[Car Home Race] This is a speed machine modified from the 1992 Audi S4. Its fastest speed can reach an astonishing 389 km/h. This speed was created on the famous Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, USA (a straight track is 8 kilometers long, and another 4 kilometers is used for racing braking).

Video: The fastest in the world! Modified Audi S4 breaks speed record

It is reported that the car is equipped with a 5-cylinder and 20-valve turbocharged engine. It is the most powerful machine in Audi history except for the R series Le Mans. This engine was originally made for Audi's legendary Group B rally car. of. After modification, the maximum power of 1100 horsepower can be exploded. The on-wheel power is 962 horsepower and the on-wheel torque is 600 Nm.

The owner of the car is a 58-year-old Audi car enthusiast Jeff Gerner. He modified the car for more than 1,000 hours. He also hopes to use the car to set a new speed record in 2012.