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[YesAuto original test drive] Although the Chinese auto market has been extremely prosperous in the past two years, and there are too many new models on the market, if you want all the MPV models in the range of 150,000 to 200,000, the only ones that can be widely recognized are Mazda 5 and Volkswagen. Touran. And shortly after the domestic Touran Touran was launched, a new generation of Mazda 5 also came to us (click to enter the Mazda 5 listing article). The price of 160,000 to 160,000 is obviously based on the pricing of the new Touran. Let's take a look at where this third-generation Mazda 5 is new and what is special.

The new Mazda 5 launched this time has three models, namely 2.0L manual comfort type, 2.0L automatic comfort type and 2.0L automatic luxury type. The test drive models we will mention below are all top-equipped 2.0L automatic luxury models.

Appearance: Family Facebook + “Flow” design

Everyone is familiar with the appearance of the new Mazda 5. As early as last year's Geneva Motor Show, we saw the release of the actual car. At the just-concluded Guangzhou Auto Show, my colleague Luo Hao also brought you more detailed real shots. In fact, if you want to understand the appearance of the new Mazda 5, you need to grasp two major characteristics, one is the family-style front face, and the other is the Mazda design concept called “flow”.

At present, the trend of automobile development is still getting bigger and bigger. In this regard, even Mazda, which pursues sports, cannot be immune. The body size of the new third-generation Mazda 5 is 4585mm*1750mm*1620mm, which is slightly improved in length and width compared to the second-generation model. The front face must not need to be introduced too much, because it is very similar in design to the imported Mazda 3, but there are certain differences in size.

The wheelbase of the vehicle has not changed, and Mazda 5 still maintains its compact MPV figure. The “flowing” lines on the side are somewhat similar to modern “fluid sculptures”, but Mazda's lines are obviously more refined and elegant. According to Mazda's designers, this “flowing” line is the first time it has been applied to the side of the car body.

After changing the taillight group from vertical to horizontal, the tail feels thicker and fuller. The elegant lines run from the front to the rear, and are naturally integrated with the sliding rail of the sliding door, which also largely compensates for the damage to the overall shape of the vehicle by the sliding door rail. The black bumper at the bottom adds a sense of movement to the vehicle, and it also echoes the large black mesh on the front face.

The size and brand of the tires are exactly the same as those of the previous model. The tire brand is Toyo J48 and the size is 205/55 R16. However, the style of the wheel hub has changed. The new 10-spoke aluminum alloy wheel has an asymmetrical design, which is more dynamic than the old wheel.

Central control interior: attach importance to the driver’s feelings

The center console of the new Mazda 5 is designed with more consideration for the needs of the driver. The various instruments and operating buttons in the car are designed based on the convenience of the driver. The center console is all made of hard materials, and the hand feels more blunt, but the excellent workmanship and assembly process have restored a lot of face for it.

If there are many Mazda 5's own designs on the central control, then the barrel-style instrument and dynamic three-spoke steering wheel are completely copied from the design of Mazda 3. The instrument panel with white letters on a black background does not have much novelty, and the barrel design has also been used in many models. The size and functions of the trip computer are relatively limited, and changing to a color screen should have better results.

In addition to the two practical storage spaces on the left side of the steering wheel, what attracts us the most is the three electric sliding door switches, which are also the most proud configuration of the top model. The display information of the middle driving computer is richer, and the angle it faces is also very suitable for the driver to observe. This more complicated sound system is a bit general-purpose model. It should be noted that the 6-disc CD is only a luxury configuration, while the other two models are only single-disc CDs.

Whether the door is stamped as a whole has always been a concern of netizens. I also paid special attention to this detail for everyone. Unfortunately, the front door of this new model still uses welded doors. It seems that only the main driver is a one-key lift. An eternal habit. The new Mazda 5 does not use panoramic sunroofs or double sunroof designs, and an ordinary-sized sunroof seems to be increasingly unable to meet everyone's needs.

Seat and space: flexible and changeable space

If you look closely, you will find a feature of the Mazda 5 seats, that is, all three rows of seven seats are sewn with leather vertically instead of the horizontal and vertical collocation we often see. According to the designer of Mazda 5, the advantage of doing this is to increase the extension of the seat and make the whole interior more like a whole.

When taking five people, each passenger can have enough space. Experiencers with a height of 178cm sit in the front row and still have head room for a punch. The second-row passengers have ample space on the head and legs.

To experience the space of the third row, you must first understand how to enter the third row of the vehicle. In fact, this step is not complicated. You only need to push the second row of seats forward and put them on the back of the chair. The space left is enough for an adult to get into it. Of course, the space in the last row is not spacious, so it is only suitable for short-distance rides for adults.

Practical experience: after adding a new exhaust outlet

The two small tables at the back of the first row of seats have good practicality when traveling. Whether for eating, drinking or playing, they can be placed on them, so that the long journey will not be too boring. From my feelings, the load-bearing capacity of the table is relatively good, so there should be no problem with a laptop.

The rear exhaust outlet is a key configuration added by the new Mazda 5. Its appearance also greatly improves the comfort of the rear passengers. There is a secret place under the cushions of the second row of seats. Inside they are the fifth seat of the vehicle and a powerful storage rack. When the vehicle only needs four people, the storage can be opened. Shelf to increase storage space.

In the experience of the previous model, Mazda's flexible space conversion capabilities left a deep impression on people. The five seats in the back two rows can be opened or placed independently. And when they are all down, a large and flat storage space can be formed, which is very practical.

Power: exactly the same as the previous model

The power system of the new Mazda 5 is exactly the same as the old model, the engine is still the 2.0L naturally aspirated engine code-named LFX, and the power parameters have not changed. In terms of gearboxes, 6-speed manual gearboxes and 5-speed manual gearboxes will also continue to serve everyone.

Although the power of the 2.0L naturally aspirated engine is not strong, it still gives people a lighter feeling when driving a 1.5-ton body. In the case of automatic transmission, the throttle response is somewhat lagging, and the response is much faster after switching to manual mode. Of course, for daily highway driving or overtaking, automatic transmission can also be easily competent.

For the Mazda 5, power is definitely not its highlight. On the contrary, the excellent suspension system adds a lot to it. The combination of front McPherson and rear multi-link makes it more athletic than most MPVs. The actual driving also verified this speculation, the suspension showed excellent support and toughness, and it can maintain a good posture even in intense driving.

The most intuitive feeling in the operation of Mazda 5 is its lightness. Although the look of the steering wheel is very bluff, it is more comfortable in actual driving. The accelerator and brake pedals are the same. I think this design is for MPVs. It is very appropriate, no one will drive it to drag racing, all we need is a car that is easy to drive and practical.

Full text summary:

After carefully analyzing the appearance, interior, space, power and other aspects of the new Mazda 5, you will find that its changes did not think about it. The exterior and interior decorations do use the latest design of the family, and the combination of space and power system seems to be no significant difference from the previous generation models. Compared with the old models, the low-profile and mid-range models have added automatic air conditioning and rear exhaust vents, and the price is 5,000 yuan more expensive. The top model is 9,000 yuan higher than the old model, and the main addition is the two gorgeous automatic sliding doors. In my opinion, such an electric door is not necessary for a model that is positioned for home use. Even if it is installed, it is enough to have one. The cost saved is more suitable for consumers. (Photo/Photo by Liu Yuxin from Car Home)