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[YesAuto Purchase Manual] Just yesterday, March 11, Baojun 530 was officially launched. As a compact SUV that focuses on youthfulness, it adopts the same family-style design as the Baojun 510. The stylish styling and the Baojun brand's reputation for many years have kept the car a high degree of attention. The Baojun 530 listed this time has a guide price range of RMB 7.58 to 115,800 . As everyone expected, the guide price of some models is more affordable than the pre-sale price. The new car has 8 models for users to choose according to their power and configuration. In order to make it easier for you to choose a car, I have made such a car purchase manual for everyone. Let’s take a look at which model is more recommended and which model is the best. It's right for you.

Baojun 530 Guide price
Model Pre-sale price (ten thousand yuan)
1.5T manual comfort type 7.58
1.5T manual elite type 8.38
1.5T manual luxury type 9.18
1.5T manual distinguished type 9.88
1.8L automatic elite type 8.98
1.8L automatic luxury type 9.88
1.5T DCT luxury 10.48
1.5T DCT flagship 11.58

Model introduction

Appearance review

Before analyzing the configuration of each model, we first conduct a brief review of the vehicle. The Baojun 530 is built on the Baojun 560 platform, and its body size is relatively close to the latter. In appearance, the Baojun 530 adopts the latest family-style design language similar to that of the 510, and the overall shape is more fashionable and youthful.

The Baojun 510, which was launched in 2017, won the top spot of the SUV's hot-selling model of the year. The annual sales of 363,900 units are quite impressive. The word-of-mouth system shows that the market has a relatively high degree of recognition for the appearance of the Baojun 510. So the manufacturer naturally transplanted the design language of Baojun 510 to the new car 530.

Interior and space review

The interior of the Baojun 530 also maintains a similar shape to that of the Baojun 510. The simple design gives people a sense of intimacy. The center console is also wrapped in soft materials to enhance the touch. The flying buttons are very innovative at this level, and the feedback strength of the buttons is also more textured.

In terms of space, the Baojun 530 inherits the relatively ample seating space of the Baojun 560. The second row of seats supports the ratio of down, and the floor of the trunk after the down is flat, which can have a certain load function for users.

● Review of Power Chassis

In terms of power, the vehicle has three powertrains: 1.5T+6MT, 1.5T+6DCT, and 1.8L+5AMT for users to choose from. The 1.5T small inertia turbocharged engine can provide the vehicle with relatively stronger low-torque output while also having both In addition to the economic efficiency of fuel consumption, it is suitable for urban transportation, so it has become our main driving force. In terms of chassis suspension, the vehicle has two rear suspension structures: torsion beam and multi-link.

Power system parameters of Baojun 530
Model 1.5T engine 1.8L engine
Maximum power (horsepower) 150 137
Maximum torque (N·m) 230 186
Transmission form 6MT/6DCT 5AMT

The manufacturer matched two gearboxes for 1.5T power. As an economical and pragmatic Baojun 530, I tend to choose a 6-speed manual gearbox in terms of transmission. High transmission efficiency, good fuel economy and affordable vehicles are my first reasons for recommending; The main reason why the power combination of 1.5T+6DCT has become a secondary recommendation is that the price of the vehicle is relatively high, which is not as good as the former. The 1.8L+5AMT powertrain is at the end of the recommended order because its engine book parameters are not as good as 1.5T, and due to the limitation of the gearbox structure, the ride comfort is not as good as 6DCT. There are 5 different configuration models for you to choose from under the 1.5T power system, how do they perform? Let's explain in detail below.

Model configuration analysis

There are 5 types of 1.5T models according to the configuration from low to high: Comfort, Elite, Luxury, Noble, and Flagship. Among them, the luxury type has 6MT and 6DCT gearboxes, and the flagship type has only 6DCT gearboxes. . Below we will also analyze each configuration of the vehicle in order from low to high.

● 1.5T manual comfort type guide price: 75,800 yuan

The manual comfort type is the entry-level model of the car. The low price is the biggest feature of the vehicle. It has basically the same internal and external design as other configuration models, relatively ample space performance and ESP body stability control system, but the level of configuration needs to be improved. .

