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[YesAuto News] On December 1, Haima Xiaopeng Smart Factory was exposed for the first time. We have learned from Xiaopeng Motors that the plant is a brand-new factory jointly built by Haima Automobile and Xiaopeng Motors. It covers an area of about 450,000 square meters and has a total investment of more than 2 billion yuan. The first-phase construction capacity is 150,000 vehicles per year.

The official said that the Haima Xiaopeng factory will have more intelligent elements on the basis of ensuring quality and standards. Including the use of nearly 300 industrial robots, 116 logistics AGVs (automatic guided transport vehicles), RFID (radio frequency identification systems), sensors, data collectors, industrial switches and other intelligent equipment in the hardware; the software will integrate MES, Industrial networks, big data applications, artificial intelligence, and knowledge work automation, etc., promote the intelligentization of product quality manufacturing.

During the 2018 Guangzhou Auto Show, Xiaopeng Motors announced that its Xiaopeng Motors G3 model will be officially launched on December 12. As the first production car of the new car company Xiaopeng Motors, Xiaopeng Motors G3 is positioned as a pure electric compact. The SUV is equipped with a ternary lithium battery pack with a capacity of 47kWh, with a liquid-cooled thermostat function, and has a range of 351-365km under NEDC comprehensive working conditions. When the car is launched, three models will be launched, namely the exclusive version, the smart version, and the Yuexiang version, with a price range of 200,000-280,000 yuan before the subsidy.

On the evening of September 29, 2017, Haima Automobile announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary Haima Automobile Co., Ltd. and Xiaopeng Motors signed a framework agreement, and the two parties will cooperate in research and development, production and sales of Xiaopeng's new energy vehicles. But just as Jianghuai Automobile has attracted many discussions for NIO's foundry, many people also have doubts about Haima Xiaopeng's foundry cooperation. In this regard, Xia Heng, co-founder and president of Xiaopeng Motors, once said that it is more sensible for new car companies to choose the “OEM” production model for the first car, because product production not only means “manufacturing”, but also It means “system”, the cooperation with Haima Automobile can ensure product quality to the greatest extent. In addition, Xiaopeng Motors has set a goal of “delivering 30,000 vehicles” for 2019.