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[YesAuto Purchase Manual] Nowadays, it is not uncommon for automakers to deploy two models in the same market. On the one hand, they want to continue to subdivide product positioning, on the other hand, they also want to lower the price range and give consumers more choices. The model I will analyze today is the Roewe RX3 that was launched on the eve of the 2017 Guangzhou Auto Show. What are the characteristics of the compact SUV, which is the same as the Roewe RX5, and which model is worth buying as a consumer? In this article, we will reveal these suspense one by one.

Roewe RX3 guide price
Model Price (ten thousand yuan)
1.6L manual aggressive version 8.98
1.6L manual flagship version 9.98
1.6L Manual Internet Smart Enjoy Edition 10.68
1.6L CVT Ultimate Edition 11.48
1.6L CVT Internet Smart Enjoy Edition 12.18
18T Automatic Internet Smart Enjoy Edition 12.88
18T Automatic Internet Zhizun Edition 13.58

● Static review

On the eve of the Guangzhou Auto Show, Roewe’s new compact SUV, Roewe RX3, was officially launched. A total of 7 models of the new car were launched with a price range of 8.98-135.8 million yuan. Before analyzing the specific model configuration, we first have a brief understanding of Roewe RX3.

The design of this Roewe RX3 is very similar to the reduced version of Roewe RX5. This is mainly due to the fact that Roewe RX5 and Roewe i6 adopt the “rhythmic design” concept and are highly praised. Of course, Roewe will implement the more successful concept to the end. Compared with the Roewe RX5, the body size of the Roewe RX3 has been reduced in length, width and height and wheelbase, but this makes the Roewe RX3 visually more compact and delicate, and it is a durable type.

Roewe RX3 provides six body colors for consumers to choose. The above GIF map has been displayed correspondingly and can be used for reference. In terms of rims, with the exception of the minimum 1.6L manual aggressive version (equipped with 16-inch aluminum alloy wheels, there is no reference to the style diagram at present), the other models are equipped with 17-inch dual-color dual five-spoke wheels as standard, and the matching size is 215/ The 50 R17 Magis BRAVO HP tires are mainly silent, and the unit price is about 450 yuan/piece.

The interior design style is different from the Roewe RX5. The central multimedia system display adopts a horizontal design. The touch screen size is 8 inches (except for low-profile models). The built-in functions vary depending on the model configuration. The interior color is provided. There are three color styles for consumers to choose from: the young magic red, the home-made Shu Yami and the traditional Ruiying black. In terms of materials, it is different from the Roewe RX5. The top panel of the center console is made of hard material, but the design of the imitation leather covering the center position is the same as that of the Roewe RX5. So in terms of interior texture, Roewe RX3 looks good visually, but it actually has room for improvement.

As for the performance of the riding space, the 180cm height experience person adjusts the front seat to the lowest position, the head space is about four fingers, while the same experience person comes to the back row, the leg punches four fingers space, and the head is basically There is no space, and the performance is average in the entry-level compact SUV, especially the rear head space is significantly smaller than that of the Roewe RX5, which is also a compact SUV. It is not very friendly for tall families.

Roewe RX3 provides three power combinations of 1.6L+5MT, 1.6L+CVT and 1.3T+6AT for consumers to choose from. The 1.6L naturally aspirated engine is a four-cylinder engine with a maximum output of 125 horsepower/6000rpm and a peak torque of 158 N ·M/4500rpm; 1.3T turbocharged engine is a three-cylinder engine with a maximum output of 163 horsepower/5200rpm and a peak torque of 230 N·m/1800-4400rpm.

Previously, our colleagues conducted test drives on both 1.6L and 1.3T models. Among them, the 1.6L+CVT model has linear power output and is easy to control. Although it is not light to start, it is not lazy. It is a typical small displacement naturally aspirated The performance of the model, the CVT gearbox runs very smoothly. The 1.3T+6AT model has sufficient power reserve, the engine speed climbs rapidly, and has a good dynamic response. The 6AT gearbox from Aisin shifts quickly. In terms of suspension, Roewe RX3 has a clean and neat style when dealing with the fine vibrations of the road, which is somewhat of a German car feel, and has a good “toughness”, which can bring a certain sense of high-level sense to the senses. There is no “feeling of abandonment” even in large ups and downs, and the overall comfort is satisfactory.

