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[YesAuto Interview with Owners] Since the Mercedes-Benz C-Class has been renewed, it has attracted the attention of many consumers with its S-Class styling. Just the improvement in appearance has already caused many consumers to pay for it. We have done a long-term test of the Mercedes-Benz C-Class before. After half a year of use, we can experience the performance of this model in all aspects. Maybe our long test time is not enough, and the durability test is still lacking. So today we will Three owners of Mercedes-Benz C-Class were invited to talk about their own car experience since the purchase.

The first Mr. Hao, this Mercedes-Benz C 200 L was the second car in his family. Because he was lucky enough to win the lottery, Mr. Hao considered buying another one at that time. The other car in the family is the BMW 3 Series. At that time, I asked the BMW 3 Series and the Mercedes-Benz C-Class that their overall positioning tendencies are different. How did you think of buying the C-Class this time? Mr. Hao said that the main reason is to change the taste. The BMW 3 Series is the type that pursues sports. He feels that it is very good for daily driving, but the performance in terms of comfort is still lacking, so when choosing Taking comfort as the biggest selection criterion, the goal turned to the Mercedes-Benz C-Class.

In the process of choosing a car, Mr. Hao once considered BMW X1 and Audi Q3. After the experience, he felt that the car still performed better in terms of ride comfort and space, so PASS dropped these two options. When Mr. Hao bought the car, the Mercedes-Benz C had just been launched, and he had paid attention to the previous generation of the C-Class before, but after the new C-Class was launched, he did not hesitate to decide to buy the new generation of the C-Class.

The appearance, this is one of the things Mr. Hao is very satisfied with for the C-level. The C-level and the S-level have a high degree of similarity, which also left a very deep first impression on himself. So I decided to go to the store to have a look. After reading it, I was directly conquered by the interior design, materials and spacious back-up space.

In terms of configuration, the all-LED headlight was definitely a high-tech configuration at the time, and this was also one of the configurations that Mr. Hao valued. When asked why did not choose the sports version? Mr. Hao’s answer is that he mainly focuses on the active China grid, especially in winter, when the weather is cold, the China grid will remain closed, allowing the temperature of the engine to reach the operating temperature faster. Moreover, in Mr. Hao's opinion, this Mercedes-Benz C-Class China Open is the most Mercedes-Benz flavor.

Mr. Hao has a high evaluation of the interior design, which is much better than the previous generation C-class, and the materials and design are better than the 3 series at home. Mr. Hao likes the glossy wood-grain decorative parts used in the C 200 L car, which is another reason why he chose this car, but the glossy decorative parts also have obvious defects that are easy to leave scratches.

In terms of daily storage and riding space, Mr. Hao's evaluation of the C-level is quite good. In addition to the space experience, he bought a car at the time and also took a fancy to the panoramic sunroof configuration, which was not available in the 3 series at home. For the trunk, he mentioned some shortcomings, the space is enough, but the floor is uneven, this problem still affects some daily use.

In terms of configuration, the panoramic sunroof of this car is very attractive, and it is also the favorite of the family. In addition, the engine start and stop can be used in conjunction with AUTOHOLD, that is, when the brake is depressed, AUTOHOLD starts, and the engine is still working even if the brake is lifted. This is quite different from the 3 series at home. Mr. Hao said The use of the function is very satisfactory.

Speaking of shortcomings, navigation is an important aspect of Mr. Hao's complaints. He mentioned that the version of the map is too low and the update speed is relatively slow. The connected driving function can directly send the address to the car navigation by contacting the customer service, but the connection time is very slow. It takes at least one minute from the time the switch is pressed to the staff connection; in addition, when the destination is delivered to the car, there is no To open the navigation function directly, you need to enter another menu for operation, and the ease of use is not very good.

Mr. Hao mentioned that the reason why the C 260 L was not chosen at the time was because the price increased too much. The price was more than 100,000 more expensive than the C 200 L, and the price/performance ratio was not very high. In terms of fuel consumption, the average speed of my daily use is around 23km/h, and 9.5L per 100km is a pretty good result. In terms of driving, Mr. Hao is quite satisfied with the noise performance. However, when the vehicle passes through continuous and broken road conditions, there will be abnormal noises in the front window. The position of the sound is probably from the inside of the front window. There are also car owners on the Internet. After such a situation, it may be more troublesome to go to a 4S shop to ask about repairs, and it will not have a big impact on daily driving, so I have not dealt with it for the time being.

