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[YesAuto Car Purchase Manual] The price of Infiniti’s new QX50 has just been released. The car purchase manual is a tool-type style, so I don’t want to have too many prologues. The following will tell you which one is worth recommending.

Model introduction:

New Infiniti QX50 guide price
Model Price (ten thousand yuan)
2.0T two-wheel drive elite version 33.98
2.0T two-wheel drive fashion version 35.68
2.0T 4WD Elite Edition 37.98
2.0T four-wheel drive smart version 40.98
2.0T 4WD Deluxe Edition 44.98
2.0T four-wheel drive flagship version 48.98

The new Infiniti QX50 naturally uses the front face of the family. The overall body line activity is the highest at this level. The visual experience is quite dynamic and three-dimensional. At the same time, it also provides a wealth of colors for consumers to choose. These colors are personally quite good. like! If you still don’t understand the static aspect, you can click on “Concession! First experience the Dongfeng Infiniti QX50” first review.

Interior design

There are many options for the interior according to different models. Regardless of the color and material, it has a qualitative improvement compared to the old interior. The sense of technology and the classic and high-level sense of Japanese cars have been presented. Two of the high-end models can be equipped with the “Santorini” interior package as an option.

Power and drive form have changed a lot

The new QX50 has made great changes in the power and drive system. The world’s first variable compression ratio engine can be adjusted freely between 14:1 and 8:1. Theoretically, it can ensure fuel economy during cruising and rapid acceleration. Power demand, the technology is very advanced, as for the actual performance, we will make a conclusion after testing it, equipped with an 8-speed CVT continuously variable transmission. The old QX50 (EX25) adopts a vertical platform, is biased to the rear drive, and is equipped with a V6 engine. It is quite sporty in terms of feelings and adjustments. The new QX50 is changed to a horizontal platform, which is more comfortable for forward driving.

Now let’s focus on the key points, which one is worth buying?

First of all, regarding two-wheel drive or four-wheel drive , I personally recommend the preferred four-wheel drive model. Think about it rationally. Is buying an SUV for trafficability? Buying a medium-sized two-wheel drive SUV for more than 300,000 yuan always feels almost meaningless. Moreover, as mentioned earlier, the new QX50 is changed to a front-wheel drive platform, so there is no such thing as a rear-wheel drive sport. Think more emotionally. There will definitely be a lot of friends around you who are driving competing models, such as Q5, GLC, XC60 and X3. They are basically four-wheel drive.

Two-wheel drive elite version recommendation index★★★

First of all, I have to confirm that the starting price of the new QX50 is really not high, less than 340,000, but the configuration is really basic, only the standard LED headlights, panoramic sunroof and electric trunk, other seat heating, reversing can be thought of Radar, not even front fog lights and luggage racks. However, we don't want to kill it, but we still recommend it to Samsung. As for why, we will understand after reading the next car. The conclusion is below.

Two-wheel drive fashion version

If you just look at the small picture, you will probably be surprised, hey, so many more configurations. Take a closer look, there seems to be nothing too valuable except for the seat heating, and you can basically install it later. Although the price difference of 17,000 is not too much, it is not recommended. If the budget is really limited, just buy the lowest price, and there are definitely luggage racks in the auto parts city or the store. Not to mention the radar and reversing images. It can be done for one thousand or eight hundred yuan, fog lights and anti-glare rearview mirrors. The same is true. Satisfy one's own comfort needs, so from the outside, it looks like a high-end model.

4WD Elite Edition recommendation index★★★★

The improvement brought by the price difference of 23,000 is first of all capacity. The engine horsepower is greater, with a four-wheel drive, and it looks like a capable SUV, making up for its shortcomings. On the basis of the two-wheel drive fashion version, panoramic images, electric folding rearview mirrors and sensor wipers have been added to the configuration. The configuration improvement is not obvious, but in general, all configurations are already at the mainstream level.

Four-wheel drive smart version recommendation index★★★★★

Needless to say, these functions are basically impossible to install in the later stage, and the most practical active brakes in active safety, full-speed adaptive cruise and blind spot monitoring are added. The audio is also directly upgraded to BOSE, steering wheel heating and electric steering wheel. Both of them usually appear in higher-priced cars, so they are kind and highly recommended.

4WD Deluxe Edition

Seat ventilation and turning headlights are good things, but other configurations are not very practical. The rims can be added later. The ambient light and remote start are usually not used too frequently. If the ambient light is not that of Mercedes-Benz This kind of particularly gorgeous can not make people interested, so this 40,000 is not very worthwhile, and it is not recommended.

Four-wheel drive flagship

Judging from the currently known configuration, the flagship version only has a head-up display, but it needs to pay an extra 40,000 yuan. The head-up display can also be realized by later external devices. In addition, the price of 489,800 is close to a higher-level car. If you have this economic strength, you can consider the QX60.

About optional packages

Santorini interior package : 19,980 yuan, only four-wheel drive luxury and flagship options are available, not cheap.

20-inch wheels: 4000 yuan, only four-wheel drive smart version is optional, if you like, you can choose it, the price is reasonable.

BOSE audio : 8000 yuan, two-wheel drive fashion version and four-wheel drive elite version are available, the price is reasonable, you can choose if you like.

to sum up:

The new generation of Infiniti QX50 does have obvious progress from its own transformation, and it understands market needs better. The pricing is also relatively sincere. Both low-end and mid-range vehicles have a certain degree of competitiveness. In the current luxury brand SUV market, in addition to the BBA troika, QX50 is also a product worth considering. This price is indeed gradually enriched. .