a rear axle differential lock with point control, which is used to perform variable torque distribution to the rear wheels, so as to achieve the effect of optimizing traction and steering accuracy.

2018 Porsche Cayenne Chassis and Driving Part Optional Equipment
Configuration name Selling price (yuan) Configuration name Selling price (yuan)
Off-road components 24000 Porsche Surface Coated Braking System (PSCB) 40000
8-speed Tiptronic S transmission with automatic start-stop function 0 Porsche Ceramic Composite Braking System (PCCB) 120100
Equipped with level control and height adjustment functions, adaptive air suspension with Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM) 28700 Sport Chrono package with mode switch (with off-road package) 14,700
Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control (PDCC) 44000 Sport Chrono package with mode switch 14,700
Rear axle steering system 27500

The Sport Chrono component is mainly used to improve the performance of the vehicle. After the selection, the mode switch can be used to select the mode of ejection start or track shift, and more consumers choose this configuration at the top of the center console. Going with a small timer can not only improve performance, but also save face. The 14,700 yuan is not a loss. As for the Dynamic Chassis Control System (PDCC), the rear axle steering system and the Ceramic Compliant Braking System (PCCB), if you don’t use the Cayenne to run on the track, to be honest, the price of each item is quite high, and all three options are selected. If it is close to 200,000 yuan.

■ Recommended options for different budgets

In the past, Porsche would give out one or two pre-configured models in advance for the convenience of everyone. However, we have repeatedly mentioned that the configuration of the entry model of the new Cayenne is sufficiently complete, so this time the official did not give pre-configuration, and the purpose is also very good. To be clear, it is necessary to let the entry Cayenne models go more. However, in order to give everyone a reference for buying a car, we still recommend three different price options for the Cayenne before the end of the article. Two of them are about 50,000 yuan for the “Appearance Association” and “Pragmatism”. “The consumer, a model of about 100,000 yuan, is based on the common running volume configuration of 4S stores.

2018 Porsche Cayenne 50,000 yuan budget configuration recommendation one
Configuration name Selling price (yuan)
Biscay Blue Metallic Paint 14,200
20-inch Cayenne Design wheels 20900
Black aluminum roof rack 7800
Pure black external components (high gloss) 4600
Wheel cover with full-color Porsche Crest 2200
Remove the model mark 0
total 49700

In the first set of configuration, we mainly focused on the appearance of the package, the purpose is to make the vehicle look more high-grade from the outside, more personalized. Taking into account that the new car is already equipped with full LED headlights and four independent LED daytime running lights, the unique metallic paint color scheme, large wheels and black window frames/luggage racks are the focus of the optional installation, and then the model will be removed. Mark, then from the appearance point of view, there is already quite a range.

2018 Porsche Cayenne 50,000 yuan budget configuration recommendation two
Configuration name Selling price (yuan)
Aluminum roof luggage rack 7800
Comfortable entry function 14,700
Front and rear reversing imaging system 9100
BOSE® Surround Sound System 18100
total 49700

The second set of configuration is based on the limited budget, the focus is more practical, so in the exterior part of our optional list, only the aluminum alloy roof rack is selected, and the function is selected The commonly used keyless entry, front and rear reversing images and 710w power 14-speaker BOSE audio system, combined with the original configuration that is not low, can be said to be very comfortable to use.

2018 Porsche Cayenne 100,000 yuan budget configuration recommendation
Configuration name Selling price (yuan)
Aluminum roof luggage rack 7800
Comfortable entry function 14,700
Front and rear reversing imaging system 9100
BOSE® Surround Sound System 18100
Black/slate grey glossy leather upholstery 44300
LED headlights with Porsche Dynamic Light System (PDLS) 12000
total 106000

The third set is a common optional configuration in 4S stores, which is provided to consumers with a budget of about 100,000 yuan. In the complete set of optional accessories, the appearance part has selected aluminum alloy roof racks and dynamic lighting system PDLS, the latter is on the go It is a very practical configuration during the night. In the interior part, the all-leather center console can greatly enhance the sense of class in the car. The front and rear reversing imaging system and BOSE audio are also visible, tangible, and usable.

● Editor's summary:

Through the research on the official option table, we can see that the option list provided by Porsche for the Cayenne is still rich. According to the different options, it can be roughly divided into three parts: appearance, interior and chassis power. The good news is that although the guide price of the entry model of the new Cayenne is more than 100,000 higher than that of the previous generation model, in fact, the manufacturer has actually added a lot of options for consumers in advance, so even Nothing is optional, and the standard configuration model will not look very plain when it goes out. Moreover, this strategy also gives 4S stores more power to set “plain cars”, which can be described as killing two birds with one stone.

On the other hand, we also provided you with three sets of relatively “cheap” options at the end of the article. Two sets of 50,000 yuan level selection angles are “appearance” and “practical”, and the other set 100,000 yuan level. The one is based on the concept of “practical”, coupled with some configurations with a relatively high selection rate, which is also the most common option at the price of 100,000 yuan in 4S stores. Hope that after our optional configuration analysis, and with these three sets of intuitive optional recommendations, it can provide a useful reference for your ordering road.