The second car owner, Mr. Ma’s C 200 L sports car, was his first car. When I saw the Mercedes-Benz C-Class for the first time, I was attracted by the shape of this car. So the car purchase plan is also on the agenda. In addition to the Mercedes-Benz C-Class, Mr. Ma also paid attention to the Audi A4L. Since the A4L has been on the market for many years, I don't feel much about this car. In terms of novelty and attractiveness, the new Mercedes-Benz C-Class is stronger.

Mr. Ma's car was purchased in November 2014. At that time, the new generation of Mercedes-Benz C-Class had just been launched. For the color, Mr. Ma wanted to buy a model with a palladium silver exterior and black interior, but the supply was scarce at the time. In line with my requirements, the interior color is only gray. In order to be able to buy it as soon as possible, the interior is also gray.

As a young man, Mr. Ma liked the very sporty shape of the C-class. This was the reason why he bought a sporty one. After he bought it, he modified the body and wheels himself. Larger wheels and frosted body can still attract a lot of pedestrians' attention. Regarding the car body film, Mr. Ma also mentioned that sometimes there are some small scratches, but fortunately there is a car film, and the car paint is almost not damaged.

The style of the interior makes Mr. Ma very satisfied. He feels that it has improved too much compared to the previous generation model. He has also increased the atmosphere around the center control panel. The actual effect is still very good. When I bought the car, this C 2O0 L sports car did not have a reversing image. In order to make daily use more convenient, Mr. Ma later installed the reversing image function and also replaced the navigation system. I felt this when I bought the car. The original navigation is not easy to use, so it happens to be all upgraded together.

In the rear space, the performance of the Mercedes-Benz C-class long-axis version is quite satisfactory, but the seat cushion is relatively short, and the performance of the leg support is slightly worse. The comfort of the seat is very good, the support for the body is relatively good, the softness and functionality of the headrest are very good in the current level, which is satisfactory.

Regarding the dissatisfaction, Mr. Ma mentioned that his C 200 L sports car key is more electricity-consuming. After buying it for more than half a year, the car key has no electricity. He replaced it by himself. This key has no electricity in the past half a year. , Just changed two days ago. In addition, the part of connected driving is also mentioned. Since it is not easy to use, Mr. Ma has basically never used it after buying it.

For the Mercedes-Benz C-Class at that time, the seat oil situation that was common at the time did not appear in Mr. Ma’s car. However, in order to avoid problems, I went to the 4S shop to replace it, but the replacement time is a bit longer, and it costs to replace the full seat. It took three or four days. After the replacement, it was used normally and no problems were found.

In terms of storage, Mr. Ma is not satisfied with the design of the glove box. The space is not very regular. There is a bulge on the right side, so you can’t put too many items. The practicality of the design here is a bit worse, and the performance of other storage spaces Basically satisfied.

For the C 200 L sports type, in daily driving, Mr. Ma mentioned that the steering force of the steering wheel is too heavy, and it will be a bit difficult to operate with one hand when parking the car. The thickness and feel of the steering wheel are very good, mainly because the lover is also driving, so the feeling of steering strength will be more obvious.

The performance in terms of power is no problem for daily use. Don’t look at Mr. Ma’s modification of the car, but the usual driving style is relatively stable and not radical, and I am quite satisfied with the power performance of the engine. The road conditions for commuting to and from get off work are relatively congested, and I will take my family out on weekends. The overall fuel consumption is about 10.5L/100km, and the results are acceptable. In addition, Mr. Ma also mentioned that the performance of the gearbox was a little frustrating. This situation is more likely to occur when switching between second and third gears, and the performance of other gears is pretty good.

Mr. Ma also mentioned the problem of the abnormal noise of his front window. He said that this is also under some relatively specific conditions. Most of the time it is used, it basically does not appear, and it does not have such a big impact on daily driving, so first Don't do it anymore.

