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[YesAuto Design Decoding] When designing this Taycan, Porsche designers once considered whether to change the logo or improve the original shield LOGO, but the final result still retains the original appearance. This small detail seems to reflect Porsche's attitude towards pure electric coupe design. Taycan's actual car has not yet officially unveiled, but combined with the official renderings and an interview with chief designer Michael Mauer, we have a basic understanding of the design philosophy of Porsche Taycan.

-That's right, this is the first pure electric model that Porsche has mass-produced!

This world often follows the principles of natural selection and survival of the fittest. Even the most powerful species will change with changes in the environment, and the same goes for cars. Nowadays, global emission regulations are becoming more stringent, fuel consumption and safety requirements are also higher, and more importantly, an electrification change is being carried out.

Traditional sports car manufacturers such as Porsche have a long history of making cars. They have their own concepts in terms of engine, gearbox, chassis, aerodynamics, and styling design, and they have formed barriers over time. However, when the pure electric era comes, if they want to continue to hold onto the world's first echelon of sports cars, they have to abandon something and still perform their best.

The best pure electric technology in the world is not in the hands of Porsche, or in this field, Porsche does not have the technology that stands out like a horizontally opposed engine and PDK gearbox. How to make pure electric Porsche still give us passion and original sportsmanship? Chief designer Michael Mauer (Mao Mai Ke) is one of the people with the most say.

Designer Michael Mauer has been involved in the development and design of Taycan from the very beginning. There have been many rounds of discussions within the company regarding the combination of pure electric and Porsche. For example, should the first Porsche pure electric car be a coupe or an SUV? In the end, it was decided to build an electric model such as the Taycan, and did not choose an SUV. The reason is that in the pure electric field, Porsche still has to emphasize its status and brand of sports cars.

In the process of car styling design, styling proportion and posture are the first tasks, followed by meticulous care of design details and elements. The Taycan is close to the posture and proportions of the 911 series and Panamera of the fuel car, so that it can be recognized as a Porsche from a distance, but it is actually not an easy task behind it.

Someone joked that the Porsche designer is the most relaxed profession in the world , because the brand's model design has not changed much in decades, and the classic look is so familiar. Of course, how to continue to upgrade on the basis of the classics, I believe that behind it is not simple. When designing Taycan, the designer has a lot of difficulties.

In order to ensure the cruising range, there must be a large enough battery pack. This “big guy” can only be placed under the car. While the height of the vehicle does not increase too much, the driver must have a comfortable sitting posture and enough headroom. The problem comes. This is almost the most difficult point in the interior layout of the car.

Taycan also uses a through-type taillight set, which is almost a brand feature of the current new generation of Porsche models. Of course, now you see this is a common taillight styling trend on the street, but when you put it on a low, dynamic Porsche model, you will always feel a special taste.

to sum up:

The increasing popularity of pure electric technology has narrowed the gap between new and old car companies in sports car technology, because the threshold for pure electric vehicles is lower. In recent years, a series of new pure electric sports cars have been born around the world, and even Chinese brands have come up with the future K50. Can the Porsche Taycan become synonymous with pure electric coupes in the future, occupying the top edge like traditional internal-combustion coupes? Perhaps it is still unknown. In the description of chief designer Michael Mauer, Taycan has the temperament of the Porsche sports model family. The shape and proportions allow you to see at a glance that it is a Porsche, and the details of the design also have the characteristics of pure electric. If you like, don’t worry, the final mass-produced real car will soon be available to everyone. (Xia Zhimeng, home of the car)