● Vehicle configuration analysis

Roewe RX3 launched a total of 7 subdivision models, divided into 4 configuration levels according to the configuration level, namely the aggressive version (1.6L manual aggressive version), the ultimate version (1.6L manual/CVT flagship version), and the Internet smart enjoyment version (1.6L manual aggressive version). L Manual/CVT Internet Smart Edition, 18T Automatic Internet Smart Edition) and Internet Smart Edition (18T Automatic Internet Smart Edition). What is different from the past is that the detailed models included in these four configuration levels differ in engine and gearbox types, as well as subtle differences in configuration. Therefore, we will give you a detailed introduction in the model analysis later.

● 1.6L manual aggressive version
Official guide price: 89,800 yuan

As the most entry-level model of the whole series, this 1.6L manual aggressive version is not equipped with rich configurations, including basic safety equipment such as body stability control system and traction control system. The more obvious configuration differences in other parts are mainly that the car is equipped with 16-inch wheels (the only model in the whole series with 16-inch wheels), and the interior is not equipped with a multimedia display. But this low-profile model is equipped with rear reversing radar, leather steering wheel, one-button lift of the main driving window, and four-way steering wheel adjustment.

1.6L manual aggressive version configuration

1.6L manual aggressive version

Manufacturer's guide price 89,800 yuan
engine 1.6L naturally aspirated engine
Gearbox 5-speed manual
Parking brake type Handbrake
Front/rear tire specifications 205/60 R16
Main/passenger seat airbag Main●/Vice●
ISOFIX child safety seat interface
Front/rear parking radar Front-/Back●
Roof rack
Leather steering wheel
Steering wheel adjustment Up and down + forward and backward adjustment
Seat material Fabric
Rear seat reclining method Proportion down
Low beam lights halogen
High beam halogen
Adjustable headlight height
Air conditioner type Manual air conditioner

Through our inventory of all the configurations of the 1.6L manual aggressive version, we can see that the configuration of this car is still relatively low, and the safety and comfort configuration is relatively scarce, and it is not a version worthy of priority in all models.

● 1.6L manual/CVT flagship version
Official guide price: 99,800 yuan / 114,800 yuan

The name of the flagship version sounds like a top model, but it is actually only the second configuration level of the Roewe RX3. After a detailed comparison of the configuration, you will find that the flagship model has a greater level of improvement in the configuration level compared to the aggressive version.

Comparison of configuration differences between the flagship version and the aggressive version
Project/model 1.6L manual aggressive version 1.6L manual flagship version 1.6L CVT Ultimate Edition
Selling price 89,800 yuan 99,800 yuan 11.48 million
Spread 10,000 yuan 25,000 yuan / 15,000 yuan (with manual flagship version)
Gearbox 5-speed manual 5-speed manual CVT
Parking brake type Handbrake Handbrake Electronic parking
Tire specifications 205/60 R16 215/50 R17 215/50 R17
Front/rear side airbag Before ● / rear Before ● / rear
Traction control
Body stability control
Reversing video image
Cruise control
Uphill assist
Automatic parking
Steep slope
Panoramic skylight
Keyless entry/keyless start
Multifunction steering wheel
Seat material Fabric imitation leather imitation leather
Electric adjustment of the main driver's seat
Heated front seats
Rear cup holder
Center console color large screen size 8 inches 8 inches
Bluetooth/car phone
Mobile phone interconnection/mapping

From the comparison of the table, we can see directly that compared to the aggressive version, the manual flagship model has three more safety configurations: body stabilization system, traction control system, and front side airbag, while the comfort configuration is more reversing. Video, panoramic sunroof, main driver electric seat adjustment, front seat heating, and 8-inch central control color large screen (supporting Bluetooth phone, mobile phone mapping) and many other configurations. In addition, the rim has also been upgraded from 16 inches to 17 inches. The difference between the two cars is only 10,000 yuan, which is very cost-effective. The CVT flagship version also uses electronic parking, and is equipped with cruise control, automatic parking, and keyless entry/keyless start. Compared with the manual transmission flagship version, the price is 15,000 yuan, and the difference between the manual transmission version and the manual transmission version is 2.5. Ten thousand yuan.

It can be said that the configuration level of the flagship model is quite comprehensive. The manual flagship version is only 10,000 yuan more expensive than the manual aggressive version, which is a very cost-effective choice; the configuration of the CVT flagship version is compared Manual transmission models are higher, but the price difference is also relatively large. Considering that the CVT flagship model is already the most entry-level version of the automatic transmission of all models, the price of this automatic transmission version is not cheap for the Roewe RX3 model alone. , But for the selection of models, it is worthy of priority consideration.