In the end, Mr. Ma concluded that although there are still some problems with the C-class in some places, he was quite satisfied with the appearance, interior, ride, and daily use. At that time, he saw it at first sight, and basically nothing. I've considered other models, and I don't regret it after such a long time. I think it's still pretty good.

The third owner, Mr. Lu, bought a Mercedes-Benz C 200 L sports model. The time was not far from the first two owners, and it was not long after the Mercedes-Benz C-Class was replaced at that time. At that time, the main reason for choosing this car was the C-class styling design. Mr. Lu said that he was not a rational consumer, and his choice of C-class was more emotional.

At that time, he chose the car, in addition to the C-class, he also paid attention to the FAW-Volkswagen CC and Audi A4L. The final choice was very simple. It was completely emotional. In his opinion, buying a car is the kind of love at first sight. .

As for the price of the car, the Mercedes-Benz C-Class had just completed the replacement at that time, so it is certain that there is no discount in the price. This is the same as the previous owners, who basically raise the car at a fair price (fortunately, there is no price increase). However, the dealer gave 10,000 premiums and 2 maintenances at the time. For a brand new model, this level is pretty good, Mr. Lu mentioned last.

Regarding the appearance part, Mr. Lu said that it is also his favorite place. I can't talk about a particular place. I am very satisfied with the overall look. It is just that the style of the rim is insufficient compared with the front of the car. If you can have a size Larger options are best.

For the evaluation of the interior, Mr. Lu and the first two car owners basically agree, and both feel that they are among the best in the same class in terms of quality and materials. The decorative parts of the sports interior are made of solid wood material, and the surface is not treated with high gloss. This design has been favored by two relatively young car owners. It seems that there is still a big difference in the age of preference in the design. .

In terms of using experience in the car, Mr. Lu put forward the same feelings as the previous two car owners, that is, the multimedia system responds slowly, and the human-computer interaction system is not well humanized. This is mainly reflected in the use of the navigation address sending function and The waiting time is too long, so if there is a need to use the navigation, Mr. Lu still uses the software on the phone.

As for the space, Mr. Lu said that this car is basically for his own use, and there are few people in the back, so he is not dissatisfied with the space. He also mentioned that if there was a short axle (standard axle) when buying a car, he would Will definitely choose the short axis. For good performance in the front row, the length of the seat cushions of the main and co-pilot seats are adjustable, but occasionally friends and family members in the back row will mention that the cushion is a bit short.

Mr. Lu expressed satisfaction with the storage in the car, and the flatness of the trunk is the same as the previous Mr. Hao. He is more concerned that the trunk is not very flat, and the inner position has an obvious slope. It is easy to place some small items on a daily basis. There is an unstable situation.

In terms of power, Mr. Lu thinks that the performance of the C 200 L is not bad, but there will be a more obvious frustration when switching between gears and gears. This is the same problem as the previous car owner mentioned. His car environment is relatively good, more than 60% of the overall road conditions used are high-speed or urban expressways, traffic jams are not serious, and fuel consumption can basically be maintained at about 7.14/100km.

Regarding the maintenance, Mr. Lu would like to say a few more words. He is very satisfied with the service of the 4S shop, but he feels that it takes a long time to change parts and the service efficiency needs to be improved. In terms of cost, since the 4S shop has given away secondary maintenance, it is currently not spending money on maintenance, but it is understood that the cost of regular maintenance is around 1,000 yuan, which is still acceptable considering the maintenance mileage interval is 10,000 kilometers.

● Summary:

Everyone’s feeling about the Mercedes-Benz C-Class was attracted at first glance. Indeed, after the C-Class was replaced, the appearance and interior have been greatly improved, and the sense of grade and luxury performed quite well in the same class. This is also unanimously praised by three car owners. Through today’s interview, the current problems for the Mercedes-Benz C-Class are focused on the human-computer interaction function, which is slow in response and not convenient enough to operate. It should not be difficult for large manufacturers like Mercedes-Benz to improve the performance in this area; in addition, the interior of the trunk is not enough. The leveling problem also has a certain impact on our daily use. This part is also the three car owners who hope to improve in the future. The driving experience for configuration, power, fuel consumption, etc. is also pretty good. Everyone also recognizes its performance in terms of comfort, and the final scoring gives a high score of 90 points.