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[YesAuto 车台勐料] The Beetle (Type I) is the first model of Volkswagen, and it is also a cultural symbol of the Volkswagen brand and even an era. This national car has brought huge profits to Volkswagen, but also brought some lawsuits…

In the previous “Car World Meng Liu”, we have introduced the story of Volkswagen “learning” from the Taitola V570, and then the defendant plagiarized it. In that story, Volkswagen finally lost money and settled with Taitola in 1965. But the trouble is not over. Recently, Volkswagen has been sued in court for the design patent of the Beetle.

This time the plaintiff is the daughter of Erwin Komenda, the former chief designer of Porsche. Here is a brief introduction to this designer: Erwin Komenda is an Austrian who was responsible for body design in Steyr from 1926 to 1929. Here he knows him. Ferdinand Porsche. Beginning in 1931, Erwin Komenda joined the Porsche Studio, where he participated in the body design of KdF, which later became the Volkswagen Beetle. After World War II, Porsche built its own cars. At this time, Erwin Komenda participated in the design of sports cars such as 356.

The court did not disclose the name of Erwin Komenda's daughter, but revealed her litigation request, she asked Volkswagen to compensate 5 million euros, because the cash beetle still uses the design elements of his father on the original beetle. Due to the statute of limitations, she set the scope of compensation to Beetle after 2014.

The court in Braunschweig, Germany did not support Erwin Komenda's daughter's request because the KdF sedan was similar to many models including Steyr V570 at that time, and the plaintiff could not prove that his father was involved in KdF. The design of the car, although she took out the KdF design drawings with her father's name printed on it.

The case has been sentenced recently, and the Beetle will complete its historical mission this year-Volkswagen Group CEO Herbert Diess revealed that the Beetle will be discontinued in the summer of 2019 and will not return in the form of electric vehicles. This classic model that has gone through more than 80 years of ups and downs has completed all its “life” roads. (Wang Meng, Home of Wenzhou Automobile)