1.5T manual comfort model basic configuration
External configuration 17-inch wheels, full-size spare tires , four-wheel disc brakes, aluminum alloy wheels ,

Roof rack, halogen headlights

Internal configuration

Electric power steering system, steering wheel up and down adjustment, driving computer display,

Main driver seat height adjustment , second row seat backrest angle adjustment,

The backrest ratio of the second row of seats is down, the front and rear center armrests , and the rear cup holders

Security configuration ESP body stability control system , uphill assist,

Seat belt is not fastened reminder, ISOFIX child safety seat interface

Baojun 530 is equipped with ESP body stability control system as standard, but as an entry-level model, it lacks the passenger seat airbag and does not have a rear wiper. The configuration standard has yet to be improved, so the recommendation is low.

● 1.5T manual elite guide price: 83,800 yuan

If there are shortcomings in the manual comfort model of low-profile models, the main optimization part of the low-profile elite model is to make up for the above-mentioned shortcomings. In addition, the vehicle is also equipped with an 8-inch central control screen, rear parking radar and reversing image, and the convenience of using the vehicle has also been improved.

1.5T manual comfort/manual elite configuration comparison
Project/model Charming Elite
Guide price (ten thousand yuan) 7.58 8.38
Difference (ten thousand yuan) 0.8
Main/passenger seat airbag Main ● / Vice- Main ● / Vice ●
Front and rear parking radar Before-/ After ●
Reverse image
Central control color large screen 8 inches
Bluetooth phone
Rear wiper

Since the 1.5T manual elite type no longer has obvious shortcomings, and it also has a relatively affordable price, it is worth considering when buying a car, but why has it not become our first cart type? We will give you the answer in the luxury configuration analysis.

● 1.5T manual luxury guide price: 91,800 yuan

The luxury model is the mid-range model of the vehicle. The new configuration is helpful to the improvement of safety, convenience and comfort. It also includes an electric sunroof. From the dealer’s feedback, we understand that this item is deeply affected. The user's favorite configuration can make the car have a brighter and more relaxed atmosphere in the car, and also help ventilation. So it became our first cart type.

1.5T manual elite type/manual luxury type configuration comparison
Project/model Elite Luxury
Guide price (ten thousand yuan) 8.38 9.18
Difference (ten thousand yuan) 0.8
Front/rear side airbag Before ● / After-
Cruise control
Electric sunroof
Multifunction steering wheel
Seat material Fabric leather
Number of speakers 4-5 speakers 6-7 speakers
LED daytime running lights
Front fog lights
Rearview mirror heating
Rear air conditioner outlet

There are a lot of new configurations for the luxury model. Let's talk about a few important ones. The first is LED daytime running lights. Earlier we mentioned that the market has a high degree of recognition of Baojun’s latest design language. The very important design elements of LED daytime running lights are only available on luxury and above models. Equipped. Another point is the multi-function steering wheel, which is a configuration with a very high usage rate. It is very convenient for blind operation of multimedia systems and Bluetooth phones during driving. In addition, rear-view mirror heating and rear air-conditioning vents are also very practical configurations. The former ensures the clarity of the driver's external vision in bad weather, and the latter helps to improve the comfort of rear passengers.

● 1.5T manual distinguished guide price: 98,800 yuan

There are also a lot of additional configurations for the noble model compared to the luxury model, and it is our second recommended model. The main reason for not becoming the first cart type is that the additional configuration is more of an icing on the cake. Why do you say that? Let's see the detailed comparison below.

1.5T manual luxury type / manual distinguished type configuration comparison
Project/model Luxury Noble
Guide price (ten thousand yuan) 9.18 9.88
Difference (ten thousand yuan) 0.7
Front and rear parking radar Before-/ After ● Before ● / After ●
Panoramic skylight
Keyless entry/one-key start
Leather steering wheel
Electric adjustment of main/passenger seat seat Main ● / Vice-
GPS navigation
One-key lift of car windows Main driving position
Rearview mirror electric folding
Rear side privacy glass

The additional tire pressure monitoring of the noble type is more practical. In addition, such as keyless entry/one-button start, electric folding of the rear view mirror, one-button lift of the main driving window, etc. are all configurations that improve the convenience of using the car. The price/performance ratio is not worse than the luxury type. But for a pragmatic model, between these configurations and the cost of car purchase, I prefer to make some trade-offs for the latter. Therefore, the recommended level of the noble model is not as good as the luxury model, and it is the second recommended model.

