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[YesAuto News] The time has just arrived in March, and car fans have heard bad news: Due to the impact of the new crown virus, the 2020 Geneva Motor Show is cancelled. The cancellation of a large-scale event such as an auto show seems to be a very low probability. However, it is not the first time that major auto shows we are familiar with have been postponed or cancelled. What's more, the exhibition halls during the auto show have also appeared. What is going on in a major accident? Please continue to look down. (Want to know more cold knowledge? Click here for details)

In this cold knowledge, we have brought you the history of many famous auto shows around the world. In fact, their host cities are not so fixed, and they have been delayed and cancelled due to different factors. The cancelled/postponed Geneva Motor Show/Beijing Motor Show is the best example. What's interesting is that the major manufacturers did not hide their new cars. Instead, they adopted the form of online conferences, which let us see the true colors of the new cars through live broadcasts and videos. Globally, the heat of auto shows has continued to fade and become more and more niche. If technology further develops, will we see large-scale events such as offline auto shows in the future? You are welcome to leave your opinions in the comment area and communicate with netizens. (Pictures and texts/Jiang Che from the car home)