Internet Smart Enjoy Edition

1.6L manual/CVT Internet Smart Enjoy Edition
Official guide price: 106,800 yuan / 121,800 yuan

The name of the third configuration level of Roewe RX3 is the Internet Smart Sharing Edition. This configuration covers two power equipment, 1.6L and 1.3T respectively. The 1.6L models include manual and CVT models. First, let’s introduce the 1.6L power equipped models. , And compare the car with the 1.6L flagship version of the previous configuration.

Comparison of configuration differences between the Ultimate Edition and the Internet Smart Sharing Edition
Project/model 1.6L manual/CVT flagship version 1.6L Manual Internet Smart Enjoy Edition 1.6L CVT Internet Smart Enjoy Edition
Selling price 99,800 yuan / 114,800 yuan 106,800 yuan 12.18 million
Corresponding model price difference 7,000 yuan (compared to the manual flagship version) 7,000 yuan (compared to the CVT flagship version)
Parking brake type Handbrake/electronic parking Handbrake Electronic parking
Tire specifications 215/50 R17 215/50 R17 215/50 R17
GPS navigation system
Front fog lights
Ambient lights in the car
Rearview mirror heating
Rearview mirror electric folding

Through the table, we can directly see the configuration difference between the 1.6L flagship version and the Internet Smart Sharing Edition. Whether it is the manual Internet Smart Sharing Edition or the CVT Internet Smart Sharing Edition, the price is 7,000 yuan higher than the corresponding flagship model. The configuration of the difference mainly has 5 items, namely the navigation system, the front fog lamp, the atmosphere lamp in the car, the heating of the rearview mirror and the electric folding of the rearview mirror.

From a price point of view, 7000 yuan is not a loss for these five configurations, but from a practical point of view, I think only the rear-view mirror electric folding and navigation system are used more frequently, and they are worth the money. The configuration purchased specifically, the other three configurations will basically not affect the daily use of the car. Therefore, from my personal point of view, I suggest that the purchase priority of the 1.6L Internet Smart Enjoy Edition is lower than the flagship version.

18T Automatic Internet Smart Enjoy Edition
Official guide price: 128,800 yuan

It is still the Internet Smart Enjoy Edition configuration model, but the power system is changed from a 1.6L naturally aspirated engine to a 1.3T three-cylinder turbocharged engine. Since the most entry-level version of the 18T model is an automatic model equipped with a 6AT gearbox, it does not Introduced the manual version. After comparing with the 1.6L CVT Internet Smart Sharing Edition, the two cars are not only different in power equipment, but there are also slight differences in configuration.

Comparison of configuration differences between 1.6L Internet Smart Edition and 18T Internet Smart Edition
Project/model 1.6L CVT Internet Smart Enjoy Edition 18T Automatic Internet Smart Enjoy Edition
Selling price 12.18 million 12.88 million
Spread 7,000 yuan
Parking brake type Electronic parking Electronic parking
Tire specifications 215/50 R17 215/50 R17
engine 1.6L four-cylinder naturally aspirated 1.3T three-cylinder turbocharged
Maximum output power 125 horsepower/6000rpm 163 horsepower/5200rpm
Peak torque 158 N·m/4500rpm 230 N·m/1800-4400rpm
Gearbox CVT 6AT
0-100km/h acceleration measured 11.84s 9.95s
Turn assist lamp

After detailed comparison, the 18T Auto Internet Smart Sharing Edition equipped with a 1.3T three-cylinder turbocharged engine is mainly different from the 1.6L model in terms of power equipment. The price of the two cars also differs by 7,000 yuan, and the 7,000 yuan is mainly exchanged. It is the 1.3T power equipment with more powerful power output, and at the configuration level, you can get an additional configuration of steering assist lights.

Judging from the 0-100km/h acceleration performance of the two cars previously measured, the 18T model still has obvious power advantages. The specific and detailed driving experience is also described in the previous article. If you, as a consumer, consider Roewe RX3 and have a certain demand for vehicle power reserve, then spend an extra 7,000 yuan to choose the 18T Auto Internet Smart Sharing Edition of the 1.3T model entry version, which is completely acceptable. I personally think that I choose it. Priority is higher than the 1.6L CVT Internet Smart Sharing Edition.

  18T Automatic Internet Zhizun Edition
Official guide price: 135,800 yuan

The last model analyzed is the automatic Internet Zhizun version also equipped with a 1.3T engine. This configuration-level model only appears on 18T models and is also the top model of the whole series. The official guide price reaches 135,800 yuan.