● 1.5T DCT flagship type guide price: 115,800 yuan

As mentioned earlier in the article, the DCT model also failed to become our first cart model due to its relatively high price. But as the flagship model of the vehicle, I think it is necessary to introduce it to everyone. After all, this model has the most complete configuration and is also the only model in the whole series with a multi-link independent rear suspension (because the DCT models are only luxurious and Flagship type, so when we compare the configuration, we compare the flagship type with the luxury type).

1.5T DCT luxury/flagship configuration comparison
Model Luxury Flagship
Guide price (ten thousand yuan) 10.48 11.58
Difference (ten thousand yuan) 1.1
Rear suspension type Torsion beam non-independent suspension Multi-link independent suspension
Electronic parking
Front/rear head airbag Before ● / After ●
Tire pressure monitoring
Front/rear parking radar Before-/ After ● Before ● / After ●
Automatic parking
Panoramic skylight
Keyless entry/one-key start
Leather steering wheel
Electric adjustment of main/passenger seat seat Main ● / Vice-
GPS navigation
Number of speakers 6-7 speakers 8-9 speakers
Speaker brand Yanfei Lishi
Far and near light source halogen led
One-key lift of car windows Main driving position
Rearview mirror electric folding
Rear side privacy glass

The flagship model with a multi-link independent rear suspension gives engineers more room for adjustment in terms of the balance of comfort and support. In terms of configuration, the DCT flagship model has a richer configuration than the luxury model, and the convenience of using the car has also been greatly improved. If you have more money, you can consider choosing the DCT flagship model. The convenience of automatic transmission, multi-link adjustment and rich configuration will certainly give you a different car experience.

Model recommendation:

Baojun 530 2018 1.5T manual luxury type

Model Homepage| Parameters Configuration| Picture| Word of Mouth| Model Quotation
Manufacturer's guide price


First of all, I recommend the 1.5T manual luxury model. As the most intermediate configuration model of the whole series, it has the common configuration configuration of daily cars and the relatively affordable price. The configuration also includes everyone's favorite electric sunroof, so it has become This is our first cart type.

Baojun 530 2018 1.5T manual distinguished type

Model Homepage| Parameters Configuration| Picture| Word of Mouth| Model Quotation
Manufacturer's guide price


Baojun 530 2018 1.5T DCT flagship

Model Homepage| Parameters Configuration| Picture| Word of Mouth| Model Quotation
Manufacturer's guide price

11.58 million

Secondly, we recommend the 1.5T manual premium model and the 1.5T DCT flagship model. The sunroof of the former is enlarged to a panoramic sunroof, and features such as keyless entry/one-key start, front parking radar, etc., are added, although it is the icing on the cake. Configuration, but the daily usage rate is still relatively high; the latter's rear suspension is a multi-link independent suspension, and it is matched with a DCT dual-clutch gearbox, which is compared to the driving smoothness and riding comfort. The manual transmission model with the torsion beam rear suspension has better performance. At the same time, tire pressure monitoring and front and rear head airbags also provide more safety guarantee for the vehicle. The configuration performance of these two cars is satisfying. It did not become our first cart type because of the price. After all, the Baojun 530 is still a model for third- and fourth-tier cities and the main affordable model. The price is also very important.

Full text summary:

In the Baojun brand, there are always products with considerable sales. Baojun 560 and 510 have been or are still regular customers on the SUV hot-selling list. The Baojun 530, which is listed this time, inherits the large space advantage of the 560, and at the same time has the 510 fashionable and youthful design, its own advantages are more obvious. So, can the Baojun 530 with a guide price of 7.58-11.58 million make it another dark horse like a brother model? To be verified by the market.

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