Comparison of configuration differences between 18T Internet Smart Enjoy Edition and Internet Smart Premium Edition
Project/model 18T Automatic Internet Smart Enjoy Edition 18T Automatic Internet Zhizun Edition
Selling price 12.88 million 135,800 yuan
Spread 7,000 yuan
Front/rear head airbag (air curtain) Before / After
Automatic headlights
Tire pressure monitoring device
Induction wiper
Anti-glare inside/outside rearview mirror
3.5 inch TFT color interactive driving screen
Turn assist lamp

As the top version of all models, the configuration difference between the 18T automatic Internet Zhizun version and the 18T automatic Internet Zhixiang version is not as big as expected. After all, the difference between the two cars is only 7,000 yuan, which is not like many Chinese brand models. In that way, the configuration of the top-fitting models is very high, and the price difference compared to the second top-fitting models is also very large. From the perspective of configuration differences, the two versions differ by one safety configuration and six comfort configurations. These six comfort configurations are of great help to improve the experience of daily use of the car. I think it is good for 7,000 yuan in exchange for these configurations. The price/performance ratio. It’s just that the price-performance ratio is only compared to the car series itself. After all, as a top-of-the-line model, its price has reached 135,800 yuan. This price can even buy a compact SUV of a joint venture brand. For consumers , It is not easy to accept.

Who is more worth buying?

After analyzing and comparing the configuration of the whole series of Roewe RX3 models, I believe that netizens have a simple understanding of the configuration differences of each configuration level of this car. So which car do we recommend to buy? Please keep watching.

Roewe RX3 2018 1.6L manual flagship version

Model Homepage| Parameters Configuration| Picture| Word of Mouth| Model Quotation
Manufacturer's guide price


Taking into account the official guide price of 8.98-135.8 million yuan for all Roewe RX3 models, first of all, our five-star recommendation is the 1.6L manual flagship model that is 10,000 yuan more expensive than the lowest price. From the configuration point of view, this 1.6 The L manual flagship model has been equipped with a body stability control system, panoramic sunroof, reversing image, multi-function steering wheel, panoramic sunroof, 8-inch large LCD screen, electric adjustment/heating of the main driver's seat, and many other safety and comfort configurations. In terms of price, it is only 10,000 yuan more expensive than the entry-level manual transmission model, and the price is 99,800 yuan. On the one hand, the price difference of 10,000 yuan can be exchanged for many of the above-mentioned configurations, and the cost performance is outstanding; on the other hand, it is sold as a model. The price of a compact SUV with a price of less than 100,000 yuan is also relatively easy to be accepted by consumers.

Roewe RX3 2018 1.6L CVT Flagship Edition

Model Homepage | Parameter Configuration | Picture | Word of Mouth | Model Price
Manufacturer's guide price

11.48 million

As for those consumers who don't like manual transmission, or the urban road conditions are more congested, for consumers who are more dependent on automatic transmission models, we recommend the 1.6L CVT flagship version as an entry-level automatic transmission model, priced at 114,800 yuan. Compared with the manual transmission flagship model, its price is again 15,000 yuan higher. In addition to the gearbox, the CVT flagship model is also equipped with electronic parking, fixed-speed cruise, automatic parking, and keyless. Access/keyless start is a few particularly practical configurations, and the price difference of 15,000 yuan is basically acceptable for this level of car buyers, so we also gave a 5-star recommendation.

Roewe RX3 2018 18T Automatic Internet Smart Enjoy Edition

Model Homepage| Parameters Configuration| Picture| Word of Mouth| Model Quotation
Manufacturer's guide price

12.88 million

As for the 18T model equipped with a 1.3T turbocharged engine, we also mentioned in the article that the two models of 18T (1.3T) are both automatic transmission models, and their prices reached 128,800 yuan and 135,800 yuan respectively. Next, we recommend the cheaper 18T Auto Internet Smart Sharing Edition model. Although its price is not cheap, and even some joint venture brand SUVs can be purchased at a price of close to 130,000 yuan, for consumers with power needs, the 18T automatic Internet Smart Edition can be regarded as an excellent power performance and relatively complete configuration. We recommend it with 4 stars.

Full text summary

Finally, we still have to affirm the Roewe RX3 product. From a design point of view, it is indeed more popular with consumers. Compared with Roewe RX5, the product is more exquisite and durable, which is worthy of recognition. From the configuration analysis of our car purchase manual, the configuration gap between each configuration level of Roewe RX3 is not large (except for the flagship version), and the price ladder is relatively close, which is indeed not easy to choose. As for the two models equipped with a 1.3T three-cylinder engine, they are somewhat marginalized due to official pricing. Therefore, I suggest that the Roewe RX3 can be changed in the future or even in the middle of the year, and the differences in the configuration of the models can be enlarged. Improving the price/performance ratio will help consumers make choices.

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